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  • 1.3.1-alt2.1
  • 1.3.7-alt0.M70P.1
  • 1.3.7-alt0.M70T.1
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Исходный пакет: fluxbox

2015-02-12 Mikhail Kolchin 1.3.7-alt2

    - Enabled XSHAPE extension

2015-02-11 Mikhail Kolchin 1.3.7-alt1

    - Updated to 1.3.7

2015-02-02 Mikhail Kolchin 1.3.6-alt1

    - Updated to 1.3.6

2014-09-30 Mikhail Kolchin 1.3.5-alt1

    - Updated to 1.3.5

2012-07-10 Евгений Ростовцев 1.3.1-alt2.1

    - Fixed build

2011-05-08 Slava Semushin 1.3.1-alt2

    - Mark subpackage vim-plugin-fluxbox-syntax as noarch (noted by repocop)
    - I not maintain this package anymore

2011-02-28 Slava Semushin 1.3.1-alt1

    - Updated to 1.3.1
    - Introduced vim-plugin-fluxbox-syntax subpackage
      (patch from Afanasov Dmitry <ender@altlinux.org>)
    - Added patch to delete outdated URLs from man pages
    - Converted README.ALT to UTF-8
    - Converted Summary and %description to UTF-8

2009-05-25 Slava Semushin 1.1.1-alt5

    - Fixed build with automake 1.11
    - Don't package outdated Russian manual page

2009-04-11 Slava Semushin 1.1.1-alt4

    - Use pkg-config instead of imlib2-config

2008-12-05 Slava Semushin 1.1.1-alt3

    - Fixed build (added libXext-devel to BuildRequires)

2008-11-22 Slava Semushin 1.1.1-alt2

    - Remove obsolete %update_menus/%clean_menus calls (noted by repocop)
    - Remove obsolete %update_wms/%clean_wms calls (noted by repocop)

2008-09-18 Slava Semushin 1.1.1-alt1

    - Updated to 1.1.1

2008-09-08 Slava Semushin

    - Updated to
    - Corrected %description
    - Replaced %__autoreconf macros to %autoreconf (noted by repocop)

2007-11-10 Slava Semushin 1.0.0-alt2

    - Fixed displaying window icons with transparency pixels by explicitly
      enable XShape extension (deb #450684)

2007-10-10 Slava Semushin 1.0.0-alt1

    - Updated to new stable version 1.0.0
      + New default theme bloe
      + Xinerama support now enabled by default
    - Teach menu-method how to search XPM icons from desktop files (#13011)
    - Replaced %add_findreq_skiplist to find_requires_protect.patch
    - Resurrected Cthulhain theme
    - Set more proper Requires
    - Removed useless --with-x and --enable-imlib2 (now enabled by
      default in upstream) options for configure script
    - Imported into git and built with gear

2007-03-24 Damir Shayhutdinov 1.0-alt1rc3

    - NMU based on Slava Semushin's <php-coder@> spec.

2007-03-21 Slava Semushin 1.0-alt0rc3

    - Updated to 1.0rc3
    - Removed dont_generate_utf_twice patch (merged to upstream)
    - Adapted disable_fonts patch
    - Change my name in Packager tag and in README.alt.koi8-r file
    - Spec cleanup:
      + Formatted and corrected %description
      + Use builtin %patch instead of external command
      + s/%setup -q/%setup/

2006-07-18 Slava Semushin 1.0-alt0rc2

    - Updated to 1.0rc2
    - Removed gettext_support patch (unfortunately :( )
    - Added patch dont_generate_utf_twice to fix identical cat-files
      for el_GR locale
    - Updated README.alt.koi8-r

2006-06-18 Slava Semushin

    - Updated gettext_support patch:
      + configure.in: do not check nl_types.h header
      + src/FbTk/gettext.hh: include config.h
      + src/RegExp.cc.orig: removed
      + po/Makefile: remove unneded echo and do not use -v flag for rm
      + util/fbsetroot.cc: reordering #ifdef's
    - Removed title patch. Use session.screen0.windowScrollAction
      preference instead
    - Updated README.alt.koi8-r
    - Corrected Requires for menu
    - Corrected %changelog entry

2006-04-06 Slava Semushin

    - Updated to (bugfix release)
    - Adapted gettext_support patch
    - Replace all tabs in README.ALT.koi8-r to spaces
    - Enable _unpackaged_files_terminate_build (thnx wrar@ for help)

2006-03-23 Slava Semushin 0.9.15-alt1

    - Updated to 0.9.15
    - Modified menu-methods (#8782)
    - Updated Requires and BuildRequires for Xorg7
    - Added conditions for build with debug and xinerama
      (both disabled by default)
    - Removed screen_option, fix_svn_translate and
      unused_variables patches (merged to upstream)
    - Removed substitution bsetroot to fbsetroot in styles
      (fixed in upstream)
    - Adapted title and disabled_fonts patches
    - Replaced coding patch to gettext_support patch
    - Updated README.ALT.koi8-r
    - Compressed ChangeLog
    - Use macros %__autoreconf
    - Use macros %_niconsdir instead of %_iconsdir
    - Removed big icon (64x64) from package
    - More strict names in %files section
    - Dont use macros for patch, mkdir -p and install commands
    - Removed Summary and %description in koi8-r and utf8 charsets
    - Fixed orthographical errors in %changelog (spotted by mike@)

