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  • 1.8.2-alt2.M60T.1
Группа :: Система/Настройка/Прочее
Исходный пакет: alterator-lilo

2010-02-19 Антон Бояршинов 1.8.2-alt1

    - quiet* added to list of options got from /proc/cmdline

2010-02-17 Антон Бояршинов 1.8.1-alt1

    - set 1 second wait by default if there is only one system

2009-12-25 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.8-alt14

    - lilo-other-system.sh/add_kernels():
     -  avoid non-zero return value
     -  fix regexp

2009-12-17 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.8-alt13

    - backend: add all installed kernels to new lilo.conf

2009-12-09 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.8-alt12

    - qt ui: fix type checking in (round-timeout t)
    - update alterator-lc-functions; add tests for it

2009-09-21 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.8-alt11

    - backend: protect boot= parameter if user don't want to install
      bootloader (closes: #18679)

2009-08-13 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.8-alt10

    - lilo-disk.sh/find_others(): don't look for windows on extended
      partitions with 0xf type

2009-08-12 Stanislav Ievlev 1.8-alt9

    - little ui improvements
    - remove some unused code from backend

2009-08-06 Виталий Кузнецов 1.8-alt8.2

    - NMU: offer mdX if root is on software raid
      conflict between device name and boot parameter format, forbidden ':' symbol in device name
      (regression, was #17613)

2009-08-05 Виталий Кузнецов 1.8-alt8.1

    - NMU: fix raid install

2009-06-30 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.8-alt8

    - lilo-disk.sh: fix get_part_with_mntpt to find correct 
      devices by uuid (closes: #20634)

2009-06-26 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.8-alt7

    - fix adding -b parameter
    - localize some messages from lilo

2009-06-24 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.8-alt6

    - lilo-disk.sh: don't show unexisting mountpoints

2009-06-16 Дмитрий Левин 1.8-alt5

    - helpers/lilo-{parser,raid-boot}.sh: Fixed raidboot (closes: #20469).

2009-06-11 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.8-alt4

    - fix root device search in installer

2009-06-05 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.8-alt3

    - fix evms_protection()

2009-06-04 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.8-alt2

    - use /mnt/destination/etc/fstab in installer's environment

2009-06-03 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.8-alt1

    - lilo-disk.sh: use /etc/fstab instead of /proc/mounts for
      finding device mountpoints
    - lilo-conf.sh: use "UUID=..." instead of "/dev/disk/by-uuid/..."
      for root parameter (closes: #20292)
    - avoid more error messages

2009-06-02 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.7-alt1

    - avoid error messages about broken pipes

2009-05-22 Stanislav Ievlev 1.6-alt2

    - add step file

2009-05-21 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.6-alt1

    - backend: add udevadm trigger/settle on startup
    - allow using in installer's stage2

2009-05-15 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.5-alt1

    - add LILO_LITE, LILO_STAGE2 controls

2009-04-22 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.4-alt1

    - use alterator-hw-functions

2009-02-26 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.3-alt6

    - fix lilo-disk.sh helper

2009-02-24 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.3-alt5

    - fix lilo-disk.sh helper

2009-02-16 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.3-alt4

    - fix lilo-disk.sh helper

2009-02-12 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.3-alt3

    - fix get_part_with_mntpt() for lvm partitions

2009-02-12 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.3-alt2

    - don't show empty bootloader place

2009-02-11 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.3-alt1

    - add list_bootloader_places() instead of
      list_hard_drives() + get_boot_part()
    - change bootloader places list (fix qemu installation)

2009-02-10 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.2-alt5

    - get_part_with_mntpt: use ID_FS_USAGE from evms device

2009-02-09 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.2-alt4

    - fix typo in get_part_with_mntpt() (by mithraen@)

2009-02-06 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.2-alt3

    - fix get_part_with_mntpt()

2009-02-04 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.2-alt2

    - lilo-disk.sh helper: fix disk sizes and root device

2009-02-03 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.2-alt1

    - HAL-free version. Use udevadm+sysfs+sfdisk+lilo to collect system information.
    - Search for default place for bootloader in bios.

2009-01-29 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.1-alt7

    - fix translation in desktop-file

2009-01-22 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.1-alt6

    - use translations and help from alterator-l10n

2009-01-20 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.1-alt5

    - helpers/lilo-hal.sh: fix problem with volumes which can not be found by hal (lvm)

2008-12-29 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.1-alt4

    - fix helpers/lilo-parser.sh
    - fix expert UI
    - add master-boot settins for autodetected Windows sections
    - replace expert boot-as setting by master-boot

2008-12-29 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.1-alt3

    - fix alignements in expert UI
    - fix expert UI
    - remove po-domain from backend

2008-12-11 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.1-alt2

    - don't install help

2008-12-11 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.1-alt1

    - use help from alterator-l10n
    - rewrite expert UI
    - show apply and reset buttons in edit lilo.conf UI in installer
    - some tests on new sections in lilo-parser.sh
    - lilo testing dryrun with real command line options
    - fix read dev action in backend
    - use -efu in backend

