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  • 0.40-alt0.M80P.2
  • 0.35-alt0.M70C.1
Группа :: Система/Настройка/Прочее
Исходный пакет: alterator-auth

2020-11-13 Ivan Savin 0.43.9-alt3

    - Fix an error message (the password is expired).

2020-10-07 Evgeny Sinelnikov 0.43.9-alt2

    - Avoid dependency to gpupdate-setup due gpupdate mechanism is not mandatory.

2020-09-30 Evgeny Sinelnikov 0.43.9-alt1

    - Enable Winbind with SSSD idmap for Active Directory secure channel.
    - Synchronize SSSD and Winbind configuaration during join to AD.

2020-09-12 Evgeny Sinelnikov 0.43.8-alt2

    - Add requires samba-winbind-clients to task-auth-ad-sssd metapackage

2020-09-10 Evgeny Sinelnikov 0.43.8-alt1

    - Improve gpupdate enable/disable process

2020-07-15 Evgeny Sinelnikov 0.43.7-alt1

    - Add default libnss-role roles for users, powerusers and localadmins in separated
      package: alterator-roles-common - common files for alterator-roles (not implemented yet).
    - user-groups and admin-groups saved temporary for compatibility.
    - Create aditional groups during alterator-roles-common install:
     + everyone (with prefered guid 98)
     + localadmins (with prefered guid 101)
     + powerusers (with prefered guid 102)
     + guests (with prefered guid 103)
     + accountops (with prefered guid 104)
     + serverops (with prefered guid 105)
     + printops (with prefered guid 106)
     + backupops (with prefered guid 107)
     + replicators (with prefered guid 108)
     + networkops (with prefered guid 109)
     + remote (with prefered guid 110)

2020-07-04 Evgeny Sinelnikov 0.43.6-alt1

    - Add ad_gpo_access_control default as permissive for sssd.conf

2020-07-01 Evgeny Sinelnikov 0.43.5-alt1

    - Add ad_gpo_ignore_unreadable and cache_credentials defaults for sssd.conf

2020-06-19 Андрей Черепанов 0.43.4-alt2

    - Add changelog from p9 allows copy from sisyphus to p9.

2020-06-09 Андрей Черепанов 0.41-alt1.3.p9

    - Place dns source immediately after files instead of disabling avahi-daemon service (ALT #37082).

2020-06-09 Андрей Черепанов 0.43.4-alt1

    - Place dns source immediately after files instead of disabling avahi-daemon service (ALT #37082).

2020-06-05 Андрей Черепанов 0.43.3-alt1

    - Disable avahi-daemon if login to .local domain is requested (ALT #37082).

2020-06-04 Андрей Черепанов 0.43.2-alt1

    - join_ipa_domain(): adapt dm and delete obsoleted fix for nsswitch.conf.

2020-06-02 Андрей Черепанов 0.43.1-alt1

    - Fix hide user list for new version of lightdm.
    - Do not remove local DNS from resolvconf.

2020-06-01 Андрей Черепанов 0.43-alt1

    - Hide user list in Lightdm for domain login.

2020-04-18 Evgeny Sinelnikov 0.42-alt1

    - task-auth-ad-sssd now depends on sssd-dbus allowing AD domain users
      to access D-Bus services like `systemctl` and etc.
    - system-auth now display correctly message in case of wrong password or
      preauth failed.
    - Add Enable Group Policy checkbox in credential dialog during join to AD.

2019-09-11 Андрей Черепанов 0.41-alt1

    - Suppress error message during LDAP server check.

2019-04-18 Андрей Черепанов 0.40-alt1

    - Do not require nss-ldap by default.
    - Disable nscd if sssd is used.

2019-03-20 Андрей Черепанов 0.39-alt1

    - Add package task-auth-ldap-sssd.
    - Fix here-document blocks in system-auth for bash4.

2019-03-15 Андрей Черепанов 0.38-alt2

    - Do not hide user in lightdm-gtk-greeter because it hides they at all.

