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ok alterator-asterisk-gateway 0.0.4-alt1 больше 4 лет назад alterator module for E1<->SIP gateway setup
ok apt-conf-mithraen 1.0-alt1 почти 11 лет назад arepo repository by Denis Smirnov
notice arepo 1-alt10 около 9 лет назад biarch repackager for Sisyphus packages
notice asterisk-build-sounds 0.0.1-alt1 почти 4 лет назад Helper scripts for build packages with asterisk sounds
notice auto-fstrim 1.0-alt1 1.0-alt1 больше 8 лет назад Daily run fstrim for all SSD-based partitions
notice basesystem-ve 4.0.1-alt1 4.0.1-alt1 почти 9 лет назад The skeleton package which defines a basic ALT Linux system
notice fake_remount_rw 0.0.1-alt1 почти 9 лет назад Boot from RO root file system (copy all RW parts to tmpfs)
notice ghc7.6.1-full 0.0.1-alt1 около 8 лет назад Virtual package that requires all haskell packages
notice haskell-filetrigger 0.0.5-alt3 0.0.5-alt2 почти 2 лет назад auto recache ghc package list
notice interactivesystem-ve 4.0.1-alt1 4.0.1-alt1 почти 9 лет назад The skeleton package which defines an interactive ALT Linux system
ok mithraen-agi 0.0.3-alt1 почти 11 лет назад Some Asterisk AGI scripts
ok mithraen-backup-utils 0.1-alt2 больше 10 лет назад Simple utilites for more easy backup used by Mithraen
ok mithraen-build-utils 0.1.29-alt1 почти 4 лет назад Simple utilites that simplify development to me
ok mithraen-nanospt 0.1-alt2 больше 11 лет назад Simple script, that I used before spt was wrote
ok mithraen-pbx 0.2-alt4 почти 6 лет назад Asterisk fax support scripts
notice mithraen-scanutils 0.5-alt1 больше 8 лет назад Simple utility for easy scanning with ADF
ok mithraen-spt-utils 0.1-alt2 около 8 лет назад Simple utilites that simplify distro building to me
ok mithraen-utils 0.0.13-alt1 больше 3 лет назад Utilites for SVN
notice priconfig 0.1-alt2 0.1-alt2 больше 10 лет назад PRI configure script
notice progsreiserfs больше 7 лет назад Programs needed for manipulating reiserfs partitions
notice quasar 2.0.2-alt2.qa1 почти 8 лет назад User and groups for asterisk-related packages
skip rpm-build-haskell 1.4.5-alt1 почти 2 лет назад RPM helpers to rebuild Haskell packages
ok rpm-macros-reponame 5.0-alt2 больше 10 лет назад rpm macro for repository detect
notice vzautolimit 0.01-alt3 больше 10 лет назад Simple utility for autoconfig OpenVZ limits
skip xinitrc 2.4.47-alt2 2.4.47-alt2 2.4.47-alt1 больше 1 года назад The default startup scripts for the X Window System
notice warzone2100 3.4.1-alt1 3.3.0-alt1.1 7 месяца назад https://wz2100.net Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project (RTS 3D game)
skip mlt 6.24.0-alt1.1 6.20.0-alt1 6.16.0-alt4.1 6.16.0-alt2 2 месяца назад https://www.mltframework.org/ Multimedia framework designed for television broadcasting
failure graphviz 2.41.2-alt4 2.41.2-alt3 2.41.2-alt3 2.40.1-alt7.E2K.1 2.40.1-alt6 12 месяца назад https://www.graphviz.org Graphs visualization tools
notice mcron 1.1.1-alt1 больше 2 лет назад https://www.gnu.org/software/mcron/ a program to run tasks at regular (or not) intervals
skip wine 1:6.2.1-alt1 13 дня назад https://www.altlinux.org/Wine WINE Is Not An Emulator - environment for running Windows applications
skip fuse-encfs 1.9.5-alt1 1.9.4-alt3 1.9.4-alt3 1.9.4-alt3 почти 2 лет назад https://vgough.github.io/encfs/ Encrypted pass-thru filesystem for Linux
ok pgtcl 2.1.1-alt1 2.1.1-alt1 больше 2 лет назад https://sourceforge.net/projects/pgtclng Postgresql binding tcl lib
notice ghc8.6.4-pandoc-types 1.20-alt1 9 месяца назад https://pandoc.org/ Types for representing a structured document
патч repocop
mpd 0.21.24-alt1 0.20.23-alt3 0.20.23-alt3 8 месяца назад https://musicpd.org Music Player Daemon (MPD) allows remote access for playing music and managing playlists
ok screenkey 1.1-alt2 1.1-alt1 1.1-alt1 0.3-alt1 больше 7 лет назад https://launchpad.net/screenkey A screen-cast tool to show your keys and based on key-mon project
skip ghc7.6.1-xml-types 0.3.3-alt1 около 2 лет назад https://john-millikin.com/software/haskell-xml/ Basic types for representing XML
skip ghc7.6.1-libxml-sax 0.7.3-alt1 около 2 лет назад https://john-millikin.com/software/haskell-libxml/ Bindings for the libXML2 SAX interface
skip ghc7.6.1-dbus 0.10.4-alt1 около 2 лет назад https://john-millikin.com/software/haskell-dbus/ A client library for the D-Bus IPC system.
