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Исходный пакет: hylafax

2009-08-29 Денис Смирнов 5.2.7-alt4

    - add conflicts hylafax-server -> mgetty-sendfax

2009-07-03 Денис Смирнов 5.2.7-alt3

    - add conflict to efax

2008-12-15 Денис Смирнов 5.2.7-alt2

    - fix build without hylafax requires

2008-12-14 Денис Смирнов 5.2.7-alt1

    - improve faxq's FIFO parsing resiliancy (6 Aug 2008)
    - invoke SetupPrivateTmp from notify, faxrcvd, and pollrcvd (21 Jul 2008)
    - version update

2008-08-02 Денис Смирнов 5.2.6-alt0.1

    - hylafax+ 5.2.6

2007-12-07 Денис Смирнов 5.2.0-alt0.1

    - Move to hylafax+ codebase

2007-09-22 Денис Смирнов 4.3.2-alt3

    - fixes for new find-requires (thanks to at@)

2007-04-18 Денис Смирнов 4.3.2-alt2

    - rebuild (for x86_64 build)

2007-02-18 Денис Смирнов 4.3.2-alt1

    - upstream update

2007-02-15 Денис Смирнов 4.3.0-alt0.10

    - not start hylafax by default

2007-02-07 Денис Смирнов 4.3.0-alt0.9

    - fix unresolved symbols (thanks to Damir Shayhutdinov)

2007-01-11 Денис Смирнов 4.3.0-alt0.8

    - LSB initscript
    - start after iaxmodem if it exists

2006-12-27 Денис Смирнов 4.3.0-alt0.7

    - rebuild with new dbus

2006-11-17 Денис Смирнов 4.3.0-alt0.6

    - second try to not search requires for shell scripts

2006-10-31 Денис Смирнов 4.3.0-alt0.5

    - not search requires for shell scripts

2006-10-27 Денис Смирнов 4.3.0-alt0.4

    - and one else try to fix initscript

2006-10-25 Денис Смирнов 4.3.0-alt0.3

    - fix spool dirs creation

2006-10-25 Денис Смирнов 4.3.0-alt0.2

    - fix rights for executables
    - fix requires for hylafax-server
    - create dirs that needed for hylafax

2006-10-14 Денис Смирнов 4.3.0-alt0.1

    - get from orphaned, version update

2002-10-23 Konstantin Volckov 4.1.5-alt1

    - 4.1.5
    - Rebuilt in new environment
    - Rebuilt without svgalib

2002-08-05 Stanislav Ievlev 4.1.3-alt1

    - update (bugfixes?) 'cause this is package without maintainer
    - light spec cleanup

2001-10-16 Konstantin Volckov 4.1-ipl1mdk

    - Changes for new /var/lock/serial scheme
    - 4.1
    - Added optimization patch
    - Fixed filelist
    - Fixed Requires

2001-04-16 Алексей Новодворский 4.10-ipl0.9mdk

    - security patch

2001-03-04 Алексей Новодворский 4.1.0-ipl0.8mdk

    - back to Christian's spec
    - RE adaptation

2001-02-27 Christian Zoffoli 4.1-0.8mdk

    - beta 3
    - fix a typo

2001-01-26 Thierry Vignaud 4.1-0.7mdk

    - from Christian Zoffoli <czoffoli@linux-mandrake.com>
    	- cvs-20001203
    	- many changes in spec
    	- new init script

2000-12-07 Thierry Vignaud 4.1-0.6mdk

    - new lib scheme
    - make rpmlint happier (remove ~30 errors and ~40 warning, ie 50% of all my
      packages errors and warnings)

2000-11-08 Thierry Vignaud 4.1-0.5mdk

    - remove CVS garbage
    - uses optimizations

2000-11-08 Thierry Vignaud 4.1-0.4mdk

    - build release

2000-09-18 Guillaume Cottenceau 4.1-0.3mdk

    - remove duplicate installation of sysvinit script through configure/makefile
    - make it /var/lock/subsys compliant
    - use _initrddir

2000-08-07 Frederic Lepied 4.1-0.2mdk

    - automatically added BuildRequires

2000-08-04 Thierry Vignaud 4.1-0.1mdk

    - Christian Zoffoli <czoffoli@linux-mandrake.com> :
    	* cleaning in spec
    	* added faxadduser faxdeluser
    	* updated to cvs 20000801
    	* changes in spec
    	* new hylafax init script

