Пакет jabber-common

15 января 2009 г. Mikhail Yakshin 0.3-alt1
- Fixed RPM macros packaging, according to ALT policy: now they are in a
  separate subpackage.
- Proper --help, --version, --verbose option support.
- Lots of error checking and warning reporting for maximum script
  calling safety.
- Fixed bug #14369.
5 апреля 2007 г. Mikhail Yakshin 0.2-alt2
- Fixed stupid typo.
28 марта 2007 г. Mikhail Yakshin 0.2-alt1
- jabberd2 support: added server policy '--single' to bind every
  component on a single port.
- jabber components are required to implement '--set-port',
  '--set-host', '--set-password' now.
13 марта 2007 г. Mikhail Yakshin 0.1-alt1
- Initial build.