Пакет mkimage-profiles-doc: Информация

Бинарный пакет: mkimage-profiles-doc
Версия: 1.4.29-alt1
Архитектура: noarch
Собран:  20 апреля 2022 г. 9:16 в задании #298745
Исходный пакет: mkimage-profiles
Категория: Development/Documentation
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Домашняя страница: http://altlinux.org/m-p

Лицензия: GPLv2+
О пакете: mkimage-profiles documentation
This package holds developer docs for mkimage-profiles
as a book in HTML and PDF formats.

Сопровождающий: Anton Midyukov

Список участников:
Anton Midyukov
Michael Shigorin

Последнее изменение

18 апреля 2022 г. Anton Midyukov 1.4.29-alt1
- stage2: fix 50-stage2-fs
- desktop+mate: replace package list to metapackages
11 апреля 2022 г. Anton Midyukov 1.4.28-alt1
- lib/profile.mk: install branding-$$(BRANDING)-release always after basesystem
- stage2: use propagator for c% BRANCH also
- install2, live: don't add priority base packages for these stage
- regular-vm.mk: replace blueberry to blueman for desktop regulars
- tar2fs: avoid losetup race (thanks mike@ and glebfm)
- kernel: drop std-pae kernel flavour
- stage2: add more modules to 50-stage2-net
- output errors Step 3 to BUILDLOG and on screen
- pkg.in/lists/Makefile: sort lists before copying
- regular.mk: drop feature robotics
- education: add latest commits from cas@
- education: mark task-edu-* as metapackages
- slinux, workstation: add latest commits from sem@
- education, slinux, workstation: add fixes for e2k from mike@
1 марта 2022 г. Anton Midyukov 1.4.27-alt1
- regular.mk: add regular-xfce-install target
- regular.mk: add use/firmware to regular-builder
- regular.mk: set KFLAVOUR to un-def for regular-builder on x86_64, aarch64
- dev: fix links to repositories for ports Sisyphus in generated source lists
- vmguest: exclude xorg-dri-virtio for armh
- plymouth: require branding-@BRANDING@-graphics
- mixin.mk: add polkit-rule-admin-root to mixin/regular-desktop
- .gitignore: exclude .image.in/files/.empty
- initrd-propagator: not add empty layer
- build-vm: fix PATH to tar2fs with future mkimage
- lib/profile.mk, build-distro: save current commit
- vmguest: update stage1 modules list
- stage2: stage1 modules list update
- live.mk: add language submenu to grub-net-install
- mixin.mk: control libnss-role is disabled for regular-desktops
- kernel: exclude bcmwl kernel module, see ALT bug 41620
- kworkstation: add latest commits from zerg@
- kworkstation: add stage2 lists
- all distro: add use/stage2/ata