Пакет rpm-build-licenses: Изменения

27 ноября 2019 г. Mikhail Efremov 3.0.0-alt1
- Updated for common-licenses-1.6.
7 февраля 2016 г. Michael Shigorin 2.0.5-alt2
- get rid of useless rpm-macros-branch: this package was never
  built for any branch specifically (ironically, that one has
  BRs on both this one and itself thus creating a loop)
3 октября 2014 г. Sergey Y. Afonin 2.0.5-alt1
- added a more specific macros for the GNU Free Documentation License (Bug #24945)
- added a set of macroses for the GNU Affero General Public License (Bug #26826)
4 апреля 2011 г. Aleksey Avdeev 2.0.4-alt1
- added Qt Public License Version 1.0 (Bug #25374)
- relocated macro files to %_rpmmacrosdir/
19 января 2011 г. Sergey Y. Afonin 2.0.3-alt1
- added Artistic License 2.0 (Bug #24921)
27 июня 2009 г. Alexey Rusakov 2.0.2-alt1
- added %distributable - a generic macro for a license not approved by OSI
  (read the README file) (closes ALT Bug 20443).
6 марта 2009 г. Alexey Rusakov 2.0.1-alt1
- %gpllgpl* macros get back but with a warning (Bug #19079)
28 февраля 2009 г. Alexey Rusakov 2.0-alt1
- added a README file with notes and Q&A on using license macros (Bug #12972)
- removed %gpllpgl* macros (they are weird and unused)
- resolved ambiguity of the BSD license: %bsd now only means the revised
  BSD. If you used %bsd macro in some package, revisit it to check if it
  really is distributed under the terms of the revised BSD license
- added macros for LGPLv2.1 and LGPLv2.1+
- use GPL-2 file from common-licenses for COPYING file
- added Url tag
15 февраля 2009 г. Alexey Rusakov 1.0.2-alt1
- added Erlang Public License (Bug #18635)
24 января 2009 г. Alexey Rusakov 1.0.1-alt1
- added Creative Commons licenses (Bug #18600)
- added Packager and Url tags to favor repocop
22 сентября 2007 г. Alexey Rusakov 1.0-alt2
- fixed copy-paste consequences in the package Summary (Bug #12875)
5 сентября 2007 г. Alexey Rusakov 1.0-alt1
- added %lppl macro (closing Bug #12688)
- the package lives in git.alt from now on
20 августа 2007 г. Alexey Rusakov 0.8-alt1
- Changes after discussion in devel@altlinux:
  + GPLv2 or later -> GPLv2+ (and all similar ones)
  + %bsdlike removed - %bsdstyle added
  + removed 'License' word from expansions ('license' in macro names stays intact)
  + reduced FDL and MPL expansions to respective abbreviations
  + replaced slashes in multilicense macros (such as GPL/LGPL) with:
    + commas in cases where package parts are covered with different licenses;
    + ' or ' in cases where package may be distributed under either of the
      given licenses (dual or triple licensing);
5 августа 2007 г. Alexey Rusakov 0.7-alt1
- no more %gpl2, %gpl3 etc. - they are replaced with %gpl2only, %gpl3only
  etc. in order to eliminate ambiguity.
1 августа 2007 г. Alexey Rusakov 0.6-alt1
- added %artistic_license, %perl_license, and %fdl (Bug #12433)
31 июля 2007 г. Alexey Rusakov 0.5-alt1
- added %sendmail_license (not %sendmail, sorry; there's only one namespace
  for all macros and we don't want macros' names to intersect, do we?)
- fixed a typo in the GPL/LGPL v3 macro
- added 'or later' counterparts to all GPL and LGPL licenses
3 июля 2007 г. Alexey Rusakov 0.4-alt1
- fixed the package Group.
2 июля 2007 г. Alexey Rusakov 0.3-alt1
- added %gpllgpl{2,3}, %bsdlike, %asl (Apache), %jpackage_license,
  %mpl (Mozilla), %w3cl (W3C License).
- changed %mit from MIT/X11 to MIT/X consortium.
2 июля 2007 г. Alexey Rusakov 0.2-alt1
- Added %lgpl2 and %lgpl3.
1 июля 2007 г. Alexey Rusakov 0.1-alt1
- Initial Sisyphus version
- Here we go: %gpl2, %gpl2plus, %gpl3 %bsd, %mit and %pubdomain are
  available. Waiting for the input from the team.