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    Исходный пакет: php-cgi
    Версия: 4.4.7-alt1
    Собран:  14 мая 2007 г. 20:39
    Категория: Система/Серверы
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    Домашняя страница: http://www.php.net/

    Лицензия: PHP
    О пакете: The PHP4 HTML-embedded scripting language as a CGI binary.
    PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language.  PHP attempts to make it
    easy for developers to write dynamically generated web pages.  PHP
    also offers built-in database integration for several commercial
    and non-commercial database management systems, so writing a
    database-enabled web page with PHP is fairly simple.  The most
    common use of PHP coding is probably as a replacement for CGI
    Using PHP as a CGI binary is an option for setups that for some reason
    do not wish to integrate PHP as a module into server software (like Apache),
    or will use PHP with different kinds of CGI wrappers to create safe
    chroot and setuid environments for scripts.
    This setup usually involves installing executable PHP binary to the
    web server cgi-bin directory. CERT advisory CA-96.11 recommends
    against placing any interpreters into cgi-bin.

    Список rpm-пакетов, предоставляемых данным srpm-пакетом:
    php-cgi (x86_64, i586)

    Сопровождающий: Konstantin Lepikhov

    Список участников:
    Konstantin Lepikhov
    Alexey Gladkov

    Alexey Gladkov

      1. rpm-build-php
      2. php-devel = 4.4.7-alt1
      3. libmm-devel
      4. alternatives
      5. apache-devel
      6. libexpat-devel
      7. libfcgi-devel
      8. libpcre-devel
      9. zlib-devel

    Последнее изменение

    13 мая 2007 г. Konstantin Lepikhov 1:4.4.7-alt1
    - rebuild with new php version (4.4.7).
    10 апреля 2007 г. Konstantin Lepikhov 1:4.4.6-alt2
    - rebuild due libmm update.
    25 марта 2007 г. Konstantin Lepikhov 1:4.4.6-alt1.debug
    - debug build.