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Исходный пакет: virt-v2v
Необработанный spec-файл

# NOTE check viosock support in qemu and remove patch if it works
# The source directory.

%global source_directory 1.43-development

Name: virt-v2v
Version: 1.43.4
Release: alt1
Summary: Convert a virtual machine to run on KVM
Group: Development/Other
License: GPLv2+
Url: https://github.com/libguestfs/virt-v2v

Source0: http://download.libguestfs.org/virt-v2v/%source_directory/%name-%version.tar.gz
Patch1: 0001-fix-fatal-error-pcreh-No-such-file-or-directory.patch
Patch3: set-lang-in-parse_ova.patch
Patch4: fix-new-qemu-options.patch
Patch5: remove-viosock-support.patch

BuildRequires: /usr/bin/pod2man
BuildRequires: gcc
BuildRequires: ocaml >= 4.01 ocaml-findlib ocaml-ocamlbuild
BuildRequires: ocaml-libguestfs-devel
BuildRequires: ocaml-gettext-devel
BuildRequires: ocaml-fileutils-devel
BuildRequires: ocaml-ounit-devel
BuildRequires: libguestfs-devel
BuildRequires: libaugeas-devel
BuildRequires: bash-completion
BuildRequires: gettext-tools
BuildRequires: libjansson-devel
BuildRequires: libosinfo-devel
BuildRequires: libvirt-devel
BuildRequires: libvirt-kvm
BuildRequires: libxml2-devel
BuildRequires: libpcre-devel
BuildRequires: perl-Sys-Guestfs
BuildRequires: /usr/bin/virsh
BuildRequires: genisoimage zip unzip db4-utils
#BuildRequires: nbdkit-python-plugin

Requires: guestfs-tools
Requires: gawk
Requires: gzip
Requires: unzip
Requires: curl
Requires: /usr/bin/virsh
Requires: qemu-kvm-core >= 5.2.0

Virt-v2v converts a single guest from a foreign hypervisor to run on
KVM. It can read Linux and Windows guests running on VMware, Xen,
Hyper-V and some other hypervisors, and convert them to KVM managed by
libvirt, OpenStack, oVirt, Red Hat Virtualisation (RHV) or several
other targets. It can modify the guest to make it bootable on KVM and
install virtio drivers so it will run quickly.

%patch3 -p1
%patch4 -p1
%patch5 -p1
pushd common
%patch1 -p1



# Delete libtool crap.

find %buildroot -name '*.la' -delete

# Delete the v2v test harness (except for the man page).

rm -r %buildroot%_libdir/ocaml/v2v_test_harness
rm -r %buildroot%_libdir/ocaml/stublibs/dllv2v_test_harness*

# Find locale files.

%find_lang %name

%files -f %name.lang


* Wed Apr 07 2021 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at altlinux.org> 1.43.4-alt1
- new version 1.43.4

* Tue Dec 08 2020 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at altlinux.org> 1.43.1-alt3
- Set LANG=C in parse_ova (Closes: 39366)
- Fix qemu options used in --qemu-boot

* Thu Sep 03 2020 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at altlinux.org> 1.43.1-alt2
- Refactor (after discussions with upstream) ALT support

* Mon Aug 24 2020 Mikhail Gordeev <obirvalger at altlinux.org> 1.43.1-alt1
- update to 1.43.1
- Add ALT support

* Sun May 10 2020 Alexey Shabalin <shaba at altlinux.org> 1.42.0-alt1
- Initial release of separate virt-v2v program, was part of libguestfs.
Проект Geyser основан на коде из проекта Prometheus 2.0, который был доступен по лицензии MIT