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Исходный пакет: alterator-pkg

2021-04-05 Evgeny Sinelnikov 2.7.6-alt1

    - Use same image top directory location as Metadata for cdrom, disk, nfs and
      cifs methods in case when sources.list packages replaced in other subdirectory
      with other stage2 files.

2021-03-18 Павел Волнейкин 2.7.5-alt1

    - Use the AUTOINSTALL envvar as an additional autoinstall indicator.

2020-09-24 Антон Бояршинов 2.7.4-alt1

    - apt-mark all base packages as manual

2019-09-06 Антон Бояршинов 2.7.3-alt1

    - apt-mark all manifested packages as manual

2019-07-10 Алексей Шабали́н 2.7.2-alt1

    - mount separate tmpfs for /mnt/destination/run

2019-07-09 Алексей Шабали́н 2.7.1-alt1

    - add symlinks /var/run -> /run, and /var/lock -> /run/lock

2018-06-07 Михаил Шигорин 2.7-alt1

    - RPM 4.13 support

2016-11-16 Сергей Турчин 2.6.21-alt1

    - get package list with comments in group content (ALT#32734)

2016-04-28 Антон Бояршинов 2.6.20-alt1

    - size calculations errors are placed into /tmp/install2.log now

2016-03-25 Михаил Шигорин 2.6.19-alt1

    - Fix for group files in subdirectories

2014-01-13 Михаил Шигорин 2.6.18-alt1

    - Drop 90-pkg.sh, see also installer-feature-cdrom-add (closes: #29704)

2014-01-12 Evgeny Sinelnikov 2.6.17-alt1

    - Add support cifs install method

2013-12-04 Андрей Черепанов 2.6.16-alt1

    - Show comment in group content if it exists or package list (ALT #27973)

2013-12-01 Андрей Черепанов 2.6.15-alt1

    - Show group content in details pane

2013-11-28 Михаил Шигорин 2.6.14-alt1

    - Fix cosmetic error in 2.6.13

2013-10-29 Михаил Шигорин 2.6.13-alt1

    - Create /media/cdrom and configure it for apt only when
      installation is performed off CD/DVD media

2013-08-12 Андрей Черепанов 2.6.12-alt1

    - Don't display text on progressbar
    - Add details pane in group selection

2013-06-18 Глеб Фотенгауэр-Малиновский 2.6.11-alt2

    - add R: altlinux-repos

2013-06-11 Андрей Черепанов 2.6.11-alt1

    - Localize units in total installed size

2013-05-15 Андрей Черепанов 2.6.10-alt3

    - Fix repository sources with Arepo 2.0

2013-05-08 Андрей Черепанов 2.6.10-alt2

    - Recalculate total installed size on profile change

2013-04-29 Андрей Черепанов 2.6.10-alt1

    - Add profile support in group selection

2013-04-02 Андрей Черепанов 2.6.9-alt1

    - Correct conflicts processes

2011-12-13 Андрей Черепанов 2.6.8-alt1

    - Ignore missed trailing new line in package lists (closes: #26696)

2011-11-18 Михаил Шигорин 2.6.7-alt1

    - disable apt's faulty HTTP pipelining (thanks sin@)

2011-10-06 Андрей Черепанов 2.6.6-alt1

    - Return all parents for checked items
      (behaviour is controlled by (include-parent-items?))

2011-09-09 Андрей Черепанов 2.6.5-alt2

    - Don't ignore punctuation to file sort order

2011-08-11 Андрей Черепанов 2.6.5-alt1

    - Support Arepo repository in source selection for x86_64

2011-08-11 Андрей Черепанов 2.6.4-alt1

    - Log messages to /tmp/pkg-install.log for install via pipe

2011-07-21 Михаил Шигорин 2.6.3-alt1

    - fix the fix (was spoiling comments)

2011-07-19 Михаил Шигорин 2.6.2-alt1

    - fix "package per line" assumption

2011-07-14 Михаил Ефремов 2.6.1-alt1

    - Fix 'step' slideshow parameter.
    - Drop debug print.

2011-07-14 Михаил Ефремов 2.6.0-alt1

    - Requre alterator-lookout.
    - Make slideshow configurable.

