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  • 0.2.24-alt0.M80P.1
Группа :: Разработка/Прочее
Исходный пакет: mkimage

2011-09-02 Алексей Гладков 0.2.0-alt1

    - conditionally set IMAGE_INIT_LIST (ALT#26135).
    - example3: updated base/packages (thx Michael Shigorin).
    - tools/mki-copy-pkgs: split processing of pkglists (thx Michael Shigorin).
    - tools/mki-copy-isolinux: handle kernel absence (thx Michael Shigorin).

2011-04-17 Алексей Гладков 0.1.9-alt1

    - Add xz support.

2011-01-23 Алексей Гладков 0.1.8-alt1

    - mki-build-propagator: Fix for bootloader-utils-0.4.11-alt1 (ALT#24850).

2010-12-16 Алексей Гладков 0.1.7-alt1

    - Fix IMAGE_PACKAGES_* expansion (ALT#24669).
    - mki-expand-pkgs: Fixed output with verbose enabled.

2010-10-05 Алексей Гладков 0.1.6-alt1

    - mki-pack-results: Fix MKI_IMAGESUBDIR (ALT#24120).
    - Add example3 (thx Michael Shigorin).

2010-09-03 Алексей Гладков 0.1.5-alt1

    - mki-pack-tar: Fix syntax error.

2010-08-20 Алексей Гладков 0.1.4-alt1

    - Add gfxboot support for isolinux images (Sergey V Turchin)
    - Add squashfsprogs-lzma support
    - MKI_PACK_RESULTS: Add directory exclusion support
    - Update documentation

2009-06-08 Алексей Гладков 0.1.3-alt1

    - Make a configurable list of packages for each stage
    - Workaround for stupid squashfsprogs
    - Move propagator variables to standalone file
    - Dont quote strings in .mkisofsrc
    - Update README.ru

2009-05-25 Алексей Гладков 0.1.2-alt1

    - mki-pack-custom: Fix execution (ALT#20093)
    - Add examples/example2/.mki/.gitignore
    - Add COPYING

2009-03-27 Алексей Гладков 0.1.1-alt1

    - targets.mk: clean-current: remove .work symlink, if it's broken.
    - Add TOPDIR and PREVDIR into config.mk.
    - Add another example.
    - Update README.ru.

2008-11-11 Алексей Гладков 0.1.0-alt2

    - Fix requires.

2008-11-10 Алексей Гладков 0.1.0-alt1

    - Targets:
      + Fix error handler for copy-packages and build-image.
      + Add rule for invalidate cache of defined targets.
    - Add support for PPC bootable images (thx Sergey Bolshakov).
    - Write stage result into outdir directly.
    - Move all temp scripts into /.host directory.
    - mki-build-propagator: Move /.image/syslinux/alt0/full.cz -> /boot/full.cz.
    - mki-pack-cpio: Suppress EPERM messages.
    - mki-pack-cpio: Fix compress methods.

2008-08-13 Алексей Гладков 0.0.9-alt1

    - mki-pack-squash: Add PACK_SQUASHFS_OPTS to be able to use the
      mksquashfs with additional options.
    - targets.mk.in:
      + Add debug rule.
      + Disable command echoing.
      + New option GLOBAL_WORKROOT (legion, kas, #14502).
    - examples/example1:
      + Do not overwrite OUTDIR (kas).
      + Update script 999-system and use target run-image-scripts
        instead of run-scripts (kas).
      + Update modules (kas).
      + Use std-def kernel instead of std-smp to fix building on Sisyphus (kas).

2008-06-23 Алексей Гладков 0.0.8-alt1

    - Increase verbosity.
    - Update examples.
    - Update documentation.
    - Add IMAGE_INIT_LIST to change hasher init list.
    - mki-build-propagator: Always follow symlinks in
    - mki-scripts: Allow to read to scripts GLOBAL_* env variables.
    - mki-cache-run-scripts: Check scriptdir existence.
    - mki-pack-tar:
      + Fix compress options.
      + Add lzma compress method.
      + Install compess program into the chroot.
    - mki-pack-data:
      + Ignore hasher directories.
      + Return error if MKI_IMAGESUBDIR not found.
    - mki-pack-results: Allow MKI_PACK_RESULTS=data.

2008-03-14 Алексей Гладков 0.0.7-alt3

    - mki-build-propagator: adapted for both mkmar & mkmodpack.
    - targets.mk: Fix typo.

2008-03-02 Алексей Гладков 0.0.7-alt2

    - mki-pack: Add 'cpio' pack method.
    - mki-pack-boot: Add 'syslinux' boot method.
    - mki-pack-data: Use MKI_OUTNAME variable.
    - mki-copy-tree: Fix ownership at copying data from /.in to /.image.

2008-02-24 Алексей Гладков 0.0.7-alt1

    - New version (0.0.7).
    - Allow stage remote build.
    - Allow subdirectories in SUBDIRS.
    - Add BOOT_LANG variable to able set default boot language.
    - Split rules.mk into separate files: config.mk, tools.mk and targets.mk.
    - Fix .fakedata check.
    - Fix 'data' and 'custom' methods.
    - Fix makefile hardcode.
    - Fix NO_CACHE option.
    - Update README.ru.

2008-01-09 Алексей Гладков 0.0.6-alt2

    - Fix requires.

2007-12-17 Алексей Гладков 0.0.6-alt1

    - New version (0.0.6).
    - Add another method to describe 'pack-image' logic. Variables MKI_OUTNAME and
      MKI_PACKTYPE are obsoletes. Use MKI_PACK_RESULTS instead.
    - Add 'split' target.
    - Add package names expand methods for 'build-image' and 'copy-packages' targets.
    - Rename mki-pack-tarbz2 -> tools/mki-pack-tar.

2007-10-31 Алексей Гладков 0.0.5-alt2

    - Fix REQUIRES variable parsing.

2007-10-15 Алексей Гладков 0.0.5-alt1

    - New version (0.0.5).
    - Added qemu support (kas@).
    - Variable CLEANUP_OUTDIR is enabled by default.
    - New method of conflicts resolution in packages list.
    - Fix cache generation.

2007-10-08 Алексей Гладков 0.0.4-alt1

    - New version (0.0.4).
    - Ignore scripts with '~', '.bak', '.rpmnew' and '.rpmsave' suffix.
    - Packages list allow matches grouping.
    - Add support for --install-langs (boyarsh@).
    - Add creating console/tty/tty0 in chroots (boyarsh@).

2007-10-01 Алексей Гладков 0.0.3-alt1

    - New version (0.0.3).

2007-09-21 Алексей Гладков 0.0.2-alt1

    - New version (0.0.2).

2007-08-30 Алексей Гладков 0.0.1-alt1

    - First build for ALT Linux.
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