Пакет pfstools: Specfile

Загрузка pfstools.spec
%define _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 1

%define lib_name libpfs
%def_without octave
%def_without opencv

Name: pfstools
Version: 2.1.0
Release: alt4.1

Summary: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images and Video manipulation tools
License: GPLv2+
Group: Graphics

Url: http://pfstools.sourceforge.net/
Source: %name-%version.tar
Patch0: %name-2.1.0-gcc8-fix.patch

BuildRequires: gcc-c++ libImageMagick-devel libfftw3-devel libGLUT-devel libgeos-devel
BuildRequires: libjpeg-devel liblapack-devel libncurses-devel libnetpbm-devel
BuildRequires: libreadline-devel openexr-devel cmake libgsl-devel libexif-devel
BuildRequires: libgomp-devel libtbb-devel zlib-devel

%if_with opencv
BuildRequires: libopencv-devel-static

%if_with octave
BuildRequires: octave-devel

# Optimized out build requirements we want to add as safety belt
# (so pfstools build will not fail if due to changes in other packages
# deps listed below packages will not be pulled for build)
BuildRequires: qt5-base-devel libtiff-devel
BuildRequires: gcc-fortran
BuildRequires(pre): rpm-macros-cmake

Requires: %lib_name = %version-%release

# TODO: Move pfsglview and pfsview to own packages to prevent users from
# having to install OpenGL/GLUT and Qt?

pfstools package is a set of command line (and one GUI) programs for reading,
writing, manipulating and viewing high-dynamic range (HDR) images and video
frames. All programs in the package exchange data using a simple generic file
format (pfs) for HDR data. The concept of the pfstools is similar to netpbm
package for low-dynamic range images.

%package -n %lib_name
Summary: Library for %name
Group: System/Libraries
License: LGPLv2.1+

%description -n %lib_name
This package contain the library needed to run programs linked with %lib_name.

%package -n %lib_name-devel
Summary: Headers for developing programs that will use %lib_name
Group: Development/C++
License: LGPLv2.1+
Requires: %lib_name = %version-%release

%description -n %lib_name-devel
This package contains the headers that programmers will need to develop

%if_with octave
%package octave
Summary: Octave interaction with PFS tools
Group: Graphics

%description octave
The pfstools-octave package contains programs to process red, green and blue
channels or luminance channels in pfs stream using Octave.

%patch0 -p1

%cmake \


%if_with opencv



%if_with opencv



%files -n %lib_name

%files -n %lib_name-devel

%if_with octave
%files octave

* Tue Mar 26 2019 Vitaly Lipatov <lav@altlinux.ru> 2.1.0-alt4.1
- NMU: autorebuild with libnetpbm.so.11

* Thu Feb 14 2019 Pavel Moseev <mars@altlinux.org> 2.1.0-alt4
- no return statement in the non-void function fixed (according g++8)

* Thu Oct 18 2018 Anton Farygin <rider@altlinux.ru> 2.1.0-alt3
- rebuilt with libGLUT

* Tue May 29 2018 Anton Farygin <rider@altlinux.ru> 2.1.0-alt2
- rebuilt for ImageMagick

* Sat Apr 28 2018 Aleksei Nikiforov <darktemplar@altlinux.org> 2.1.0-alt1
- Updated to upstream version 2.1.0.

* Fri Aug 18 2017 Anton Farygin <rider@altlinux.ru> 2.0.6-alt1
- new version

* Wed Mar 02 2016 Andrey Cherepanov <cas@altlinux.org> 1.8.5-alt1.8.3
- Rebuild with new gdal

* Wed Jul 08 2015 Paul Wolneykien <manowar@altlinux.org> 1.8.5-alt1.8.2
- Disable Octave package (rebuilding with Octave v4.0.0 fails).

* Mon Jun 15 2015 Gleb F-Malinovskiy <glebfm@altlinux.org> 1.8.5-alt1.8.1
- Rebuilt for gcc5 C++11 ABI.

* Tue Feb 17 2015 Anton Farygin <rider@altlinux.ru> 1.8.5-alt1.8
- Rebuild with new libImageMagick

* Thu Oct 23 2014 Anton Farygin <rider@altlinux.ru> 1.8.5-alt1.7
- Rebuild with new libImageMagick

* Tue Jan 14 2014 Paul Wolneykien <manowar@altlinux.org> 1.8.5-alt1.6
- Rebuild with the new version of Octave: 3.8.0.

* Thu Sep 26 2013 Anton Farygin <rider@altlinux.ru> 1.8.5-alt1.5
- Rebuild with new libImageMagick

* Fri Apr 19 2013 Anton Farygin <rider@altlinux.ru> 1.8.5-alt1.4
- Rebuild with new libImageMagick

* Fri Oct 05 2012 Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at altlinux.org> 1.8.5-alt1.3
- Rebuilt with libtiff5

* Mon Jul 16 2012 Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at altlinux.org> 1.8.5-alt1.2
- Fixed build

* Fri Jun 08 2012 Anton Farygin <rider@altlinux.ru> 1.8.5-alt1.1
- Rebuild with new libImageMagick

* Sat Dec 10 2011 Victor Forsiuk <force@altlinux.org> 1.8.5-alt1
- 1.8.5

* Sun Jun 19 2011 Victor Forsiuk <force@altlinux.org> 1.8.4-alt1
- 1.8.4

* Wed Apr 27 2011 Paul Wolneykien <manowar@altlinux.ru> 1.8.3-alt2.1
- Rebuild with the new version of Octave (3.4.0).

* Tue Apr 26 2011 Victor Forsiuk <force@altlinux.org> 1.8.3-alt2
- Renew build requirements.

* Sat Mar 26 2011 Victor Forsiuk <force@altlinux.org> 1.8.3-alt1
- 1.8.3
- Build with gdal and octave integration but separate them in
  subpackages to avoid excessive run-time deps of main package.

* Tue Sep 14 2010 Anton Farygin <rider@altlinux.ru> 1.8.2-alt1.1
- rebuild with new ImageMagick

* Wed Jul 14 2010 Victor Forsiuk <force@altlinux.org> 1.8.2-alt1
- 1.8.2

* Tue Jun 23 2009 Victor Forsyuk <force@altlinux.org> 1.8.1-alt1
- 1.8.1

* Tue Nov 18 2008 Victor Forsyuk <force@altlinux.org> 1.7.0-alt1
- 1.7.0
- Remove obsolete ldconfig calls in post-scripts.

* Wed May 21 2008 Victor Forsyuk <force@altlinux.org> 1.6.5-alt1
- 1.6.5

* Sat Mar 01 2008 ALT QA Team Robot <qa-robot@altlinux.org> 1.6.4-alt1.1
- Rebuilt due to libIlmImf.so.4 -> libIlmImf.so.6 soname change.

* Tue Feb 26 2008 Victor Forsyuk <force@altlinux.org> 1.6.4-alt1
- 1.6.4

* Fri Jul 06 2007 Victor Forsyuk <force@altlinux.org> 1.6.2-alt1
- 1.6.2

* Mon Jun 18 2007 Victor Forsyuk <force@altlinux.org> 1.6.1-alt2
- Build with libnetpbm-devel and libImageMagick-devel.

* Thu Jun 07 2007 Victor Forsyuk <force@altlinux.org> 1.6.1-alt1
- Initial build.