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  • 2.7.12-alt0.M80P.1
  • 2.6.0-alt0.M70P.1
  • 2.6.0-alt0.M70P.1
  • 1.9.6-alt0.M51.1
Группа :: Разработка/Прочее
Исходный пакет: etersoft-build-utils

2011-01-28 Виталий Липатов 1.9.6-alt1

    - drop release to alt1 if incrementing version
    - fix cyclic group replacement again (ALT #24724)
    - gpush: real check tag
    - initial fix rules for new order
    - introduce RELEASEPREFIX and use it
    - remove all temp generated src.rpm, sources, specs
    - rewrite replacement rule: check for each file from new version to old
    - rpmbs: no error if no need to copy

2011-01-28 Виталий Липатов 1.9.6-alt0.M51.1

    - backport to ALTLinux 5.1 (by rpmbph script)

2010-12-28 Виталий Липатов 1.9.5-alt1

    - rpmgp: add support for clone via public url

2010-12-23 Виталий Липатов 1.9.4-alt1

    - gpush: rewrite girar/branch detection part, refactoring
    - gpush: use origin by default if exists
    - rpmbs: use name from spec as target repo name

2010-12-20 Виталий Липатов 1.9.3-alt1

    - gpush: full rewrite, use mygetopts
    - rpmlog: strip sign (eterbug #6588)

2010-12-14 Виталий Липатов 1.9.2-alt1

    - gpush: use remote alias, not direct path
    - introduce grpmbs - send a group of packages to girar build introduce grpmbsh - build a group of packages in hasher
    - remove Development Tools->Other (ALT #24724)
    - rpmgs: add tar.xz support

2010-10-22 Виталий Липатов 1.9.1-alt1

    - support rpm-build-intro (as rpm-build-compat)
    - add script from create repo from package list
    - check_display: do not run xset directly
    - fix replace p5<->M50
    - gpull: replace -n with -r/-m/-f options (do --ff-only by default)
    - rpmbph: fix -n -u param handling
    - rpmgs: add support for download and commit tarballs with more than one subdirs

2010-09-16 Виталий Липатов 1.9.0-alt1

    - gpush: fix origin publish
    - rpmbph: add -b REPONAME and -q (quiet) support
    - rpmbs: add support for default remote, push branch too
    - rpmcs: implement group replacing

2010-08-20 Виталий Липатов 1.8.9-alt1

    - gpush: add some heuristic for default behavior
    - show git diff only for interactive session

2010-07-27 Виталий Липатов 1.8.8-alt1

    - gpull: do normal pull in additional to pull --rebase
    - rpmbs/gpush: push only our tag, not all tags
    - rpmbph: fix bug with positional -n param
    - rpmbph: fix -n using again
    - rpmbs: add support for -b (binary repo)
    - rpmbs: add -t option (just set signed tag)
    - rpmlog: add support for -v (increment version) introduce inc_release

2010-06-28 Виталий Липатов 1.8.7-alt1

    - fix add_changelog (run with empty text)
    - fix md5sum (correct overwrite hardlinked file)
    - rpmlog: add check for package version/release

2010-06-16 Виталий Липатов 1.8.6-alt1

    - all output from git pull to stdout
    - improve aptU: skip glibc/stdc++ libs and lib versioning
    - introduce echocon (print only if there is real console) and use it
    - rewrite add_changelog_helper
    - rpmlog: add test run mode, fix changelog format

2010-06-10 Виталий Липатов 1.8.5-alt1

    - allow to set default target branch (via MENV in config)
    - gpull: add -c option for check repo uptodate status
    - gpush: add support for target origin
    - introduce rpmlog command for autoupdate changelog from git log
    - rpmbs: add pocket build support (-p option)

2010-06-04 Виталий Липатов 1.8.4-alt1

    - rpmbph: fix rules using when build for target x86_64 from i586
    - rpmbs: extract all tarballs from src.rpm to tarball dir
    - add gpush origin support
    - get spec path if spec is defined in gear rules
    - introduce SYSARCH with real system arch, use it during work with spec and src.rpm packing
    - fix replacements for gcc*, drop last spaces in list repl, add test for pkgrepl
    - update pkgreplreqs

2010-05-18 Виталий Липатов 1.8.3-alt1

    - improve some requires replacements
    - use PROJECTNAME instead BASENAME
    - add filter_gear_name for replace forbidden + with plus word
    - hasher: fix arch replacement
    - rpmbs: fix rsync upload for src.rpm