2011-07-11 Андрей Черепанов 2.5.1-alt4

    - Set 30 seconds interval between slides like CentOS (closes: #25776)

2011-04-27 Антон Бояршинов 2.5.1-alt3

    - more manifest cleaning

2011-03-31 Андрей Черепанов 2.5.1-alt2

    - Fix crash on size calculate error

2011-02-25 Андрей Черепанов 2.5.1-alt1

    - Fix ignore of auto dependence selection
    - Unable to continue if there is package confilct

2011-01-31 Антон Бояршинов 2.5-alt1

    - prepkg.d hooks dir introduced

2011-01-27 Андрей Черепанов 2.4.2-alt1

    - Fix crash on unknown package name in dependence list (closes #24228)

2011-01-17 Андрей Черепанов 2.4.1-alt2

    - Add Ukrainian module name translation (thanks Roman Savochenko)

2010-07-16 Антон Бояршинов 2.4.1-alt1

    - default cdrom dev for fstab changed to /dev/sr0

2010-07-13 Андрей Черепанов 2.4-alt5

    - fix dependency on alterator-lookout

2010-07-13 Андрей Черепанов 2.4-alt4

    - initial dependence check
    - sort .directory file by name in backend for group order control

2010-07-09 Андрей Черепанов 2.4-alt3

    - support depended item (checked with current one)
    - fix right checked signal

2010-07-01 Андрей Черепанов 2.4-alt2

    - fix crash on install on next step
    - simplify group selection (closes: #19611)

2010-06-22 Андрей Черепанов 2.4-alt1

    - support tree hierarchy for groups

2009-12-08 Сергей Турчин 2.3-alt1.1

    - pull nails from slideshow size

2009-12-07 Stanislav Ievlev 2.3-alt1

    - allow unattended install (sbolshakov@)

2009-11-26 Stanislav Ievlev 2.2-alt5

    - fix typo in pkg-groups backend

2009-11-12 Stanislav Ievlev 2.2-alt4

    - pkg-groups backend: alterator_api_version=1.
    - replace obsolete simple_quote with string_quote.

2009-09-16 Антон Бояршинов 2.2-alt3

    - always make /media/cdrom and put it into fstab

2009-08-27 Stanislav Ievlev 2.2-alt2

    - pkg-init: mark newly installed system to notify installer's postinstall.d hooks

2009-08-07 Stanislav Ievlev 2.2-alt1

    - remove unused pkg-register and pkg-profiles
    - improve pkg-sources:
      * fix uri handling
      * use workflow none
      * use modern form API

2009-07-30 Stanislav Ievlev 2.1-alt12

    - split installation set into base and additional to minimize memory usage

2009-05-22 Stanislav Ievlev 2.1-alt11

    - fix installation size displaying

2009-05-07 Stanislav Ievlev 2.1-alt10

    - disable button 'previous' (closes: #19814)
    - add pkg-preinstall.d hook (closes: #19814)
    - translate size units (closes: #19504)
    - little ui improvements (closes: #19608)

2009-04-15 Stanislav Ievlev 2.1-alt9

    - fix name of default apt component

2009-04-10 Дмитрий Левин 2.1-alt8

    - backend3/pkg-install: Forward apt-get messages to stderr.

2009-04-08 Stanislav Ievlev 2.1-alt7

    - little improvements in ajax code

2009-04-02 Stanislav Ievlev 2.1-alt6

    - pkg-sources: little ui improvements (fix typo, add margin)
    - pkg-groups: improve backend work with nonexistent or empty groups directory

2009-03-24 Stanislav Ievlev 2.1-alt5

    - normalize sources lists after synaptic work
    - more information for users when apt loading package information

2009-03-17 Stanislav Ievlev 2.1-alt4

    - improve postinstall and initinstall scripts

2009-02-27 Stanislav Ievlev 2.1-alt3

    - add slideshow

2009-02-17 Stanislav Ievlev 2.1-alt2

    - improve pkg-sources ui: replace magic url with ajax button

2009-02-10 Stanislav Ievlev 2.1-alt1

    - use repository database from apt-conf
    - use translations directly from alterator-l10n

2009-01-22 Stanislav Ievlev 2.0-alt2

    - update some backends up to alterator_api_version = 1
    - use help directly from alterator-l10n

