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  • 2.4.6-alt2.1
  • 2.4.6-alt2.1
  • 2.4.6-alt2.1
  • 2.4.6-alt2.1
  • 2.4.6-alt2.1
Группа :: Система/Серверы
Исходный пакет: mod_fastcgi
Необработанный spec-файл

%define apache_libdir %(%apache_apxs -q LIBEXECDIR)
%define apache_moddocdir %apache_htdocsdir/addon-modules
%define fastcgi_bindir %apache_datadir/fcgi-bin/

Name: mod_fastcgi
Version: 2.4.6
Release: alt2.1

Packager: Victor Forsyuk <force at altlinux.org>

Summary: FastCGI module for Apache
License: OpenMarket
Group: System/Servers

Url: http://www.fastcgi.com
Source: %url/dist/mod_fastcgi-%version.tar.gz

%define apache_version 1.3.6
PreReq: apache >= %apache_version

BuildPreReq: apache-devel >= %apache_version
BuildConflicts: apache2-devel

# Automatically added by buildreq on Mon Mar 31 2008

BuildRequires: apache-devel apache-suexec

FastCGI module provides support for the FastCGI protocol. FastCGI is a
language independent, scalable, open extension to CGI that provides high
performance and persistence without the limitations of server specific APIs.


CFLAGS="%optflags" %apache_apxs -o mod_fastcgi.so -c *.c

mkdir -p %buildroot{%apache_libdir,%apache_modconfdir,%apache_moddocdir,%fastcgi_bindir}
install -m755 mod_fastcgi.so %buildroot%apache_libdir

# docs

ln -s %_docdir/mod_fastcgi-%version %buildroot%apache_moddocdir/mod_fastcgi

### === === Creating mod_fastcgi.conf

cat <<EOF >mod_fastcgi.conf
<IfModule !mod_fastcgi.c>
LoadModule fastcgi_module modules/mod_fastcgi.so
AddModule mod_fastcgi.c
### mod_fastcgi.conf - configuration directives for the FastCGI Apache module.

### See %apache_moddocdir/mod_fastcgi/docs/mod_fastcgi.html for details.

## To configure Apache to handle all files (within the scope of the

## directive) as FastCGI applications (e.g. for a fcgi-bin directory):

# SetHandler fastcgi-script

## or to configure Apache to handle files (within the scope of the

## directive) with the specified extension(s) as FastCGI applications:

# AddHandler fastcgi-script fcg fcgi fpl

# Sample configuration for fcgi-bin directory

<IfModule mod_fastcgi.c>
<IfModule mod_alias.c>
Alias /fcgi-bin/ "%fastcgi_bindir"

<Directory "%fastcgi_bindir">
SetHandler fastcgi-script
AllowOverride none
Options ExecCGI
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

install -m644 mod_fastcgi.conf %buildroot%apache_modconfdir



%config(noreplace) %apache_modconfdir/mod_fastcgi.conf
%attr(2771,root,%apache_webmaster) %fastcgi_bindir
%doc CHANGES docs

* Fri Dec 07 2012 Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at altlinux.org> 2.4.6-alt2.1
- Fixed build with gcc 4.7

* Fri May 23 2008 Victor Forsyuk <force at altlinux.org> 2.4.6-alt2
- Include directives to load installed fastcgi module, fixes #15465.

* Mon Mar 31 2008 Victor Forsyuk <force at altlinux.org> 2.4.6-alt1
- 2.4.6
- More precise License: OpenMarket, not just simply "Free".
- We now rely on apache-devel macro definitions. Visible consequence:
configuration for module will be placed in addon-modules.d instead of
previous location, addon-modules.
- No more httpd.conf editing with apxs.

* Wed Nov 02 2005 Stanislav Ievlev <inger at altlinux.org> 2.2.12-alt2.1
- fixed default config

* Wed Nov 13 2002 Yuri N. Sedunov <aris at altlinux.ru> 2.2.12-alt2
- Rebuild.

* Sat Mar 9 2002 Yuri N. Sedunov <aris at altlinux.ru> 2.2.12-alt1
- First build for Sisyphus.
Проект Geyser основан на коде из проекта Prometheus 2.0, который был доступен по лицензии MIT