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Исходный пакет: gtk2hs

2009-02-08 Александр Мыльцев 0.10.0-alt1

    - new version.

2008-08-06 Александр Мыльцев 0.9.13-alt1

    - New version: many new demos, lots of bug fixes, builds with GHC 6.8.3

2008-01-18 Александр Мыльцев

    - New version, fix build with GHC 6.8.2.

2006-06-05 Александр Мыльцев 0.9.10-alt2

    - Fixed installation scripts.

2006-02-15 Александр Мыльцев 0.9.10-alt1

    - Fixed dependency issues.

2006-01-02 Александр Мыльцев 0.9.10-alt0

    - New version.

2004-05-13 Vitaly Lugovsky 0.9.5-alt2

    - rebuild

2004-04-29 Vitaly Lugovsky 0.9.5-alt1

    - a new version

2004-04-02 Vitaly Lugovsky 0.9.4-alt1

    - ported to the ALTLinux environment
    - ported to the GHC 6.2 (some FFI changes)

2003-11-11 Jens Petersen

    - use %c2hs instead of "--with c2hs" to configure c2hs program
    - clean demo to avoid binary files in docs dir

2003-11-03 Jens Petersen

    - add sourceview package to %post and %preun
    - install gtksourceview haskell.lang language-spec

2003-07-31 Jens Petersen

    - build with ghc-6.0.1
    - put demo dir in docs dir rather than individual source files

2003-07-10 Jens Petersen

    - build with ghc-6.0
    - name ghc subpackage "ghc%{ghc_version}"

2003-06-18 Jens Petersen

    - require and buildrequire /usr/bin/ghc-%{ghc_version}

2003-05-21 Jens Petersen

    - add -g option to ghc-pkg -u so that ghci object gets generated
    - delete them when uninstalling
    - build and include mogul documentation

2003-05-15 Jens Petersen

    - use new DESTDIR make variable, so no longer need to fix config files in post
    - remove buildroot before install
    - build and include gtk docs

2003-01-10 Jens Petersen

    - made into .spec.in file
    - let configure set the version
    - update description
    - introduce --with-c2hs rpmbuild option
    - use perl to remove buildroot traces from package conf files
    - simplify ghc-pkg update commands

2002-12-17 Jens Petersen

    - latest cvs with ghc 5.04.2

2002-09-26 Ian Chapman Jens Petersen

    - build with ghc-5.04.1

2002-08-02 Ian Chapman Jens Petersen

    - only include demo source in doc dir

2002-07-26 Ian Chapman Jens Petersen

    - build with ghc-5.04
    - cvs update

2002-07-10 Ian Chapman Jens Petersen

    - my current branch

2002-05-01 Ian Chapman Jens Petersen

    - patch TreeViewColumn.chs to make it usable

2002-04-23 Ian Chapman Jens Petersen

    - 0.9.0
    - update gtk2 and mogul ghc-pkg entries on upgrade

2002-04-12 Ian Chapman Jens Petersen

    - adapt for gtk2hs
    - fix mk files for buildroot install
    - post and postun scriptlets for pkg config

2002-03-12 Ian Chapman Manuel Chakravarty

    - require a specific Haskell compiler (namely, the one for which the packages
      was compiled)

2001-02-17 Ian Chapman Manuel Chakravarty

    - derived from C->Haskell's .spec file
Проект Geyser основан на коде из проекта Prometheus 2.0, который был доступен по лицензии MIT