2008-12-09 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt33

    - fix helpers/lilo-conf.sh

2008-12-09 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt32

    - broken evms workaround (install bootloader to evms device)

2008-12-05 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt31

    - rebuild with new alterator-l10n

2008-12-03 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt30

    - don't convert boot dev to UUID=... on lilo.conf writing

2008-11-26 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt29

    - protect current boot device from being lost by simple interface
    - move write_enum_item functions from helpers to backend

2008-11-20 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt28

    - remove update_menus from spec (thanks to repocop)

2008-11-01 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt27

    - update help

2008-10-29 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt26

    - fix backend for working with devices with - in names
    - fix lilo-other-system.sh

2008-10-29 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt25

    - 2 digits after point in disk sizes
    - fix problem with translation of other systems labels

2008-10-28 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt24

    - fix template lilo.conf

2008-10-27 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt23

    - hack get_part_with_mntpt for raid+evms

2008-10-24 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt22

    - fix bootable flags setting
    - fix raid capabilities

2008-10-23 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt21

    - fix label for failsafe section
    - rewrite lilo-bootable-flag.sh
    - show raids as partitions, not as disks
    - get_default_boot_dev returns raidboot if it exists

2008-10-23 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt20

    - debug -> verbose in lilo-fix-cdrom.sh
    - fix error with labels for other systems
    - move dev2sym tests from lilo-hal to dev2sym
    - sort partitions numerically
    - change hal property info.product to storage.model in disk labels
    - skip raid members in partition list

2008-10-22 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt19

    - fix labels for other systems
    - prevent default boot disk to be removable

2008-10-20 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt18

    - write globals when change mode from the expert one
    - ui/lilo/index.scm: remove nested (woo-catch/message
    - protect device names by symlinks /dev/disks/by-id/*
    - misc fixes

2008-10-17 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt17

    - skip removables in disk list
    - fix error with leading zeros in arithmetics (we dont want oct values!)

2008-10-16 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt16

    - remove (with-translation), remove implicit attribute in (label)

2008-09-26 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt15

    - fix makefile - 2

2008-09-26 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt14

    - fix makefile

2008-09-22 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt13

    - rebuild with new alterator-l10n

2008-09-22 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt12

    - tune ui

2008-09-19 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt11

    - rebuild with alterator-l10n

2008-09-19 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt10

    - turn backend debug messages off
    - change label in desktop-file (Bootloader (lilo) -> Bootloader)

2008-09-16 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt9

    - fix helpers/lilo-hal.sh (mountpoints)

2008-09-15 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt8

    - fix helpers/lilo-hal.sh (hal does not understand devices /dev/evms/sda1)

2008-09-15 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt7

    - fix helpers/lilo-hal.sh (hal can't get mount_point in installer's chroot...)

2008-09-15 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt6

    - fix helpers/lilo-hal.sh

2008-09-15 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt5

    - remove woo-write/constraints

2008-09-15 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt4

    - fix helpers/lilo-hal.sh

2008-09-15 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt3

    - install tests

2008-09-15 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt2

    - fix helpers/lilo-hal.sh

2008-09-11 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.0-alt1

    - use hal

2008-09-08 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.9-alt8

    - show /boot partition name in simple interface "Linux partition (hda5)"

2008-09-05 Stanislav Ievlev 0.9-alt7

    - fix work with new enumref (explicitly print label)

2008-08-25 Stanislav Ievlev 0.9-alt6

    - improve timeout round function
    - improve help (cas@)

2008-07-25 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.9-alt5

    - if install=="text" remove message parameter,
      else message=/boot/splash/message (fix #16217)

2008-07-07 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.9-alt4

    - use decimal point from LC_NUMERIC in hard drive labels

2008-07-01 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.9-alt3

    - fix labels

2008-07-01 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.9-alt2

    - rebuild with new alterator-l10n

2008-07-01 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.9-alt1

    - add some controls in simple mode

2008-06-30 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.8-alt10

    - rebuild

2008-06-26 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.8-alt9

    - fix bug with confonly setting in expert mode

2008-06-25 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.8-alt8

    - change labels for interface types

2008-06-25 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.8-alt7

    - add commiting lilo.conf in expert mode interface (fix #16162)

2008-06-24 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.8-alt6

    - fix adding default current device

2008-06-24 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.8-alt5

    - fix translations for disk sizes

2008-06-24 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.8-alt4

    - add default current device
    - add translations for disk sizes (Gb/Mb/Kb)

2008-06-24 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.8-alt3

    - remove help message from installer
    - remove bootable flag check in other system search
    - change label for other OS (partition types: 81|83|85|88|8e|f0|fd) Other->Linux

2008-06-23 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.8-alt1

    - add other sections to simple-mode interface

2008-06-20 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.7-alt2

    - simple interface with radiobuttons only
    - fix parameters with "-" (raid-extra-boot, read-only and others)