2019-03-13 Андрей Черепанов 0.38-alt1

    - Make ldap/krb5 authentication by SSSD instead on nss-ldapd.
    - Use own parser to set values in /etc/krb5.conf.

2018-10-03 Alexey Sheplyakov 0.37-alt1

    - AD: configure sssd to obey the group policy
    - AD: correctly update the (A) DNS record of the newly joined host

2018-05-08 Андрей Черепанов 0.36-alt1

    - Change entry files for ALT Domain from combobox to inputbox to support
      Astra Linux Directory.
    - Check domain name in DNS first in AD and FreeIPA join.
    - Add -d option for system-auth to show debug output.
    - Do not change hostname during join process (ALT #33723).
    - Fix typo in service file name (ALT #33224).

2018-04-13 Григорий Устинов 0.35-alt1.1.1

    - NMU: Replace BuildRequires for guile on e2k arch.

2017-05-17 Андрей Черепанов 0.35-alt1

    - Remove gvfs-shares from task-auth-* metapackages (ALT #33481)
    - Hide non-existing services list (ALT #33371)
    - Hide roleadd warnings about non-existing groups (ALT #33372)

2017-04-06 Андрей Черепанов 0.34-alt1

    - task-auth-ad now is provided by task-auth-ad-sssd
    - Samba config cleanup, disable wins support
    - Disable service nscd for sssd

2017-03-29 Андрей Черепанов 0.33.1-alt1

    - Wrap long line in warning

2017-03-29 Андрей Черепанов 0.33-alt1

    - Package task-auth-ad is not enough to auth with Active Directory
      because it uses non-recommended winbind
    - [Active Directory] Fix DNS and Kerberos configuration
    - Supress grep output in ipa_domain check

2017-03-01 Андрей Черепанов 0.32.1-alt1

    - Do not strict require ipa-client-install

2017-02-28 Андрей Черепанов 0.32-alt1

    - Support join to FreeIPA domain

2017-02-13 Андрей Черепанов 0.31-alt1

    - Add new metapackage task-auth-ad-sssd for configure auth by SSSD
    - Support SSSD for auth in Active Directory

2017-01-31 Андрей Черепанов 0.30.3-alt1

    - Workaround to fix https://bugs.altlinux.org/32139 for system with old
    - [SUCCESS=merge] in nsswitch.conf is supported only in 
      glibc-core >= 2.23. Remove this option for earlier version

2016-12-29 Андрей Черепанов 0.30.2-alt2

    - Remove hostnamectl (systemd-services) from requirements

2016-12-28 Андрей Черепанов 0.30.2-alt1

    - Set local hostname and set krb5_ccache_type to KEYRING
    - Require gvfs-shares in task-auth-ad

2016-12-27 Андрей Черепанов 0.30.1-alt1

    - Fix nss role behaviour (use domain names and place in nsswitch.conf)

2016-12-26 Андрей Черепанов 0.30.0-alt1

    - Edit existing Kerberos configuration instead of use winbind to
      retrieve Kerberos config (ALT #32342, #32937)
    - Set winbind enum users and groups to `no` to prevent lags in large
    - Check task-auth-ad package installed instead of winbind service to
      get complete list of requirements
    - Map domain groups to local Unix groups
    - Add gvfs stuff to task-auth-ad for shares mount
    - Set time sync from dc for client
    - Adapt LightDM for too many domain users: remove user list and language
      chooser (such as Windows login screen)

2016-11-18 Андрей Черепанов 0.29.7-alt1

    - Wait 10 seconds for winbind to create krb5.conf file (ALT #32759)

2016-10-14 Андрей Черепанов 0.29.6-alt1

    - Support offline login and set more usable parameters for pam_winbind
    - Register machine in domain DNS during Active Directory join
    - Show real error from system-auth if it exists
    - Fix domain name detection in resolvconf
    - Add bind-utils for troubleshooting