2010-04-17 Виталий Липатов 1.8.2-alt1

    - rpmpub: add fatal error if target dir is not set
    - fix get_root_git_dir against HOME
    - rpmbs: create MD5SUM for packages
    - do git reset after build with gear --commit
    - add gacl: utility for acl control
    - rpmpub: make cp -al for new releases from last link
    - loginhsh: install dbus-tools-gui if package(s) requires dbus
    - rpmbs: add git tag checking
    - always set APTCONF and HASHERDIR
    - add TOPDIR support

2010-03-22 Виталий Липатов 1.8.1-alt1

    - fix HASHERBASEDIR detecting
    - rpmbs: chmod generated src.rpm
    - skip AutoReq/AutoProv mingw32 for ALT before 4.1

2010-03-12 Виталий Липатов 1.8.0-alt1

    - stable release 1.8.0
    - aptU: initial realize for -l option
    - fix rpmbsh -i mode and loginhsh
    - rpmgs: fix downloading errors handling

2010-03-08 Виталий Липатов 1.7.9-alt1

    - rpmbph: do undefine libtoolize for M50 too
    - drop out ~/.ebconfig support, enable warning about ~/.eterbuild-config
    - rpmbph: replace alt0.M51.1 with the real value due using in Source: and Patch0:
    - rpmgp: only clone with -g, add new -gm option for remote clone and clone
    - gpull: full rewrite for support -a (all branches) and various remote repo
    - allow run rpmU under root user
    - remove UPLOADDIR var using and drop out copying after rpmbs by default
    - always clean hasher after build (by default). use rpmbsh -l if needed

2010-02-22 Виталий Липатов 1.7.8-alt1

    - rpmgs: small bugfixes and update
    - add aptU - update/install package(s) and update their requires

2010-02-21 Виталий Липатов 1.7.7-alt1

    - rpmbph: forbid backport to Sisyphus
    - rpmgs: fix spec path using, fix download tarball for src.rpm, improve download
    - rpmbs: fix src.rpm run task
    - enable support for use in gear without specname param
    - rpmbs: disable default force create tag, add -f (force) param
    - more bugfixes

2010-02-05 Виталий Липатов 1.7.6-alt1

    - add bashrc.d aliases apti, apts, aptw, finds
    - rpmgp: fix src.rpm import, allow to use several files
    - rpmgs: add real source support (for Source-svn, Source-url commented lines)
    - rpmbph: do not add rpm-build-compat buildreq to backported specs
    - gpush: do ginit if no remote aliases

2010-01-22 Виталий Липатов 1.7.5-alt1

    - rpmbs/rpmbsh: add -l option for lazy-cleanup after build
    - rpmgp: add -m option for migrate spec to gear support
    - rpmgp: fix -b option (install buildreqs packages) to work in distro independent manner
    - rpmgp: fix get remote branches and main branch selecting

2010-01-14 Виталий Липатов 1.7.4-alt1

    - rpmbph: support for branches like 5.1 if exists, instead M51
    - rpmgp: clone all branches locally
    - rpmbsh: fix remote src.rpm build from rpmbph
    - gpush: push to all remote repos like git.*
    - loginhsh: add -o option for run as root

2010-01-13 Виталий Липатов 1.7.3-alt1

    - rpmgp: add acl list printing
    - gpush: push without branch if --all
    - rpmbph: do not insert fix for fuzzy patch in any case
    - rpmgp: add -g option for remote and locally repo clone

2010-01-08 Виталий Липатов 1.7.2-alt1

    - rpmbph: realize gear repo backporting (eterbug #4766)
    - myhsh: drop out backport related defines (it will be placed in the spec by rpmbph)
    - gpush: push current branch definitely
    - rpmbs: fix task build on various repos

2010-01-08 Виталий Липатов 1.7.1-alt1

    - myhsh: error if there are unpackaged files in the build
    - rpmgp: improve package checking (support non installed packages)
    - use sources.list from /etc/eterbuild if apt.conf in /etc/eterbuld too

2010-01-03 Виталий Липатов 1.7.0-alt1

    - check_publish.sh: add check for exist git repo, list acl for package if it in git
    - config: add GEAR_USER
    - rpmgp: add git checking
    - clean_pkgreq: skip gcc/cpp general packages
    - rpmgs: add rar archive support
    - spec: fix url (fix alt bug #22476)

