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    О пакете: The Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool book
    What is "it"?  The GNU Autotools, a group of utilities developed in
    the 1990s for the GNU Project.  The authors of this book and I were
    some of its principal developers, but it turned out to help solve many
    other peoples' problems as well, and many other people contributed to it.
    It is one of the many projects that developed by cooperation while making
    what is now often called GNU/Linux.  The community made the GNU Autotools
    widespread, as people adopted it for their own programs and extended it
    where they found that was needed.  The creation of Libtool is that type
    of contribution.
    Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool were developed separately, to make
    tackling the problem of software configuration more manageable by
    partitioning it.  But they were designed to be used as a system, and
    they make more sense when you have documentation for the whole system.
    This book stands a level above the software packages, giving the
    expertise of its authors in using this whole system to its fullest.
    It was written by people who have lived closest to the problems and
    their solutions in software.

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