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пакет версии собрано URL-адрес о пакете
skip 0ad 1:0.0.23b-alt6 2 месяца назад http://www.wildfiregames.com/0ad/ Free, open-source realtime strategy game of ancient warfare
skip 0ad-data 1:0.0.23b-alt1 больше 2 лет назад http://www.wildfiregames.com/0ad/ Data for 0ad: free, open-source realtime strategy game of ancient warfare
skip 4ti2 1.6.9-alt1_7 1.6.9-alt1_2 около 2 лет назад https://4ti2.github.io/ Algebraic, geometric and combinatorial problems on linear spaces
notice ALDConvert 0.06-alt2.1.1 0.06-alt2.1.1 больше 9 лет назад ALT Linux Documentation Project format converter
skip AlephOne 1.0.1-alt1.3 1.0.1-alt1.3 около 2 лет назад http://marathon.sourceforge.net/ 3D first-person shooter game
failure AutoScan 1.50-alt2 больше 5 лет назад http://autoscan.fr/ AutoScan - a utility for network exploration
ok BlockHosts 2.7.0-alt1 2.7.0-alt1 больше 8 лет назад http://www.aczoom.com/cms/blockhosts/ Block IP Addresses based on information in system logs related to SSH/FTP failures
skip BlocksRuntime 0.3-alt3 0.3-alt3 около 2 лет назад https://sourceforge.net/projects/blocksruntime/ The runtime library for C blocks support
ok CUnit 2.1.3-alt1.svn20140424 2.1.3-alt1.svn20140424 больше 6 лет назад http://cunit.sourceforge.net/ A lightweight system for unit tests in C
skip CriticalMass 1.5-alt2_24 1.5-alt2_24 около 2 лет назад http://criticalmass.sourceforge.net/critter.php SDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game also known as critter
skip Cultivation 8-alt5 8-alt5 8-alt4 около 2 лет назад http://cultivation.sourceforge.net/ Cultivation is a game about the interactions within a gardening community
skip DoThings 0.2-alt2 0.2-alt2 0.2-alt1.git20150320.1 около 1 года назад https://pypi.python.org/pypi/DoThings/ Simple To-Do-List in Termial
warning FlightGear 2020.3.8-alt1 2018.2.2-alt1 почти 3 лет назад http://www.flightgear.org open-source flight simulator
failure GMT 6.1.1-alt1_1 5.4.5-alt1_1 около 2 лет назад http://gmt.soest.hawaii.edu/ Generic Mapping Tools
notice GraphicsMagick 1.3.36-alt1 1.3.30-alt2.1 1.3.20-alt2.1.1.1 около 2 лет назад http://www.graphicsmagick.org Программа для отображения и редактирования изображений
notice ImageMagick 9 месяца назад http://www.imagemagick.org/ An X application for displaying and manipulating images
skip Inventor 2.1.5-alt5 2.1.5-alt5 почти 3 лет назад https://github.com/aumuell/open-inventor SGI Open Inventor (TM)
notice Mayavi 4.7.2-alt1 4.6.2-alt3 почти 2 лет назад http://code.enthought.com/projects/mayavi/ Scientific data 3-dimensional visualizer
патч repocop
MySQL 8.0.23-alt1 8.0.20-alt2.0.mips1 8.0.16-alt1 5.7.24-alt1.E2K.1 8.0.15-alt1 2 месяца назад http://www.mysql.com/ Очень быстрый и надежный SQL-сервер
skip ORBit 0.5.17-alt3.qa4.1 около 3 лет назад http://orbit-resource.sourceforge.net/ High-performance CORBA Object Request Broker
skip OpenSceneGraph 3.4.1-alt2 3.4.1-alt2 3.4.1-alt1 больше 1 года назад http://www.openscenegraph.org High performance real-time graphics toolkit
notice PDFlib-Lite 7.0.5-alt1.p3.1 7.0.5-alt1.p3.1 больше 3 лет назад http://www.pdflib.com A library for on-the-fly PDF generation
skip PokerTH 1.1.2-alt6 1.1.2-alt4 около 2 лет назад http://www.pokerth.net/ Texas Hold'em poker game
