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Исходный пакет: minicom

2008-12-09 Vladimir V Kamarzin 2.3-alt4.cvs.20081130

    - cvs snapshot 20081130
    - Remove obsolete %clean_menus/%update_menus calls

2008-09-10 Vladimir V Kamarzin 2.3-alt3.cvs.20080805

    - cvs snapshot 20080805

2008-05-29 Vladimir V Kamarzin 2.3-alt2.cvs.20080425

    - cvs snapshot 20080425

2008-02-04 Vladimir V Kamarzin 2.3-alt1.cvs.20080202

    - cvs snapshot 20080202:
      + russian translation merged by upstream and updated

2008-01-22 Vladimir V Kamarzin 2.3-alt1.cvs.20080116

    - cvs snapshot 20080116:
      + src/config.c: overflow fix in snprintf
    - Recode russian docs to utf8

2008-01-15 Vladimir V Kamarzin 2.3-alt1.cvs.20080110

    - Updated to post-2.3-rc1 version, cvs snapshot 20080110
    - Add more actual russian translation by Vitaly Lipatov

2007-04-16 Vladimir V Kamarzin 2.2.cvs.16042007-alt1

    - Updated to post-2.2 version cvs snapshot 16.04.2007

2006-10-06 Vladimir V Kamarzin 2.1-alt3

    - Fix building with gcc4

2005-10-13 Виталий Липатов 2.1-alt2

    - NMU: bug free action
    - fix description/summary
    - move to Applications/Communications menu group (bug #4405)
    - remove minicom -s (root setup) from menu
    - add patch from Debian agains unescaped shell exec (#2772)
    - update russian translation
    - remove old autoconf using (fix some things for it)
    - add FAQ translation

2003-08-12 Иван Захарящев 2.1-alt1

    - New upstream version (bug-fix release): 
      + moved URL and source location;
      + redone patch8;
    - BuildRequires(build): autoconf = 2.13;

2002-10-20 Иван Захарящев 2.00.0-alt6

    - Updated upstream URL and maintainer's email, summary & description.

2002-06-29 Дмитрий Левин 2.00.0-alt5

    - Linked with libtinfo.
    - Fixed configure, to allow build with arbitrary lock directory.
    - Updated buildrequires.

2001-11-21 Иван Захарящев 2.00.0-alt4

    - added another pair of zmodem file transfer methods: they resume an
      interrupted transfer (suggested by goldhead@altlinux.ru).

2001-11-20 Иван Захарящев 2.00.0-alt3

    - menu entry for configuration added -- in future it may evolve into
      a consolehelper-assisted utility;
    - menu entry fixed: now it should work in all windowing environments
      (added a special script for starting minicom in X);
    - small changes in the spec and docs since we are using
      /var/lock/serial/ instead of /var/lock/, but not yet
      group serial instead of uucp (actually done in released alt2, ldv).

2001-10-05 Иван Захарящев 2.00.0-alt2

    - menu entry changed a bit: to make the terminal not disappear
      immediately (TODO: special error handling and a menu entry for minicom

2001-10-05 Иван Захарящев 2.00.0-alt1

    - new version
    - try only /dev/modem if no other device specified
      (/dev/modem should be a symbolic link to a real device with modem)
    - for packagers:
      + string vulnerability patch merged upstream
      + "config-2" patch repalced by "device-config"
      + "ko" messages thrown away upstream
      + using ./configure (so some patches and environment variables are
        not needed any more)
      + the default configuration files are now taken from the sources
    - added translations of the package info (from the original spec)
    - icon added (taken from Caldera)

2001-08-16 Konstantin Volckov 1.83.1-ipl10mdk

    - Fixed permissions on /etc/minicom* files

2001-06-14 Дмитрий Левин 1.83.1-ipl9mdk

    - Added format and permission fixes.

2001-03-09 Иван Захарящев 1.83.1-ipl8mdk

    - fix SegFault on wide console (> 160)

2001-03-08 Иван Захарящев 1.83.1-ipl7mdk

    - fix build on glibc 2.2.2
    - coment out Russian summary & desrciption

2001-02-01 Иван Захарящев 1.83.1-ipl6mdk

    - change default serial port setting once more: use /dev/ttyS0 if
      /dev/modem is unavailable

2001-02-01 Иван Захарящев 1.83.1-ipl5mdk

    - find_lang
    - Russian summary and description

2001-01-31 Иван Захарящев 1.83.1-ipl4mdk

    - security patch from RH (Bill Nottingham <notting@redhat.com>), just in
      case someone will make minicom suid: drop privs on opening of capture file
    - config patch changed: the default serial port is /dev/ttyS0
    - a stupid doc-file added
    - requires: rzsz (to send files)

2001-01-30 Иван Захарящев 1.83.1-ipl3mdk

    - Url added
    - /etc/profile.d/minicom.{csh,sh} -- to enable 8-bit and colour
    - empty /etc/minirc.dfl
    - patch3 to have the "pulse" dialing prefix in newly created
      dial-entries pre-set

2000-11-20 Дмитрий Левин 1.83.1-ipl2mdk

    - FHSification.
    - Removed suid & sgid bits from /usr/bin/minicom.

2000-07-05 Дмитрий Левин 1.83.1-ipl1mdk

    - RE adaptions.

2000-06-28 Alexandre Dussart 1.83.1-1mdk

    - Updated patches(make patch only modify Makefile and install only install.sh)
    - 1.83.1

2000-03-27 Daouda LO 1.82.1-2mdk

    - fix group

1999-11-12 Camille Begnis

    - restore setgid uucp to permit minicom to lock in /var/lock
    - add test for compilation on SMP architectures
    - add patch to install.sh to allow installation by non-root users
    - modif install section to allow installation by non-root users
    - update to 1.82.1

1999-05-11 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer

    - Mandrake adaptions

1999-03-21 Cristian Gafton

    - auto rebuild in the new build environment (release 5)

1999-01-24 Michael Maher

    - fixed bug, changed groups.

1998-10-01 Cristian Gafton

    - updated to 1.82 to include i18n fixes

1998-09-02 Michael Maher

    - Built package for 5.2.

1998-05-10 Cristian Gafton

    - security fixes (alan cox, but he forgot about the changelog)

1998-05-07 Prospector System

    - translations modified for de, fr, tr

1998-05-07 Cristian Gafton

    - BuildRoot; updated .make patch to cope with the buildroot
    - fixed the spec file

1998-05-06 Michael Maher

    - update of package (1.81)

1997-10-29 Otto Hammersmith

    - added wmconfig entries

1997-10-21 Otto Hammersmith

    - fixed source url

1997-07-10 Erik Troan

    - built against glibc
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