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Исходный пакет: lk4b
Версия: 20080706-alt2
Собран:  11 октября 2009 г. 0:54
Категория: Доступность
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Лицензия: GPLv2+
О пакете: Lock Keyboard For Baby
Lock-keyboard-for-Baby (lk4b) is a small program which locks your keyboard
but leaves your mouse free. I wrote it because my niece likes to bash away
at my keyboard whenever she sees me sit down at it.

When started, lock-keyboard-for-baby opens a small window which grabs the
keyboard and echos keys which are typed. By default, it tells you what to
type to quit ("Quit Now"). Unlike a screensaver, your screen is not blocked
and the mouse still partially works, so you can still see what is on your
screen - keep watching tv / video and/or read a document using the mouse to

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lk4b (noarch)

Сопровождающий: Timur Batyrshin

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Timur Batyrshin

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    2. rpm-build-licenses
    3. ImageMagick-tools

Последнее изменение

11 октября 2009 г. Timur Batyrshin 20080706-alt2
- arch fixed
10 октября 2009 г. Timur Batyrshin 20080706-alt1
- Initial build