2008-06-20 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.7-alt1

    - Interface: new simple mode + expert mode from 0.4-alt13 + edit-source

2008-06-18 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.6-alt2

    - use install-module rule, remove translation from desktop file

2008-06-16 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.6-alt1

    - remove expert mode interface
    - new simple mode interface

2008-06-16 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.5-alt5

    - rewrite backend output to fit alterator_api_version=1

2008-06-07 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.5-alt4

    - rewrite read action in backend

2008-06-07 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.5-alt3

    - remove constrains action

2008-06-07 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.5-alt2

    - use alterator_api_version=1
      Requires: alterator-sh-functions >= 0.3-alt4

2008-06-07 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.5-alt1

    - remove in_part usage from backend

2008-06-07 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt13

    - rearrange expert interface to fit to installer

2008-06-06 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt9

    - add "don't install bootloader" checkbox to "edit lilo.conf" dialog"

2008-06-06 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt8

    - use enumrefs

2008-06-06 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt7

    - remove pot-file

2008-06-06 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt12

    - rearrange expert interface to fit it to 800x600

2008-06-06 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt11

    - rebuild with new alterator-l10n

2008-06-06 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt10

    - remove "map" parameter writing from backend.
      (fix bug with bad lilo.conf with map="")

2008-06-05 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt6

    - rewrite new/update-section functions
      fix problem with modifying existing sections
    - modify write_params to write empty values!

2008-06-05 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt5

    - simplification of "edit lilo.conf" dialog

2008-06-05 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt4

    - fix bug with duplication of global "append" parameter
      (use /proc/cmdline params only when lilo.conf is initially created)

2008-06-05 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt3

    - fix append/addappend confusion in section parameters

2008-06-05 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt2

    - change parameter boot-as -> boot_as for use with new alterator-sh-functions

2008-06-05 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt1

    - join extra-global and extra-sections interfaces
    - fix labels
    - remove "skip bootloader installation" checkbox

2008-05-27 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.3-alt10

    - remove duplicated "Set Default" button

2008-05-23 Stanislav Ievlev 0.3-alt9

    - remove alterator-autoinstall usage
    - fix package dependencies
    - remove po files

2008-05-15 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.3-alt8

    - change labels in QT UI

2008-05-15 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.3-alt7

    - fix bug with "skip bootloader" checkbox

2008-05-13 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.3-alt6

    - use quote_sed_regexp() and quote_shell() from libshell
    - use ui/*/index.scm catalog structure
    - fix qt ui

2008-05-12 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.3-alt5

    - fix labels

2008-05-12 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.3-alt4

    - move ":" back to (_ )
    - simple_quote -> string_quote, error -> write_error in backend
    - use alterator-l10n

2008-05-12 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.3-alt3

    - change label "Install" (menu/text) to "Interface"
    - remove "Map" parameter from interface
    - move ":" from the (_ )

2008-05-08 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.3-alt2

    - fix labels and translations

2008-05-06 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.3-alt1

    - autodetect other systems only if lilo.conf does non exists
    - join dialogs for linux and other sections:
      - lilo-parser.sh/show_sections_list - returns all sections with "type" field
      - lilo.in/list - returns all sections with "type" field
      - modify extra-sections.scm
    - change labels:
      - View source -> Edit source
      - Other -> Device
    - Remove section existance test in lilo-parser.sh/create_section()
      Now update_section rewrites all the existing section

2008-04-09 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.2-alt6

    - remove radiolists
    - add /sbin/ paths to fdisk, sfdisk and lilo

2008-04-09 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.2-alt5

    - change Name in desktop-file
    - changes in QT UI:
      - remove Quit button 
      - change ru translation for Apply button
      - remove password settings (qt only, not backend)
      - rearrange gridboxes with text fields
      - rearrange Apply/Reset buttons

2008-03-09 Stanislav Ievlev 0.2-alt4.1

    - fix typo

2008-03-09 Stanislav Ievlev 0.2-alt4

    - remove ALTLinux from labels

2008-03-07 Stanislav Ievlev 0.2-alt3

    - fix translation
    - use alterator-sh-functions

2008-02-21 Stanislav Ievlev 0.2-alt2.3

    - add internal help
    - build for Sisyphus and 4.0

2008-02-11 Антон Бояршинов 0.2-alt2.2

    - quick fix for extra options
    - added X-Alterator-UI=qt

2007-12-12 Алексей Гладков 0.2-alt2

    - Fix 'activity' in installer mode.

2007-12-11 Алексей Гладков 0.2-alt1

    - Add 'compact' option in default lilo.conf .
    - Add 'View source' mode to change lilo.conf directly.
    - Add workaround for free cdrom.
    - Ignore comments in the lilo.conf .
    - Allow write lilo.conf without boot loader installation.
    - Optimize image rename.

2007-10-04 Алексей Гладков 0.1-alt5

    - Add packager.

2007-09-27 Сергей Большаков 0.1-alt4

    - russian & ukrainian translations resurrected

2007-08-22 Алексей Гладков 0.1-alt3

    - Fix reset global params.
    - Add gfxboot support.
    - Add kernel bootsplash support.

2007-08-22 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt2.1

    - port fixes for automatic boot device recognition

2007-08-21 Алексей Гладков 0.1-alt2

    - Fix temp files.

2007-05-25 Алексей Гладков 0.1-alt1

    - Initial release
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