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Name: wmtimer
Version: 2.92
Release: alt2.qa1

Summary: Run command at specified time
License: GPL
Group: Graphical desktop/Window Maker

URL: http://www.darkops.net/wmtimer/
Source0: %url/wmtimer-%version.tar.gz
Source1: wmtimer.1
Patch: wmtimer-2.92-InitialTimerBeep.patch

# Automatically added by buildreq on Fri Oct 20 2006
BuildRequires: libgtk+2-devel libXext-devel libXpm-devel

Run commands at specified time.  WMTimer can be configured either at run
time via the command line or by using the GTK interface by clicking on the
main part of the window (anywhere except the buttons).

%setup -q

cd wmtimer
%make_build CC="gcc %optflags"

install -pD -m755 wmtimer/wmtimer %buildroot%_bindir/wmtimer
install -pD -m644 %_sourcedir/wmtimer.1 %buildroot%_man1dir/wmtimer.1

%doc Changelog CREDITS README

* Mon Apr 15 2013 Dmitry V. Levin (QA) <qa_ldv@altlinux.org> 2.92-alt2.qa1
- NMU: rebuilt for debuginfo.

* Fri Oct 20 2006 Victor Forsyuk <force@altlinux.org> 2.92-alt2
- Added man-page from Debian.
- Fix initial timer beep in wmtimer.c when using -c mode (Debian patch).

* Wed Apr 06 2005 Victor Forsyuk <force@altlinux.ru> 2.92-alt1
- New version (ported to GTK2, so update buildreqs).
- Correct package URL.
- Apply %%optflags and build with parallel make.

* Mon Sep 29 2003 Ott Alex <ott@altlinux.ru> 2.9-alt1
- New release

* Mon Apr 28 2003 Ott Alex <ott@altlinux.ru> 2.4-alt1
- Initial build