2016-08-01 Андрей Черепанов 0.29.5-alt2

    - Add metapackage task-auth-ad to setup authentication in Active
      Directory domain

2016-07-11 Андрей Черепанов 0.29.5-alt1

    - Fix join to Active Directory domain in some cases:
      - Increase available idmap range from 10.000 to 20 millions
      - Use system keytab for share files to domain users
      - Require libnss-myhostname to prevent "DNS update failed!" error
        (see https://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2009-June/148869.html)
      - Check Nebios name length (shoud not be more 15 chars) both in script
        and form
    - Inform user to succesful join to Active Directory domain

2016-06-10 Антон Бояршинов 0.29.4-alt1

    - "group: files [SUCCESS=merge] ldap" for glibc groups merging

2016-06-01 Андрей Черепанов 0.29.3-alt1

    - Fix Kerberos environment prepare by winbind
    - Comment out unused parameters
    - Support WINS in Samba config file

2015-11-27 Андрей Черепанов 0.29.2-alt1

    - Replace entire section [global] in /etc/samba/smb.conf by new config
    - Support mapping parameters both for Samba 3.x and 4.x

2015-09-25 Андрей Черепанов 0.29.1-alt1

    - Read domain name from domain parameter of resolvconf -l

2015-04-23 Андрей Черепанов 0.29-alt1

    - Enable service settime-rfc867 for ALT domain
    - Add settime-rfc867 to requirements
    - Support both sysvinit and systemd services

2015-04-22 Андрей Черепанов 0.28-alt1

    - Sync time with DC before join to Active Directory domain
    - Check available of /usr/bin/net for join to AD
    - Set idmap range to 10000-20000 and disable master role by default for
      Active Directory auth (useful for KDM using MaxShowUID=29999)
    - Autofill Active Directory domain name from DNS information
    - Usability improvements
    - system-auth: show usage infomation and program version

2015-03-13 Андрей Черепанов 0.27-alt1

    - Support Active Directory authentication in GUI (ALT #30021)

2015-03-03 Андрей Черепанов 0.26.1-alt1

    - [system-auth] Disable old scheme services only on scheme change

2015-02-19 Андрей Черепанов 0.26-alt1

    - Add support of Active Directory auth in system-auth
    - Do not require ldap-user-tools for list local configured LDAP DNs (ALT #24180)
    - Fix fatal exit in backend if avahi-daemon is not running
    - Fix typo (ALT #25930)
    - Package ini-config helper for set parameters in ini files

2013-01-24 Андрей Черепанов 0.25-alt3

    - Fix system-auth write with nss-ldapd

2012-11-30 Антон Бояршинов 0.25-alt2

    - setting ccreds checkbox state added

2012-11-29 Антон Бояршинов 0.25-alt1

    - add simple pam_ccreds support (without status and constraints)

2012-11-13 Андрей Черепанов 0.24-alt4

    - Fix check avahi-daemon under systemd

2012-11-12 Андрей Черепанов 0.24-alt3

    - Check avahi-daemon activity in more convinent way compatible with systemd

2012-11-03 Андрей Черепанов 0.24-alt2

    - Don't hide local base selection if avahi-daemon is stopped

2012-10-31 Андрей Черепанов 0.24-alt1

    - Autostart nslcd daemon if ldap or krb5 authentication is used
    - Warning about stopped avahi-daemon
    - Add avahi-daemon in requires

2012-10-04 Андрей Черепанов 0.23-alt1

    - Support nss-ldapd

2012-04-19 Михаил Ефремов 0.22-alt5

    - Add string for translation.
    - Improve warning message.

2012-04-18 Михаил Ефремов 0.22-alt4

    - Always show warning message.

2012-04-17 Михаил Ефремов 0.22-alt3

    - Show warning message about reboots necessity.