skip ghc7.6.1-data-binary-ieee754 0.4.3-alt2 около 2 лет назад https://john-millikin.com/software/data-binary-ieee754/ Parser/Serialiser for IEEE-754 floating-point values
warning lm_sensors3 3.5.0-alt1 3.5.0-alt1 3.4.0-alt4 почти 2 лет назад https://hwmon.wiki.kernel.org/ Hardware Health Monitoring Tools
notice ghc8.6.4-hslua 1.1.1-alt1 9 месяца назад https://hslua.github.io/ Bindings to Lua, an embeddable scripting language
skip hashlink 1.11-alt2 1.11-alt2 10 месяца назад https://hashlink.haxe.org/ HashLink is a virtual machine for Haxe
skip ghc8.6.4-regex-tdfa 9 месяца назад https://hackage.haskell.org/package/regex-tdfa Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
notice ghc8.6.4-regex-base 9 месяца назад https://hackage.haskell.org/package/regex-base Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
notice screenkey 1.1-alt2 1.1-alt1 1.1-alt1 0.3-alt1 8 месяца назад https://gitlab.com/screenkey/screenkey A screen-cast tool to show your keys and based on key-mon project
notice ghc8.6.4-mime-types 9 месяца назад https://github.com/yesodweb/wai Basic mime-type handling types and functions
notice ghc8.6.4-connection 0.3.1-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/vincenthz/hs-connection Simple and easy network connections API
notice ghc8.6.4-asn1-parse 0.9.5-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/vincenthz/hs-asn1 Simple monadic parser for ASN1 stream types.
патч repocop
qtox 1.16.3-alt3 1.16.3-alt2 около 2 лет назад https://github.com/tux3/qTox Powerful Tox client that follows the Tox design guidelines
skip ghc7.6.1-unordered-containers около 2 лет назад https://github.com/tibbe/unordered-containers Efficient hashing-based container types
skip ghc8.6.4-jira-wiki-markup 1.1.4-alt1 8 месяца назад https://github.com/tarleb/jira-wiki-markup Handle Jira wiki markup
warning syncthing-inotify 0.8-alt1 почти 5 лет назад https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing-inotify File watcher intended for use with Syncthing
warning syncthing 1.7.1-alt1 1.0.1-alt1 8 месяца назад https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing Свободная программа непрерывной синхронизации файлов
skip ghc8.6.4-http-client 0.7.1-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/snoyberg/http-client An HTTP client engine
skip ghc8.6.4-http-client-tls 9 месяца назад https://github.com/snoyberg/http-client http-client backend using the connection package and tls library
ok trayer 1.1.8-alt1 1.1.8-alt1 1.1.5-alt1 почти 8 лет назад https://github.com/sargon/trayer-srg lightweight GTK2-based systray for UNIX desktop
ok python-module-libnacl 1.5.0-alt2.1 1.5.0-alt2.1 около 3 лет назад https://github.com/saltstack/libnacl This library is used to gain direct access to the functions exposed by Daniel J. Bernstein's nacl library via libsodium or tweetnacl
skip libsixel 1.8.5-alt1 1.8.2-alt2 1.8.2-alt2 около 2 лет назад https://github.com/saitoha/libsixel A SIXEL encoder/decoder implementation
skip rtorrent 0.9.8-alt1 0.9.7-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/rakshasa/rtorrent/wiki rTorrent - rakshasa's ncurses BitTorrent client using librTorrent
skip binkd 1.1a.99-alt1 1.1a.99-alt1 почти 2 лет назад https://github.com/pgul/binkd Binkd - the binkp daemon
notice ghc8.6.4-quickcheck 2.13.2-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/nick8325/quickcheck Automatic testing of Haskell programs
skip ghc8.6.4-tagsoup 0.14.8-alt2 7 месяца назад https://github.com/ndmitchell/tagsoup Parsing and extracting information from (possibly malformed) HTML/XML documents
notice ghc8.6.4-safe 0.3.19-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/ndmitchell/safe#readme Library of safe (exception free) functions
skip ghc7.6.1-transformers-base 0.4.1-alt2 около 2 лет назад https://github.com/mvv/transformers-base Lift computations from the bottom of a transformer stack
skip ghc7.6.1-monad-loops около 2 лет назад https://github.com/mokus0/monad-loops Monadic loops
ok mnt 1.0.2-alt1 1.0.2-alt1 больше 5 лет назад https://github.com/mithraen/mnt Mount hotplug devices as normal user
ok lsmount 1.0-alt3 1.0-alt3 больше 6 лет назад https://github.com/mithraen/lsmount List all hotplug storage devices
skip ghc7.6.1-haskelldb 2.2.2-alt2 около 2 лет назад https://github.com/m4dc4p/haskelldb A library of combinators for generating and executing SQL statements.