2009-11-27 Виталий Липатов 1.6.9-alt1

    - fix GIRARHOST for subcommand
    - drop rpm-build-compat requires

2009-11-21 Виталий Липатов 1.6.8-alt1

    - rpmcs: fix %__awker and so on replacement
    - rpmurl -p: fix local missed package situation
    - all utils: add support git.somename in the first param
    - rpmbb: add -R option for buildreq -bi
    - myhsh: write path to hasher in log
    - add apt conf files for 5.1 repo
    - rpmbph: add KORINFTARGETRELEASE support
    - rpmbs: add hack to replace alt release to eter
    - rpmbs: skip some sisyphus_check for local src.rpm build

2009-09-22 Виталий Липатов 1.6.7-alt2

    - rpmbs: imprpove publish tarball function, add md5sum for tarball
    - rpmbs: skip some sisyphus_check for local src.rpm build

2009-09-19 Виталий Липатов 1.6.7-alt1

    - add ccache support and use it in rpmbb
    - rpmbph: set vendor name part in release inherited from prev. release
    - rpmbph: remove SOURCE and SPEC files after build src.rpm
    - add new command jmake for run parallel make with ccache
    - rpmgs: add tbz support
    - rpmbs: add support for tarball target subdir

2009-08-06 Виталий Липатов 1.6.6-alt2

    - set script version to 166

2009-07-29 Виталий Липатов 1.6.6-alt1

    - require make and gcc in any way (as part of build env)
    - fix mcbc build
    - rpmbph: replace readlink with realpath on FreeBSD

2009-07-24 Виталий Липатов 1.6.5-alt1

    - rpmunmets: fix direct hasher deps
    - fix set_last_link
    - rpmbb: run build_rpms_name in any way (due broken LOGFILE initializing)
    - rpmbs: set project name to gpush

2009-07-20 Виталий Липатов 1.6.4-alt1

    - add alternative .gear/rules support
    - add support for ETERBUILD_APTREPO conf
    - rpmbsh: make temporary commit before build with -t option (rpmbb like behaviour)
    - fix set last link, fix rpmpub / target detecting

2009-07-15 Виталий Липатов 1.6.3-alt1

    - rpmpub: replace version only in last or unstable component
    - add gpull command as git pull --rebase
    - fix rpmbb -r (buildreq)
    - open sisyphus.ru with source rpm name
    - update ginit/gpush
    - rpmunmets: search for the same arch in old repo
    - add handle ssh and local target to get_etersoft_srpm_path
    - rpmpub improvements
    - introduce COMPANYNAME and TARGETFTPBASE for company independence
    - fix rpmbs packing after hasher build
    - rpmgs: rewrote code with tar in source support (gear support)

2009-07-09 Виталий Липатов 1.6.2-alt1

    - add universal make_release script
    - check version if NEEDETERBUILD contains needed version
    - rpmbph: remove -m64 from optflags on Ubuntu/Debian
    - fix rpmbs from gear build after rpmrb/rpmbsh
    - rpmpub: initial version of project publish script
    - introduce COMPANYNAME and TARGETFTPBASE for company independence
    - gpush: improve: push master by default, add -a|--all support

2009-07-09 Виталий Липатов 1.6.1-alt1

    - rpmbs: add ssh target support for ETERDESTSRPM
    - fix backports version (altbug#20431)
    - rpmbs: fix add srpm to task, add verbose
    - repl: add x86_64 support for replacement rules
    - rpmbs: add -a option for add to shared task
    - ginit: add remote alias origin, load config
    - rpmbph: replace pushd/popd with cd
    - build with gear --commit only via rpmbb

2009-06-12 Виталий Липатов 1.6.0-alt1

    - rpmbs: switch to use git.alt build srpm command instead rsync to Incoming
    - rpmbs: support git.alt for -u at gear repo
    - rpmbph: use legacy compression for ALT 4.0/4.1 and not alt systems
    - rpmgs: add gear import support
    - support xdg-open instead BROWSER
    - rpmcs: correct handle + (plus sign) in package names
    - gpush: add -f/--force support
    - rpmgs: add 7z archive support
    - rpmbs: add save log entry for task build
    - add undefine libtoolize for alt systems
    - set correct vendor when repack src.rpm with rpmbph
    - rpmunmets: add compare packages requires with their previous versions
    - rpmbph: small fixes, replace Patch with Patch0
    - pkgrepl.rpm: update rules
    - fix build in empty RPM dir