2005-12-16 Slava Semushin 0.9.14-alt3

    - Added unused_variables patch which fixed warnings from compiler
      about unused variables
    - Updated BuildRequires
    - Added 'menu' to post/postun Requires
    - Using sed instead of subst
    - Running make with --no-print-directory and --silent options to make
      terminal output clean
    - Using -fisv keys for autoreconf instead of --install --force
      (thnx ldv@ for advice)
    - Spec cleanup

2005-10-04 Slava Semushin 0.9.14-alt2

    - Fixed mismatch version libtool.m4 and ltmain.sh
    - Added patches:
      + fix_svn_translate: fixed wrong charset in translation
      + screen_option: added info about website and -screen option to
        output fluxbox -help, added translation for -screen option and
        updated russian translation
    - Added full url to Source tag

2005-09-17 Slava Semushin 0.9.14-alt1

    - Version bumped to 0.9.14
      You can find full list of changes in NEWS and ChangeLog files
    - Removed patches (in upstream now): uk_UA_locale, cthulhain and
    - Adapted title and encoding patches

2005-08-26 Slava Semushin 0.9.13-alt3.3

    - Updated menu-method (#7524, thnx zerg@)
      + Added icons to submenus
      + Header in menu is "ALT Linux"
      + Search icons in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps
    - Using one menu-method in entry "Update menu"
      (thnx Afanasov Dmitry <ender@comp-mir.ru> for bugreport)
    - Added uk_UA localization file (patch uk_UA_locale)

2005-07-26 Slava Semushin 0.9.13-alt3.2

    - SVN snapshot 20050725 (fixed #7389)
    - Added patches:
      + title: using the mouse wheel in the window title switches between
        tabbed windows (patch from Eike
      + cthulhain: fixed border around workspace in toolbar
      + svn_translate: added translation about SVN revision to -info
      + disable_fonts: fixed fonts
    - Adapted encoding and no_genarate_menu patches
    - Removed patches (in upstream now): with_locale_path_option,
      fixed_configure_options, be_by_locale
    - Removed utf8_slow_start patch
    - Added README.ALT.koi8-r (1,8 Kb)
    - Removed INSTALL file (4,1 Kb)
    - Use %__patch instead of builtin %patch
    - Formatted %changelog

2005-06-02 Slava Semushin 0.9.13-alt3.1

    - Delete all russian comments in spec file (#6649)

2005-05-22 Slava Semushin 0.9.13-alt3

    - Added be_BY localization file (patch be_by_locale -- thnx kas@)
    - Fixed --with-{init,keys,menu} options for configure when they not
      installed configuration files (patch fixed_configure_options)

2005-05-18 Slava Semushin 0.9.13-alt2

    - The package has less dependencies (through using
      %add_findreq_skiplist macros)
    - Submenu "Session" entries update: About, Update menu and
      Tools/Window name
    - Used patch no_generate_menu to switch off menu generation on build
      by fluxbox-generate_menu
    - Patches and specs do not update Makefile.in files as they are
      generated out of Makefile.am on build

2005-05-14 Slava Semushin 0.9.13-alt1

    - Version bumped to 0.9.13
      You can find full list of changes in NEWS and ChangeLog files
    - Fluxbox developers were kind enough to include my patches
      translation-clock, default_style and with_menu_keys_init_options
      into current version, so the have been removed from the package.
    - Updated encoding and with_locale_path_option patches
    - Remove Coding_style, README.menu and README.style files from the

2005-05-12 Slava Semushin 0.9.12-alt1

    - First build for Sisyphus
    - Updated BuildRequires
    - Header in them menu is "ALTLinux"
    - When menu is generated icons are looked for in /usr/share/pixmaps
    - Added genericname in menu-file
    - Menu entry "Session" in one before last in the menu
    - Using macros AC_CONFIG_HEADER instead of obsolete AM_CONFIG_HEADER

2005-04-29 Slava Semushin 0.9.12-alt0.M24.1

    - First ALTLinux build
    - It's using title() instead of $title in menu-methods
    - It's using term() instead of xterm in menu-methods
    - Control points names on the menu translating "on the fly" when menu
      is generating
    - longtitle is in English menu file
    - %setup is called with -q option to make terminal output clean
    - Added utf8_slow_start patch, which fixes the problem with delay at
      startup in UTF locale (thnx Sergey Kuleshov <svytogor@gentoo.org>)
Проект Geyser основан на коде из проекта Prometheus 2.0, который был доступен по лицензии MIT