Пакет homeros-install: Specfile

Name: homeros-install
Version: 20110130
Release: alt1
Summary: The ALT Linux Homeros installation script
Group: System/Configuration/Other
URL: http://homeros.altlinux.org
License: GPL
BuildArch: noarch
Packager: Michael Pozhidaev <msp@altlinux.ru>

Requires: lilo

Source: %name-%version.tar.gz

The installation script for ALT Linux Homeros distribution

%setup -q
%__install -pD -m 755 ./homeros-install %buildroot%_bindir/%name
%__install -pD -m 644 dev.cpio.bz2 %buildroot%_datadir/%name/dev.cpio.bz2


* Sun Jan 30 2011 Michael Pozhidaev <msp@altlinux.ru> 20110130-alt1
- Removed altlinux user from installed system
- Enabled sshd and acpid services in installed system

* Fri Jan 28 2011 Michael Pozhidaev <msp@altlinux.ru> 20110128-alt1
- General script update

* Wed Jan 26 2011 Michael Pozhidaev <msp@altlinux.ru> 20110126-alt1
- Initial package