2009-02-13 Виталий Липатов 1.5.6-alt1

    - rpmbph: full rewrote repacking, add src.rpm and gear support
    - mkpatch: check Makefile before Makefile.in

2009-01-30 Виталий Липатов 1.5.5-alt2

    - rpmbph: fix readlink

2009-01-15 Виталий Липатов 1.5.5-alt1

    - rpmbph: support non numerical releases
    - loginhsh: enable /proc mount
    - rpmqf: value link recursively
    - rpmgs: add set version support (altbug #14397)
    - update repl rules
    - cleanup code

2009-01-06 Виталий Липатов 1.5.4-alt1

    - introduce eterbuild/eterbuild script for public use
    - cleanup code, remove obsoleted functions
    - add support set version via rpmgs
    - fix build result detecting

2009-01-04 Виталий Липатов 1.5.3-alt1

    - add IGNOREGEAR env var support
    - detect package arch from spec
    - rpmgp: use getopt, add -d options for download package (list only by default)

2008-12-13 Виталий Липатов 1.5.2-alt1

    - really 1.5.2, cleanup code
    - rewrite rpmgp: use getopt, add -d options for download package
    - use gear via vars, do not require it

2008-12-11 Виталий Липатов 1.5.1-alt2

    - add get_version, fix inc_release, inc_subrelease
    - clean up code (thanks Slava Semushin for comments)
    - fix rpmbb -r (buildreq) with git

2008-12-06 Виталий Липатов 1.5.1-alt1

    - APTCONF sets used apt.conf if defined
    - add support for x86_64 build with generic i586 sources.list
    - set git tag during rpmbs -s
    - fix release checking in universal manner
    - skip sisyphus_check if build from git
    - update QuickHelp, remove unneeded comments
    - fix __python_ and so on incorrect replacement
    - disable __subst and libtoolize/autoconf and so on replacement
    - fix _datadir/doc replacement (altbug #16604)
    - use fonts-ttf-liberation from loginhsh

2008-10-29 Виталий Липатов 1.4.9-alt1

    - add macroses from rpm-build-fonts
    - support Mandriva 2009
    - update pkgrepl rules
    - bin/rpmrb: fix to use rpmrb without version
    - bin/rpmgp: fix package download

2008-07-20 Виталий Липатов 1.5.0-alt1

    - build from git, move install commands to makefile
    - move /etc/rpm/etersoft-build-config to /etc/eterbuild/config
    - move /etc/rpm/etersoft-build-functions to /usr/share/eterbuild/common
    - update README, TODO

2008-07-17 Виталий Липатов 1.4.8-alt1

    - bin/rpmgp: add support for get src.rpm from various rpm repos
    - do not override CC/CXX, disable ccache detecting
    - add support for M42
    - update pkgrepl rules

2008-07-03 Виталий Липатов 1.4.7-alt1

    - bin/rpmbs: add -z support (legacy compression)
    - bin/rpmcs: disable change source tarball name by default
    - bin/rpmbugs: use Sisyphus product for bugzilla
    - bin/rpmbph: create rpms with legacy compression without spec line

2008-06-27 Виталий Липатов 1.4.6-alt1

    - bin/rpmbph: use gzip method for backported src.rpm
    - improve rpmqf to support links and files in the current dir
    - update pkgrepl rules

2008-06-13 Виталий Липатов 1.4.5-alt1

    - fix M41 build (fix bug #15969)
    - add M41 support to rpmbph

2008-05-29 Виталий Липатов 1.4.4-alt1

    - fix M40 upload to updates
    - rpmurl: add -p option for open sisyphus.ru page for the package

2008-05-10 Виталий Липатов 1.4.3-alt1

    - add M41 (backport/update) support
    - fix missed defattr injecting in rpmbph
    - run add_changelog separately for each spec (fix altbug #15495) in rpmgs
    - disable attr removing, remove only defattr(-,root,root) in rpmcs
    - fix defattr injecting (add missed |) in rpmbph (thanks to boris@)

2008-03-24 Виталий Липатов 1.4.2-alt1

    - do not replace source ext in git repo case
    - add more rules for removing %_macroses
    - fix Group replacement

2008-02-23 Виталий Липатов 1.4.1-alt1

    - fix Group replacement
    - add python macroses support in rpmcs
    - small fixes

2008-01-19 Виталий Липатов 1.4.0-alt1

    - cleanup spec
    - add rpm-build repl for SUSE
    - use perl -pe for replacing, small fixes
    - clean up rpmcs code
    - fix bug #13974