skip ghc7.6.1-haskelldb-hdbc 2.2.2-alt2 около 2 лет назад https://github.com/m4dc4p/haskelldb HaskellDB support for HDBC.
skip ghc7.6.1-haskelldb-hdbc-postgresql 2.1.2-alt1.1 2.1.2-alt1 около 2 лет назад https://github.com/m4dc4p/haskelldb HaskellDB support for the HDBC PostgreSQL driver.
skip ghc7.6.1-haskelldb-hdbc-sqlite3 2.1.2-alt1 около 2 лет назад https://github.com/m4dc4p/haskelldb HaskellDB support for the HDBC SQLite driver.
notice fuse 2.9.9-alt1 2.9.9-alt1 2.9.7-alt3 почти 2 лет назад https://github.com/libfuse/ a tool for creating virtual filesystems
skip fuse-common 1.1.0-alt2 1.1.0-alt1 1.1.0-alt1 1.0.0-alt2 6 месяца назад https://github.com/libfuse/ a tool for creating virtual filesystems
notice fuse3 3.4.1-alt2 3.4.1-alt2 3.1.0-alt1 почти 2 лет назад https://github.com/libfuse/ a tool for creating virtual filesystems
skip ghc7.6.1-hinotify 0.3.5-alt2 около 2 лет назад https://github.com/kolmodin/hinotify.git Haskell binding to inotify
ok ioping 1.0-alt1 1.0-alt1 почти 4 лет назад https://github.com/koct9i/ioping simple disk I/O latency monitoring tool
skip ghc8.6.4-cmark-gfm 0.2.1-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/kivikakk/cmark-gfm-hs Fast, accurate GitHub Flavored Markdown parser and renderer
ok ledmon 0.0.1-alt1 0.0.1-alt1 больше 9 лет назад https://github.com/jgoerzen/ledmon?a=tree Show leds status (for use with xmobar)
skip ghc8.6.4-skylighting 0.8.5-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/jgm/skylighting syntax highlighting library
notice ghc8.6.4-skylighting-core 0.8.5-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/jgm/skylighting syntax highlighting library
skip ghc8.6.4-emojis 0.1-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/jgm/emojis#readme Conversion between emoji characters and their names.
skip ghc8.6.4-doctemplates 0.8.2-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/jgm/doctemplates#readme Pandoc-style document templates
notice ghc8.6.4-doclayout 0.3-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/jgm/doclayout A prettyprinting library for laying out text documents.
skip ghc7.6.1-largeword 1.0.4-alt2 около 2 лет назад https://github.com/idontgetoutmuch/largeword Provides Word128, Word192 and Word256 and a way of producing other large words if required.
ok apulse 0.1.12-alt1 0.1.12-alt1 больше 2 лет назад https://github.com/i-rinat/apulse PulseAudio emulation for ALSA
notice ghc8.6.4-hsyaml 9 месяца назад https://github.com/hvr/HsYAML Pure Haskell YAML 1.2 processor
skip ghc8.6.4-hslua-module-text 0.2.1-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/hslua/hslua-module-text Lua module for text
skip ghc8.6.4-hslua-module-system 0.2.1-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/hslua/hslua-module-system Lua module wrapper around Haskell's System module.
skip ghc7.6.1-hdbc около 2 лет назад https://github.com/hdbc/hdbc Haskell Database Connectivity
skip ghc7.6.1-xhtml 3000.2.1-alt2 около 2 лет назад https://github.com/haskell/xhtml An XHTML combinator library
notice ghc8.6.4-network-uri почти 2 лет назад https://github.com/haskell/network-uri URI manipulation
skip ghc7.6.1-http 4000.2.6-alt1 4000.2.6-alt1 около 2 лет назад https://github.com/haskell/HTTP A library for client-side HTTP
skip ghc7.6.1-x11 около 2 лет назад https://github.com/haskell-pkg-janitors/X11 A binding to the X11 graphics library
notice ghc8.6.4-cryptonite 0.26-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/haskell-crypto/cryptonite Cryptography Primitives sink
ok xsecurelock 0.0.1-alt1 0.0.1-alt1 больше 6 лет назад https://github.com/google/xsecurelock X11 screen lock utility
skip gtg 0.4.0-alt1 0.4.0-alt1 0.2.9-alt1 8 месяца назад https://github.com/getting-things-gnome/gtg A personal tasks and TODO list items organizer.
notice ghc8.6.4-streaming-commons 9 месяца назад https://github.com/fpco/streaming-commons Common lower-level functions needed by various streaming data libraries
notice ghc8.6.4-temporary 1.3-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/feuerbach/temporary Portable temporary file and directory support
skip xsct 1.5-alt1 6 месяца назад https://github.com/faf0/sct set color temperature of screen
notice ghc8.6.4-text-conversions 0.3.0-alt1 9 месяца назад https://github.com/cjdev/text-conversions#readme Safe conversions between textual types

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