2011-03-18 Антон Бояршинов 0.22-alt2

    - alwais ldaps if kerberos

2011-03-17 Антон Бояршинов 0.22-alt1

    - set ldaps:// for kerberos domain
    - requres on nss_ldap added

2010-10-01 Антон Бояршинов 0.21-alt1

    - fixed domain selection in acc

2010-04-11 Dmitriy Kruglikov 0.20-alt1

    - Refabrisched after wf="form"->wf="none" migration.

2009-12-02 Dmitriy Kruglikov 0.10-alt3

    - Added Local|LDAP|KRB5 support and LDAP base selection.

2009-06-11 Sergey Lebedev 0.10-alt2

    - removed write_krb5 (unnecessary function)
    - merged with Anton V. Boyarshinov

2009-06-11 Sergey Lebedev 0.9-alt3.2

    - added support /etc/openldap/ldap.conf

2009-04-29 Антон Бояршинов 0.10-alt1

    - removed /etc/krb5.conf filling (default is better)

2009-04-17 Sergey Lebedev 0.9-alt3.1

    - fixed ui bug (installer)

2009-04-16 Sergey Lebedev 0.9-alt3

    - rewrote qt interface
    - synced html interface with qt interface
    - fixed hook (now checking SERVER_ROLE)

2009-04-09 Sergey Lebedev 0.9-alt2.1

    - added role checking (hook)

2009-04-08 Sergey Lebedev 0.9-alt2

    - fixed nsswitch bug
    - fixed simple error (auth hook)
    - rewrote ui for domain auth

2009-04-03 Sergey Lebedev 0.9-alt1

    - added system-auth tool 
    - rewrote backend and ui (now using system-auth tool)
    - added /etc/hooks/hostname.d/90-auth (setting auth for servers)

2009-03-27 Sergey Lebedev 0.8-alt2.5

    - removed alterator-kdc
    - wrote fill_krb_conf
    - fixed ui

2009-03-26 Sergey Lebedev 0.8-alt2

    - added krb5 support (krb5.conf)
    - require alterator-kdc

2009-02-27 Stanislav Ievlev 0.8-alt1

    - move html ui definitions from templates to ui directory
    - use help and translations directly from alterator-l10n

2008-12-09 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.7-alt4

    - use new help from l10n

2008-12-05 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.7-alt3

    - update help (by azol@), rebuild with new alterator-l10n (add pt_BR.po)

2008-11-07 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.7-alt2

    - remove title and h1 from html template

2008-09-22 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt1

    - replace constraints with types

2008-06-23 Stanislav Ievlev 0.6-alt4

    - use enumref

2008-06-23 Stanislav Ievlev 0.6-alt3

    - remove po-files
    - use module.mak

2008-06-23 Stanislav Ievlev 0.6-alt2

    - rename: effect-update -> update-effect, effect-init -> init-effect

2008-06-20 Stanislav Ievlev 0.6-alt1

    - use effectShow
    - update backend

2008-04-29 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt4

    - update for new case-form algo

2008-04-22 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt3

    - update help

2008-04-22 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt2

    - join to common translation database

2008-04-22 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt1

    - join alterator-auth and alterator-nsswitch
    - remove html-messages.po
    - improve UI according alterator HIG

2008-04-02 Stanislav Ievlev 0.4-alt2

    - fix hostname restrictions

2008-03-19 Stanislav Ievlev 0.4-alt1

    - remove template-*
    - use alterator-sh-functions
    - use libshell

2008-01-15 Stanislav Ievlev 0.3-alt1

    - update to new help system

2007-06-14 Stanislav Ievlev 0.2-alt2

    - fix backend

2007-06-13 Stanislav Ievlev 0.2-alt1

    - add qt ui
    - html ui improvements

2007-06-08 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt6

    - help improvements from kirill@

2007-06-05 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt5

    - comment out 'host' option to avoid conflict with uri

2007-06-04 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt4

    - add help

2007-05-31 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt3

    - improve constraints

2007-05-30 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt2

    - exclude ldap from list if appropriate nss module doesn't exists

2007-05-29 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt1

    - Initial release
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