2008-01-11 Виталий Липатов 1.3.5-alt3

    - fix prepare_tarball function
    - fix rpmbph for curret distro detect

2008-01-10 Виталий Липатов 1.3.5-alt2

    - fix rpmcs hang
    - fix rpmbph on ALT spec changelogs
    - more correctly clean pkgreqs

2008-01-10 Виталий Липатов 1.3.5-alt1

    - add -l key to rpmgp (lists buildreqs for the spec)
    - big update of pkg replacement files (Xorg, NX, Postgres...)
    - introduce rpmunmets script for unmets detect in fresh packages
    - improve BuildReq handling in rpmbph
    - fix replace package names only in *Req* and *Group* spec lines in rpmcs
    - add -o key to rpmbs for nosrc.rpm generating

2007-12-27 Виталий Липатов 1.3.4-alt3

    - fix replacements only in *Req* and Group* lines
    - small fixes
    - update replacemens for NX build

2007-12-13 Виталий Липатов 1.3.4-alt2

    - remove empty tags (buildreq and so on)
    - add perl-devel and python-devel replacements
    - fix ALT Linux 3.0 replacements

2007-11-08 Виталий Липатов 1.3.4-alt1

    - write package release as in ALT
    - fix rpmbph to support %{_vendor}, %_vendor, eter in release
    - use bash for rpmbph, rpmbs
    - major update replacement list (check by Wine build)
    - add replacements for modularized XOrg packages
    - rename mandriva tag release to mdv
    - fix rpmbph for legacy mktemp using
    - add gconf_schema_install replacement to rpmcs (fix bug #13614)

2007-11-07 Виталий Липатов 1.3.3-alt1

    - add support to upload to incoming/Update (-U option)
    - update replacement list (special Mandriva rules)
    - add tbz2 tarball support
    - fix build log greping
    - update README

2007-10-28 Виталий Липатов 1.3.2-alt1

    - small fixes in rpmbph scripts
    - update replacement list
    - add support for Incoming/Updates (-U key instead -u for upload)

2007-09-25 Виталий Липатов 1.3.1-alt1

    - fix rpmbph on ALT, add error handling in rpmcs
    - add git support in mkpatch, use .orig firstly
    - add some rules for Debian, Mandriva, common rules for rpm, deb

2007-09-08 Виталий Липатов 1.3-alt1

    - improve rpmbph to support any target system
    - use replacement lists in rpmbph and rpmcs
    - add git support in mkpatch

2007-08-06 Виталий Липатов 1.2-alt1

    - fix rpmbb for use with gear (thanks to php-coder@)
    - improve rpmcs
    - fix pack_src_rpm()

2007-07-10 Виталий Липатов 1.1.9-alt1

    - alpha version, all systems support in rpmbph
    - add all rpm based system initial support in rpmbph
    - add parallel bzip (pbzip2) support
    - add -r (remote) option to rpmrb

2007-05-30 Виталий Липатов 1.1.8-alt1

    - add support for ALT Linux 4.0 backports
    - remove hasher from requires, add check for hsh
    - set download timeouts against sf.net mirrors lags
    - cleanup chroot after loginhsh using

2007-03-16 Виталий Липатов 1.1.7-alt1

    - rpmrb: remove minor version if only major used (fix bug #11103)
    - detect sticky tag when recheckout from cvs
    - use alt1 release as default for new release
    - myhsh: use --mountpoints=/proc,/dev/pts by default

2007-01-18 Виталий Липатов 1.1.6-alt1

    - small changes, remove hack for glibc-i686 requires
    - fix check url in rpmurl

2006-12-27 Виталий Липатов 1.1.5-alt1

    - add test with bzip -t for tarballs
    - use bash for rpmbb (due dash problem on Ubuntu 6.10)
    - fix some replacements in rpmbph
    - disable ccache warning

2006-11-19 Виталий Липатов 1.1.4-alt1

    - add initial support for gear/git
    - add local mode for prepare_tarball (without cvs using)
    - fix temp dir create, fix project directory name using
    - fix nice using
    - update library replacing to rpmbph
    - fix mkpatch behaviour
    - some hasher args fixes
    - some bugfixes

2006-05-23 Виталий Липатов 1.1.3-alt1

    - smallfix release (see NEWS)
    - improve hasher using (disable buildtime, support for x86_64)
    - improve mkpatch