2000-07-31 Christian Zoffoli 4.0pl2.rjc11-5mdk

    - removed group
    - fixed man (comp. with other distro)
    - fixed macros
    - changed permissions
    - fixed fonts
    - fixed doc / html install
    - spec restyling
    - added libtiff 3.5 support (patch tiff-3.5-interfaces.patch - adapted)
    - added posix-rename.patch
    - added cvtDateTime.patch
    - added tagline-patch (adapted)
    - fixed libtiff 3.5 test
    - added some dialrules
    - fixed ldconfig in main package (making rpmlint happier)

2000-07-19 Thierry Vignaud 4.0pl2.rjc11-4mdk

    - BM

2000-05-09 Chmouel Boudjnah 4.0pl2.rjc11-3mdk

    - Add a lot of fixes from Christian Zoffoli <czoffoli@littlepenguin.org>.

2000-04-06 Christopher Molnar 4.0pl2.rjc11-2mdk

    - changed group to Communications
      - bzipped patch files and additional source files
      - cleaned up spec file a bit

2000-02-22 Brian J. Murrell 4.0p12-1mdk

    - customized for Mandrake 7.0
      - split into common, client and server subpackages
      - use urw-fonts package instead of ghostscript-fonts
      - patch up to rjc11 from CVS
      - change --with-DIR_AFM to --with-FONTMAP while configuring
      - prompt the "yes" into configure
      - force make install to install the startup script for the server
      - modify to support a "DESTDIR" install
      - put execute permissions on the created shared libs
      - change the compress manpages code to be much simpler
      - have the %post for server and client either run or prompt faxsetup
    	to be run
      - update URL pointer

1998-09-29 Darren Nickerson

    - added security fix proposed by Carsten Hoeger <choeger@suse.de> for
    	potential race condition  reported by Tobias Richter

1998-09-09 Darren Nickerson

    - built the RPM on Redhat-5.0 to avoid dependency problems with libjpeg
    	and libstdc++.

1998-05-26 Darren Nickerson

    - removed .orig files from patch - they were 90 percent of it
      - removed oversimplified /dev/modem assumptions
      - faxcron was invoking xferstats, instead of new xferfaxstats - fixed
      - revised faxcron's manpage
      - HylaFAX was still writing etc/xferlog. Changed to etc/xferfaxlog as
    	advertised by all supporting docs and scripts.
      - added hourly faxqclean and daily faxcron cron jobs, and xferlog rotation
      - hfaxd no longer hard-wired as running from inetd, faxsetup will handle this
      - no longer assumes /dev/modem and blindly inserts inittab entry
      - change naming scheme to differentiate rh4/rh5
      - move documentation back into main rpm, instead of sub-packages
      - added Robert Colquhoun's textfmt-mailer patch
      - increased margin on LHS, was too close and getting clipped
      - make faxsetup warn that modem class = modem pool, not Class1/2/2.0
      - use HylaFAX's init script, startup with new protocol only and no snpp
      - added -DFIXEDMEDIA to last command in ps2fax.gs, as posted
    	by "Alan Sparks" <asparks@nss.harris.com>
      - added fixhtml patch, removed release from the doc dir, now just version
      - added Nico's skel patch, for class1/2/2.0 modem prototype files
      - added Robert Colquhoun's patch to hfaxd's tagline generation
      - fixes to build on 5.1, contributed by Richard Sharpe <sharpe@ns.aus.com>
      - faxrcvd now treated as a config file, preserved as .rpmsave
      - fixed ghostscript dependency to require fonts-std, not fonts.
      - remove requirement for mawk - use gawk instead.
      - faxsetup now detects is hfaxd is not driven from inetd, and starts it
    	when restarting faxq using SysV init script (Robert Colquhoun)

1998-03-04 Markus Pilzecker

    - took ldconfig call out ouf %install section
      - minimized and compressed patch
      - arch rpm buildable as ordinary user
      - diverted subpackages for [un]compressed man pages
      - diverted subpackage for html documentation

1998-01-22 Bernd Johannes Wuebben

    - hylafax-4.0-8
      - A previous version of this spec file was handed to me by
        Ramana Juvvadi (juvvadi@lekha.org)
        who unfortunately can no longer provide rpms of hylafax.
        Thanks so much for you work Ramana!

1997-10-24 Ramana Juvvadi (juvvadi@lekha.org) Ramana Juvvadi (juvvadi@lekha.org)

    - hylafax-4.0-6
Проект Geyser основан на коде из проекта Prometheus 2.0, который был доступен по лицензии MIT