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  • 0.10-alt0.M70C.1
Группа :: Система/Настройка/Прочее
Исходный пакет: alterator-grub

2019-03-07 Денис Медведев 0.11-alt1.M80C.2

    - fix default of password

2019-02-27 Денис Медведев 0.11-alt1.M80C.1

    - default is to set password for boot

2016-06-10 Михаил Шигорин 0.11-alt1

    - added test to exclude hybrid installation media
      (usually USB Flash drive with ISO written onto it)
      from bootloader installation targets

2015-12-02 Михаил Шигорин 0.10-alt1

    - added GRUB2 hashed password support
    - NB: depends on fixes made after grub-2.00-alt20 to *not* require
          boot password given default boot options for a menuentry

2014-09-02 Михаил Шигорин 0.9.10-alt1

    - care for efivars

2014-06-11 Михаил Шигорин 0.9.9-alt1

    - convert GRUB_AUTOUPDATE_DEVICE members to stable symlinks (closes: #29546)

2014-01-23 Михаил Шигорин 0.9.8-alt1

    - force shim installation even if SecureBoot is not there
      during install (so that the bootloader doesn't turn into
      a pumpkin when SB is suddenly turned on or the disk is
      moved into another system)

2013-03-04 Михаил Шигорин 0.9.7-alt1

    - do not force ESP subdir name onto grub-install;
      thus it's changed from "ALT Linux" to "altlinux"
      given the fixes in grub2-2.00-alt12

2013-02-27 Михаил Шигорин 0.9.6-alt1

    - fixed install-to-partition by working around i18n (see also #28600)

2013-02-07 Михаил Шигорин 0.9.5-alt1

    - backend: use LANG variable

2013-02-01 Михаил Шигорин 0.9.4-alt1

    - fix adding BIOS boot targets in EFI mode

2013-01-31 Михаил Шигорин 0.9.3-alt1

    - make temporary file in proper location (thanks sem@

2013-01-30 Михаил Шигорин 0.9.2-alt1

    - filter out boot device

2013-01-29 Михаил Шигорин 0.9.1-alt1

    - add BIOS boot targets even in EFI case

2012-12-18 Михаил Шигорин 0.9-alt2

    - added arch-specific grub2-efi dependency

2012-12-06 Михаил Шигорин 0.9-alt1

    - dropped EVMS specific hacks (see also #28181)

2012-11-21 Михаил Шигорин 0.8.1-alt1

    - amended EFI support (closes: #27972)

2012-11-15 Михаил Шигорин 0.8-alt1

    - added initial EFI support

2012-11-08 Михаил Шигорин 0.7-alt5

    - replace symlink with bindmount for grub 2.00

2012-11-07 Aitov Timur 0.7-alt4

    - add hack for luks devices

2011-06-16 Виталий Кузнецов 0.7-alt3

    - mike@: set default input focus to the combobox

2011-06-06 Виталий Кузнецов 0.7-alt2

    - fix grub install into partition (ALT #25628)

2011-05-30 Виталий Кузнецов 0.7-alt1

    - add /dev/emvs/md hackaround

2011-02-15 Виталий Кузнецов 0.6-alt2

    - rebuild with new libdevmapper versioning

2011-01-24 Виталий Кузнецов 0.6-alt1

    - install into partition in installer fixed (ALT #24617)

2010-10-27 Антон Бояршинов 0.5-alt4

    - fisttime script moved to the grub2 package

2010-10-27 Антон Бояршинов 0.5-alt3

    - "one time system" effect fixed

2010-10-26 Антон Бояршинов 0.5-alt2

    - typo fixed

2010-10-25 Антон Бояршинов 0.5-alt1

    - firttime script added

2010-10-24 Андрей Черепанов 0.4-alt2

    - localize backend scripts

2010-10-04 Виталий Кузнецов 0.4-alt1

    - allow grub install on partition using blocklists (ALT #24197)

2010-09-21 Anton Protopopov 0.3-alt7

    - Add dirty hack to install grub2 on lvm

2010-06-28 Виталий Кузнецов 0.3-alt6

    - do not try to install bootloader on floppy (ALT #23687)

2010-06-01 Виталий Кузнецов 0.3-alt5

    - do not try to install bootloader on cd/dvdrom

2010-04-23 Виталий Кузнецов 0.3-alt4

    - include removable devices in proposed locations

2010-03-29 Виталий Кузнецов 0.3-alt3

    - avoid conflict with alterator-lilo

2010-03-26 Виталий Кузнецов 0.3-alt2

    - reuse devmap_name from alterator-lilo

2010-03-26 Виталий Кузнецов 0.3-alt1

    - "skip bootloader install" added
    - fix 'set bootable'
    - fix typo

2010-03-25 Виталий Кузнецов 0.2-alt8

    - simplify raid handling

2010-03-24 Виталий Кузнецов 0.2-alt7

    - another fox for raid install
    - more verbose error handling

2010-03-24 Виталий Кузнецов 0.2-alt6

    - fix raid install

2010-03-23 Виталий Кузнецов 0.2-alt5

    - fix grub-install fail on some devices

2010-03-19 Виталий Кузнецов 0.2-alt4

    - just another possible installer fix

2010-03-18 Виталий Кузнецов 0.2-alt3

    - possible installer fix

2010-03-16 Виталий Кузнецов 0.2-alt2

    - step file packaged

2010-03-15 Антон Бояршинов 0.2-alt1

    - step file added

2010-03-12 Виталий Кузнецов 0.1-alt1

    - Initial
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