2006-04-09 Виталий Липатов 1.1.2-alt1

    - add mkpatch for make patch against one file in source tree
    - remove -v from hsh args by default (fix bug #9387)
    - some improvements (see NEWS)

2006-03-08 Виталий Липатов 1.1.1-alt1

    - bugfix release (see NEWS)

2006-03-05 Виталий Липатов 1.1-alt1

    - some improvements (see NEWS), small bugfixes
    - use apt.conf.SS/sources.list.SS by default now
    - add check_spec.sh for compare rpmcs results with original specs
    - remove elinks, perl-libwww, ccache requires (thanks mithraen@ for Uwaga)

2006-02-21 Виталий Липатов 1.0-alt1

    - welcome to future improvement release (see NEWS)
    - add functions for release small project (publish and rpmish)
    - add nice to rpmbuild
    - improve to more compatibility with other Linux distros

2006-02-15 Виталий Липатов 0.99.9-alt1

    - some improvements (see NEWS)
    - add fixes for ignore /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*
    - add requires for rpm-build-*-compat
    - test on various Linux distros (see README)
    - fix Source URL
    - temporarely disabled requires for rpm-build-compat

2006-01-28 Виталий Липатов 0.99.8-alt1

    - some improvements (see NEWS)
    - remove rpmlint from the package requires
    - add console output in rpmbugs (f.i. use rpmbugs bug_number)
    - add support for rpm-build-compact (for backports support)

2006-01-04 Виталий Липатов 0.99.7-alt1

    - some improvements (see NEWS)
    - remove cbuildreq

2005-12-27 Виталий Липатов 0.99.6-alt3

    - fix small mistakes in scripts

2005-12-26 Виталий Липатов 0.99.6-alt2

    - fix use loginhsh

2005-12-26 Виталий Липатов 0.99.6-alt1

    - add M31 build support
    - remove gcc-c/c++ dependencies
    - rename bashbsh to loginhsh
    - disable mail report (was broken feature)

2005-12-24 Виталий Липатов 0.99.5-alt1

    - add requires for rpm-build-altlinux-compat for non ALT system
    - change Incoming host from incoming to devel
    - some improvement (see NEWS)

2005-12-05 Виталий Липатов 0.99.4-alt1

    - change group to Development/Other
    - minor fixes

2005-11-26 Виталий Липатов 0.99.3-alt1

    - minor fixes (prepare for 1.0 release)

2005-11-16 Виталий Липатов 0.99.2-alt1

    - minor fixes
    - support for test install into hasher

2005-11-04 Виталий Липатов 0.99.1-alt1

    - new version (major option parsing rewrite)
    - ls-incoming added

2005-10-15 Виталий Липатов 0.99-alt1

    - new version (bug fix release)
    - upload-to-alt script restored

2005-09-18 Виталий Липатов 0.98-alt1

    - new version (code rewrite, more smart options)
    - remove upload-to-alt scripts (use -u option for rpmbs(h) instead)

2005-09-11 Виталий Липатов 0.97-alt1

    - new version (more utilites, improve usability)

2005-09-10 Виталий Липатов 0.96-alt1

    - new version

2005-09-07 Виталий Липатов 0.95-alt1

    - new version (code rewrite)

2005-09-06 Виталий Липатов 0.94-alt1

    - bugfix release (fix BUILDROOT, update translation)

2005-09-05 Виталий Липатов 0.93-alt1

    - new version (code rewrite, more functionality, see README)

2005-09-03 Виталий Липатов 0.92-alt1

    - new version (see NEWS)

2005-08-24 Виталий Липатов 0.91-alt1

    - new version (small changes)

2005-08-03 Виталий Липатов 0.9-alt0.3

    - fix unexpanded macros again

2005-07-30 Виталий Липатов 0.9-alt0.2

    - fix bug #7491 (unexpanded macros)

2005-06-05 Виталий Липатов 0.9-alt0.1

    - add requires for C/C++ compilers
    - add russian translation for script messages

2005-04-15 Виталий Липатов 0.7-alt1

    - new release (other repository support)

2005-04-09 Виталий Липатов 0.6-alt1

    - bugfix release
    - fix missing rpm-build-functions

2005-03-09 Виталий Липатов 0.5-alt1

    - new release

2005-02-28 Виталий Липатов 0.4-alt0.1

    - first build for ALT Linux Sisyphus
Проект Geyser основан на коде из проекта Prometheus 2.0, который был доступен по лицензии MIT