2009-01-21 Stanislav Ievlev 2.0-alt1

    - add support for chroot initialization and basesystem installation

2008-12-05 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.5-alt6

    - rebuild with new l10n

2008-11-24 Vladislav Zavjalov 1.5-alt5

    - add new help

2008-11-13 Stanislav Ievlev 1.5-alt4

    - fix http ui work in non javascript mode

2008-09-22 Stanislav Ievlev 1.5-alt3

    - fix buildarch: package contains arch depended configs for pkg-sources

2008-08-29 Stanislav Ievlev 1.5-alt2

    - use empty redirect-url attribute instead of name-attribute hack

2008-08-06 Stanislav Ievlev 1.5-alt1

    - replace alterator-read-desktop and own library with alterator-dump-desktop

2008-07-24 Stanislav Ievlev 1.4-alt8

    - replace desktop.awk with alterator-read-desktop

2008-07-01 Stanislav Ievlev 1.4-alt7

    - simplify i18n declarations

2008-06-23 Stanislav Ievlev 1.4-alt6

    - use effectShow
    - remove requires for alterator-notes

2008-06-18 Stanislav Ievlev 1.4-alt5

    - fix default repository calculation

2008-06-16 Stanislav Ievlev 1.4-alt4

    - resurrect html ui
    - add @version@ parameter
    - use single column listbox

2008-06-11 Stanislav Ievlev 1.4-alt3

    - fix backend: add empty url

2008-06-11 Stanislav Ievlev 1.4-alt2

    - update translations
    - use single module.mak

2008-06-11 Stanislav Ievlev 1.4-alt1

    - rewrite pkg-sources ui (qt)
    - finally remove /pkg/license

2008-06-10 Stanislav Ievlev 1.3-alt2

    - remove support for groups with licenses

2008-06-06 Stanislav Ievlev 1.3-alt1

    - replace old checklist with common checklistbox

2008-05-30 Stanislav Ievlev 1.2-alt2

    - use own checklist widget description
    - improve tempfile cleanup
    - finally rename /pkg -> /pkg/groups
    - join to common translation database

2008-05-22 Stanislav Ievlev 1.2-alt1

    - rename /pkg -> /pkg/groups
    - add help for pkg-groups
    - remove autoinstall backend usage

2008-04-29 Stanislav Ievlev 1.1-alt1

    - update for new case-form algo
    - improve ui files layout
    - improve ui according alterator HIG
    - drop tools subpackage

2008-04-10 Stanislav Ievlev 1.0-alt2

    - fix checkbox usage
    - add preinstall.d script
    - remove html-messages.mak usage

2008-03-31 Stanislav Ievlev 1.0-alt1

    - add 'System updates' dialog
    - update sources: reorder operations

2008-03-14 Stanislav Ievlev 0.4-alt2

    - improve "disk size" label text
    - update for latest alterator-notes
    - remove template-*
    - pkg-sources: imrpove sorting
    - move images to design package

2008-02-05 Stanislav Ievlev 0.4-alt1

    - use alterator-sh-functions
    - resurrect apt-sources (both gui and html versions)
    - pkg-sources: fix regexp, remove support for cdrom and rpm-src
    - pkg-register: it's possible to add disk without pkg-groups.tar
    - add separate pkg-register ui for cdrom discs

2008-01-31 Stanislav Ievlev 0.3-alt2

    - improve pkg-install and pkg-size backends

2008-01-22 Stanislav Ievlev 0.3-alt1

    - pkg-install backend: remove extra wait call
    - pkg-groups backend: add support for translation fallback
    - add support for license

2007-12-14 Stanislav Ievlev 0.2-alt5

    - save error-text during cdrom exchange

2007-12-11 Stanislav Ievlev 0.2-alt4

    - improve disk checking

2007-12-06 Stanislav Ievlev 0.2-alt3

    - always umount
    - fix label for the latest browser-qt

2007-12-06 Stanislav Ievlev 0.2-alt2

    - register: fix autoskip

2007-12-05 Stanislav Ievlev 0.2-alt1

    - add 'Additional disks' step
    - improve translation for 'Insert CD' dialog

2007-11-09 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt4

    - add support for media change request

2007-11-08 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt3

    - use different namespaces for the apt start/stop 
      notifications to avoid a race between to steps in wizard

2007-10-26 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt2.1

    - git-add doc

2007-10-26 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt2

    - fix requires
    - add documentation

2007-10-23 Stanislav Ievlev 0.1-alt1

    - Initial build
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