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    Исходный пакет: mdmpd
    Версия: 0.4-alt1.qa1
    Собран:  13 января 2016 г. 21:59
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    Лицензия: GPL
    О пакете: A daemon for monitor MD multipath devices
    The Linux kernel portion of the md (Multiple Devices) multipath driver
    used for software RAID does not try and find out if a path that has previously
    failed might be working again. That's what this daemon does.
    Then it reads the current state of the md raid arrays, saves that state,
    and then waits for the kernel to tell it something interesting has happened.
    It then wakes up, checks to see if any paths on a multipath device have failed,
    and if they have then it starts to poll the failed path once every 15 seconds
    until it starts working again. Once it starts working again, the daemon
    will then add the path back into the multipath md device it was originally
    part of as a new spare path.

    Список rpm-пакетов, предоставляемых данным srpm-пакетом:
    mdmpd (x86_64, i586, aarch64)
    mdmpd-debuginfo (x86_64, i586, aarch64)

    Сопровождающий: Ilya Evseev

    Список участников:
    Dmitry V. Levin
    Ilya Evseev

    Последнее изменение

    15 апреля 2013 г. Dmitry V. Levin 0.4-alt1.qa1
    - NMU: rebuilt for debuginfo.
    19 мая 2006 г. Ilya Evseev 0.4-alt1
    - updated to version 0.4, fixed gcc4.1 warnings
    13 марта 2005 г. Ilya Evseev 0.3-alt2
    - specfile: fixed russian encoding (declared KOI8-R, actually was CP1251)