Пакет perl-Ogg-Vorbis-Header-PurePerl: Specfile

BuildRequires: perl(Module/Build.pm)
# vim: set ft=spec: -*- rpm-spec -*-
#   - Ogg::Vorbis::Header::PurePerl -
#   This spec file was automatically generated by cpan2rpm [ver: 2.027]
#   (ALT Linux revision)
#   The following arguments were used:
#       Ogg::Vorbis::Header::PurePerl
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%define module Ogg-Vorbis-Header-PurePerl
%define m_distro Ogg-Vorbis-Header-PurePerl
%define m_name Ogg::Vorbis::Header::PurePerl
%define m_author_id unknown
%define _enable_test 1

Name: perl-Ogg-Vorbis-Header-PurePerl
Version: 1.0
Release: alt1

Summary: An object-oriented interface to Ogg Vorbis

License: Artistic
Group: Development/Perl
Url: http://www.cpan.org

Packager: Sir Raorn <raorn@altlinux.ru>

BuildArch: noarch
Source: http://www.cpan.org/authors/id/D/DA/DANIEL/Ogg-Vorbis-Header-PurePerl-%{version}.tar.gz
Patch: %m_distro-0.07-alt1.1.patch

# Automatically added by buildreq on Thu Jan 04 2007
BuildRequires: perl-devel

This module is intended to be a drop in replacement for Ogg::Vorbis::Header,
implemented entirely in Perl.  It provides an object-oriented interface to
Ogg Vorbis information and comment fields.  (NOTE: This module currently
supports only read operations).

%setup -q -n %m_distro-%version
%patch -p1




* Sun Sep 25 2011 Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.ru> 1.0-alt1
- automated CPAN update

* Mon Nov 29 2010 Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.ru> 0.07-alt1.1
- repair after perl 5.12 upgrade using girar-nmu

* Thu Jan 04 2007 Sir Raorn <raorn@altlinux.ru> 0.07-alt1
- first build for ALT Linux Sisyphus