ok PsychoPy 1.83.04-alt1 почти 5 лет назад http://www.psychopy.org Psychophysics toolkit for Python
experimental PySolFC 2.8.0-alt1 2.0-alt2 больше 6 лет назад http://pysolfc.sourceforge.net A collection of solitare card games
ok PyrexDoc 0.1-alt1.1 больше 9 лет назад http://www.freenet.org.nz/python/pyrexdoc/ PyrexDoc - doco generator for Pyrex
notice PythonCAD 0.1.36-alt2.1.qa1.1 больше 9 лет назад http://www.pythoncad.org/ An open-source CAD package built designed around Python
skip R-base 4.0.5-alt1 3.5.3-alt1 3.5.3-alt1 около 2 лет назад http://www.r-project.org A language for data analysis and graphics
skip SDL2_mixer 2.0.4-alt2 2.0.4-alt2 около 2 лет назад http://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_mixer/ Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample Mixer Library
skip SDL_image 1.2.12-alt2 1.2.12-alt2 1.2.12-alt1 около 2 лет назад http://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_image/ Image loading library for SDL
ok SDL_mixer 1.2.12-alt1 1.2.12-alt1 1.2.12-alt1 около 6 лет назад http://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_mixer/ Simple DirectMedia Layer - mixer
ok SDL_net 1.2.8-alt1 1.2.8-alt1 около 9 лет назад http://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_net/ Simple DirectMedia Layer - network
skip SDL_sound 1.0.3-alt4 1.0.3-alt4 1.0.3-alt4 около 2 лет назад http://icculus.org/SDL_sound/ An abstract soundfile decoder
ok SDL_ttf 2.0.10-alt2 2.0.10-alt2 больше 9 лет назад http://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_ttf/ Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample TrueType Font Library
notice SILLY 0.1.0-alt4.hg20140818 0.1.0-alt4.hg20140818 0.1.0-alt4.hg20140818 больше 6 лет назад http://www.cegui.org.uk Simple and easy to use library for image loading
failure SNNS 4.3-alt1.1.1.1 4.3-alt1.1.1.1 почти 9 лет назад http://www.ra.cs.uni-tuebingen.de/SNNS Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator
skip SPICE 0.14.3-alt1 0.14.3-alt1 0.14.2-alt1 около 1 года назад http://www.spice-space.org/ Implements the SPICE protocol
skip SimGear 2020.3.8-alt1 2017.2.1-alt1.0.e2k.1 2018.2.2-alt2 почти 2 лет назад http://www.flightgear.org Simulator Construction Tools
skip SoQt 1.5.0-alt6 1.5.0-alt6 почти 10 лет назад http://www.coin3d.org Qt GUI component toolkit library for Coin
ok Supybot больше 9 лет назад http://supybot.sourceforge.net/ IRC bot written in Python
notice TORCS 1.3.7-alt1 1.3.7-alt1 1.3.0-alt7 почти 3 лет назад http://torcs.sourceforge.net/ The Open Racing Car Simulator
notice TeXmacs около 3 лет назад http://www.texmacs.org A WYSIWYG mathematical text editor
notice ThePEG 1.5.0-alt3.3 1.5.0-alt3.3 больше 2 лет назад http://projects.hepforge.org/thepeg Toolkit for High Energy Physics Event Generation.
skip Transcend 0.3-alt5 0.3-alt5 больше 1 года назад http://transcend.sourceforge.net/ Transcend can best be described as retro-style, abstract, 2D shooter
skip VTKLargeData 1.1-alt1.git20131223 почти 7 лет назад http://www.vtk.org/ Large data files for examples of The Visualization Toolkit (VTK)
ok a52dec 0.7.4-alt9 0.7.4-alt9 почти 3 лет назад http://liba52.sourceforge.net Library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams
skip aMule 2.3.3-alt1 2.3.2-alt3.1 2.3.2-alt3.1 почти 2 лет назад http://www.amule.org aMule - eMule client.
