Пакет mathopd: Изменения

1 июля 2009 г. Denis Smirnov 1.5p6-alt1
- update to 1.5p6
- Mathopd can now (optionally) allow //, /./ and /../ in URL paths. Thanks for
  Peter Pentchev for suggesting this and providing initial patches.
31 октября 2006 г. Ilya Evseev 1.5p5-alt3
- improvements for dir_cgi: display dates and sizes
19 октября 2005 г. Ilya Evseev 1.5p5-alt2
- errorlog and childlog are now created with timestamp suffix
- use cron instead of logrotate for compressing/removing old logs
- minor specfile bugfixes:
   + enable 'noreplace' attribute for configuration file
   + dont try to create mathopd account if it already exists.
- improve service script:
   + support settings file in /etc/sysconfig,
   + support multiple daemon configurations,
   + try to fetch account name for service actions from daemon config.
- additional CGI-BIN executables/extensions in daemon configuration sample
- lot of bugfixes in specfile macros (missing docs, service uninstall, etc.)
7 сентября 2005 г. Ilya Evseev 1.5p5-alt1
- updated to next version
- more definitive description, russian translation added
- added minimal configuration file for running directly after install
- include dir_cgi helper
- create log directory and logrotate script (see also TODO file)
- specfile changes:
   + create "mathopd" account
   + register/unregister service
   + simplified installation stage
- additional targets in service script: reload, drop, safestop, debug,
  based on http://www.mail-archive.com/mathopd@mathopd.org/msg00064.html
- bugfix: PID-file is now created before reducing privileges, not after
11 февраля 2005 г. Denis Smirnov 1.5p4-alt1
- version update
- initscript added
12 марта 2004 г. Denis Smirnov 1.5p2-alt1
- build