ok aalib 1.4-alt8rc5 1.4-alt8rc5 почти 5 лет назад http://aa-project.sourceforge.net/aalib/ AA (Ascii Art) library
skip abiword 3.0.4-alt4 3.0.4-alt3 3.0.4-alt3 3.0.2-alt5 5 месяца назад http://www.abisource.com/ Lean and fast full-featured word processor
notice accerciser 3.38.0-alt1 3.36.2-alt1 3.36.2-alt1 3.32.3-alt1 7 месяца назад https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Accerciser Interactive Python accessibility explorer
skip adanaxisgpl 1.2.5-alt4_38 4 месяца назад http://www.mushware.com/ Action game in four spatial dimensions
ok admesh 0.98.1-alt1 0.98.1-alt1 около 6 лет назад https://github.com/admesh/admesh/ Diagnose and/or repair problems with STereo Lithography files
skip adns 1.6.0-alt1 1.6.0-alt1 1.5.1-alt3 1.5.1-alt1.S1 10 месяца назад http://www.gnu.org/software/adns/ GNU adns, an asynchronous DNS resolver
skip aeskulap 0.2.2-alt6.git8787e95 0.2.2-alt6.git8787e95 около 1 года назад http://aeskulap.nongnu.org Medial image viewer for DICOM images
notice aiksaurus 1.2.1-alt4.qa4 1.2.1-alt4.qa4 около 9 лет назад http://sourceforge.net/projects/aiksaurus/ An English-language thesaurus library
notice alacarte 3.36.0-alt1 3.36.0-alt1 3.11.91-alt1 около 7 лет назад http://www.gnome.org Menu editor for GNOME
warning alevt 1.6.2-alt2_29 1.6.2-alt2_29 больше 3 лет назад http://goron.de/~froese Teletext decoder/browser
ok algencan 3.0.0-alt1.beta 3.0.0-alt1.beta почти 7 лет назад http://www.ime.usp.br/~egbirgin/tango/ Solving extremely large problems with moderate computer time
skip alien 8.95-alt9 8.95-alt8 8.95-alt8 8.95-alt7 8.95-alt6 почти 2 лет назад https://sourceforge.net/projects/alien-pkg-convert/ Install Debian and Slackware Packages with RPM
notice alsa-plugins 1:1.2.2-alt2 1:1.2.2-alt1 1:1.2.2-alt1 1:1.1.9-alt1 почти 2 лет назад http://www.alsa-project.org Плагины ALSA
skip alsamixergui 0.9.0-alt6 0.9.0-alt5 0.9.0-alt5 0.9.0-alt4 больше 1 года назад http://www.iua.upf.es/~mdeboer/projects/alsamixergui/ Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) graphical mixer
notice alsaplayer 0.99.80-alt11.3 0.99.80-alt11.3 около 6 лет назад http://www.alsaplayer.org Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) player
notice alure 1.2-alt2.qa1 1.2-alt2.qa1 около 5 лет назад http://kcat.strangesoft.net/alure.html ALURE is a utility library to help manage common tasks with OpenAL applications
ok amalgamation-sqlcipher 2.1.0-alt1.git20140824 2.1.0-alt1.git20140824 больше 6 лет назад https://github.com/M0Rf30/amalgamation-sqlcipher/ amalgamation-sqlcipher for pysqlcipher
skip ananas 0.9.5-alt11 0.9.5-alt11 около 2 лет назад http://ananas.lrn.ru/ Среда разработки и исполнения прикладных решений автоматизации оперативного, бухгалтерского и других видов учета.
notice angband 4.1.2-alt2 4.1.2-alt1 4.1.2-alt1 около 3 лет назад http://rephial.org Angband is a "graphical" dungeon adventure game
skip ann 1.1.2-alt5 1.1.2-alt5 около 2 лет назад http://www.cs.umd.edu/~mount/ANN/ A Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Searching
skip ansible 2.9.19-alt1 2.9.10-alt1 2.9.10-alt1 2.7.10-alt1 9 месяца назад http://www.ansible.com SSH-based configuration management, deployment, and task execution system
ok antico 0.2-alt6.gcbed547.1 0.2-alt6.gcbed547.1 больше 8 лет назад http://www.antico.netsons.org/ Antico is a Qt4/X11 Desktop/Window Manager
notice antico-deluxe 0.1.96-alt1.3 0.1.96-alt1.3 около 2 лет назад http://code.google.com/p/anticodeluxe/ Antico Deluxe is a Qt4 Window/Desktop manager
ok antlr 0:2.7.7-alt12_59jpp8 0:2.7.7-alt12_57jpp8 0:2.7.7-alt12_53jpp8 0:2.7.7-alt12_52jpp8 почти 3 лет назад http://www.antlr2.org/ ANother Tool for Language Recognition
notice apache2-mod_python 3.5.0-alt3 3.5.0-alt3 3.5.0-alt1.qa1 10 месяца назад http://www.modpython.org Python module for Apache2
skip apache2-mod_wsgi 4.7.1-alt2 4.7.1-alt1 4.6.5-alt1 почти 2 лет назад http://www.modwsgi.org Python WSGI module for Apache2
ok apiextractor 0.10.11-alt3.git20130522 0.10.11-alt2.git20130522 около 3 лет назад http://www.pyside.org/ Development of bindings of Qt-based libraries for high level languages
skip apr1 1.7.0-alt2 1.7.0-alt2 1.6.5-alt1 1.6.5-alt1 больше 1 года назад http://apr.apache.org/ Apache Portable Runtime
failure aprutil1 1.6.1-alt3 1.6.1-alt3 1.6.1-alt2 1.6.1-alt1 около 1 года назад http://apr.apache.org/ Apache Portable Runtime Utility shared library
notice apt 0.5.15lorg2-alt71.3 0.5.15lorg2-alt71.1.1 0.5.15lorg2-alt71 0.5.15lorg2-alt68 почти 2 лет назад http://apt-rpm.org Debian APT - Усовершенствованное средство управления пакетами с поддержкой RPM
notice apt-blacklist 0.01.2-alt2 0.01.2-alt1 почти 4 лет назад Forbids installation of packages based on some criteria
warning apt-cacher-ng 0.8.5-alt4.1 0.8.5-alt4.1 0.8.5-alt4.1 больше 2 лет назад http://www.unix-ag.uni-kl.de/~bloch/acng/ Caching HTTP download proxy for software packages
skip aptitude 0.4.5-alt12 0.4.5-alt12 0.4.5-alt12 0.4.5-alt11 почти 2 лет назад http://people.debian.org/~dburrows/aptitude Terminal-based apt frontend
skip aqbanking 6.2.5-alt1 6.0.1-alt1 5.7.8-alt2 5.7.8-alt2 4 месяца назад http://www.aquamaniac.de/aqbanking/ A library for online banking functions and financial data import/export
experimental aqsis 1.8.2-alt4_41 1.8.2-alt3_29 1.8.2-alt3_29 почти 3 лет назад http://www.aqsis.org Open source 3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan standard
ok aqualung 1.1-alt1 1.0-alt3 1.0-alt3 почти 3 лет назад http://aqualung.sf.net Aqualung is a music player for the GNU/Linux operating system
skip arandr 0.1.10-alt1 0.1.10-alt1 почти 2 лет назад http://christian.amsuess.com/tools/arandr/ Screen layout editor for xrandr 1.4 (Another XRandR gui)
notice arch-pqm 0.5-alt1.1.1.1 больше 9 лет назад http://web.verbum.org/arch-pqm/ arch patch queue manager
notice archivemail 0.9.0-alt3 0.9.0-alt3 0.9.0-alt1 больше 6 лет назад http://archivemail.sourceforge.net/ Archive and compress old email
warning archiveopteryx 3.1.3-alt2.2 3.1.3-alt2.2 больше 2 лет назад http://www.archiveopteryx.org archiveopteryx stores email in a database and provides access to it through IMAP and more.
skip archmage 5 месяца назад https://github.com/dottedmag/archmage A reader and decompiler for files in the CHM format
skip ardour 6.6-alt1 5.12-alt3 5 дня назад http://ardour.org Professional multi-track audio recording application
notice arepo 1-alt10 около 9 лет назад biarch repackager for Sisyphus packages
ok argtable2 13-alt1 13-alt1 больше 6 лет назад http://argtable.sf.net/ An ANSI C library for parsing GNU style command line arguments
skip armadillo 10.2.0-alt1_2 9.900.1-alt1_1 9 месяца назад http://arma.sourceforge.net/ Fast C++ matrix library with syntax similar to MATLAB and Octave
ok armagetronad почти 4 лет назад http://armagetronad.sourceforge.net 3D Tron-like high speed game
experimental arora 0.11.0-alt2.git20140312 0.11.0-alt2.git20140312 больше 6 лет назад http://www.arora-browser.org/ Arora is a cross platform web browser built using Qt and WebKit.
warning arpack 96-alt11 почти 7 лет назад http://www.caam.rice.edu/software/ARPACK/ Fortran77 subroutines designed to solve large scale eigenvalue problems
skip arprec 2.2.19-alt1 около 2 лет назад http://crd.lbl.gov/~dhbailey/mpdist/ C++/Fortran-90 arbitrary precision package
notice asc почти 2 лет назад http://www.asc-hq.org/ ASC - a battle isle clone
warning asciidoc 8.6.9-alt1.2 8.6.9-alt1.2 8.6.9-alt1.1 8.6.9-alt1.1 около 3 лет назад http://www.methods.co.nz/asciidoc/ asciidoc converts an AsciiDoc text file to DocBook, HTML or LinuxDoc
ok asciiquarium 1.1-alt1 1.1-alt1 больше 6 лет назад http://www.robobunny.com/projects/asciiquarium/ Aquarium/sea animation in ASCII art
ok asoundconf 1:1.2-alt1 1:1.2-alt1 0.1-alt1 около 7 лет назад https://code.launchpad.net/~motu/asoundconf-ui Command-line Python utility to select the default ALSA sound card

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