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  • 2.2.21-alt1.M80C.1
  • 2.3.5-alt1.M80P.1
  • 2.0.21-alt1.M60C.1
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Исходный пакет: dovecot

2019-03-25 Георгий Курячий 2.3.5-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.3.5

2018-11-27 Владимир Селезнёв

    - Packaged AUTHORS, ChangeLog, COPYING, NEWS and README.

2018-09-11 Григорий Устинов

    - Rebuilt with openssl 1.1.
     - Added BR: libkrb5-devel.

2018-07-23 Андрей Бычков

    - Update version to from src

2018-07-21 Владимир Селезнёв 2.2.36-alt3

    - More correct fix (thnx ldv@)

2018-07-21 Владимир Селезнёв 2.2.36-alt2

    - Fixed auth crash

2018-07-20 Андрей Бычков 2.2.36-alt1

    - Update version to 2.2.36 from src

2018-01-18 Георгий Курячий

    - Manual vwersion bump to

2017-06-07 Георгий Курячий

    - Autobuild version bump to

2017-04-26 Георгий Курячий

    - Autobuild version bump to

2017-03-13 Георгий Курячий 2.2.28-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.28

2016-12-27 Георгий Курячий 2.2.27-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.27 (closes: #32946)

2016-01-25 Георгий Курячий 2.2.21-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.21

2015-10-14 Георгий Курячий 2.2.19-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.19
    - Fix systemd service patch

2015-09-10 Георгий Курячий 2.2.18-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.18

2015-04-19 Георгий Курячий 2.2.16-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.16

2015-01-28 Георгий Курячий 2.2.15-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.15

2014-10-22 Георгий Курячий 2.2.14-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.14

2014-05-12 Георгий Курячий 2.2.13-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.13

2014-02-18 Георгий Курячий 2.2.12-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.12

2014-01-12 Георгий Курячий 2.2.10-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.10

2013-11-28 Георгий Курячий 2.2.9-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.9

2013-10-14 Георгий Курячий 2.2.6-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.6

2013-08-22 Георгий Курячий 2.2.5-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.5

2013-05-20 Георгий Курячий 2.2.2-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.2.2

2013-02-14 Георгий Курячий 2.1.15-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.1.15
    - 2.1.11+ cache file trouble bugfix releases 2.1.13-2.2.15

2012-12-13 Георгий Курячий 2.1.12-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.1.12
    - Bugfix 2.1.11 and bugfix fix 2.1.12 releases

2012-11-13 Георгий Курячий 2.1.10-alt3

    - Add systemd first run service

2012-11-13 Георгий Курячий 2.1.10-alt2

    - Fix post_control

2012-10-22 Георгий Курячий 2.1.10-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.1.10 (bugfixes + doveadm improvement)

2012-08-21 Георгий Курячий 2.1.9-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.1.9

2012-07-22 Георгий Курячий 2.1.8-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.1.8

2012-06-04 Георгий Курячий 2.1.7-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.1.7

2012-05-14 Георгий Курячий 2.1.6-alt1

    - Autobuild version bump to 2.1.6
    - Unhide new fedora patch
    - Add mailboxes control to prevent http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Errors/ChgrpNoPerm

2012-04-26 Георгий Курячий 2.1.5-alt1

    - Brand new version
    - Control removed
    - Run-out-of-the-box patches
    - FC patches
    - Systemd services

2011-04-14 Виталий Кузнецов 2.0.5-alt3

    - Repair build

2011-04-14 Виталий Кузнецов 2.0.12-alt1

    - 2.0.12

2010-10-27 Anton Protopopov 2.0.5-alt2

    - Restore old changelog
    - Merge (by ours) with gears/d/dovecot.git

2010-09-28 Anton Protopopov 2.0.5-alt1

    - Build dovecot 2.0.5 for Sisyphus

2009-09-03 Maxim Ivanov 1.2.4-alt5

    - Fixed bug with multiple sieve-before scripts

2009-09-02 Maxim Ivanov 1.2.4-alt4

    - Added option to compile debug version
    - sievec is now part of dovecot package

2009-09-01 Maxim Ivanov 1.2.4-alt3

    - conflicts and obsoletes are corrected

2009-08-29 Maxim Ivanov 1.2.4-alt2

    - Added GSSAPI auth fix

2009-08-29 Maxim Ivanov 1.2.4-alt1

    - dovecot 1.2.4, managesieve 0.11.9, sieve 0.1.12
    - added dist-upgrade and upgrade notifications

2009-05-18 Maxim Ivanov 1.2-alt2.rc3

    - Use separate libexecdir to remove conflict to other dovecot version.
      BEWARE! Update your MTA config, /usr/libexec/dovecot/deliver if you
      are upgrading from obsolete dovecot1.2 package
    - Spec cleanup.
    - make various bundled files more universal to handle multiple versions

2009-05-05 Maxim Ivanov v1.2-alt1.rc3

    - Updated to 1.2.rc3
    - Fixed macros warnings in spec

2008-11-18 Sergey Ivanov v1.2-alt3_alpha3

    - fix: in v1.2-alt2_alpha3 managesieve was lost due to my mistake.

2008-11-17 Sergey Ivanov v1.2-alt2_alpha3

    - upstream fixes ManageSieve SECURITY hole: virtual users can edit scripts of other virtual users

2008-10-27 Sergey Ivanov v1.2-alt1_alpha3

    - dovecot-1.2 (alpha3) for Sisyphus

2008-07-06 Sergey Ivanov 1.2.rc8-alt1

    - dovecot-1.2 (rc8) for Sisyphus

2008-06-26 Sergey Ivanov 1.0.15-alt2

    - Renamed to dovecot1.0 and set conflicts against dovecot

2008-06-22 Sergey Ivanov 1.0.15-alt1

    - Release v1.0.15 (see Changelog) and fix check-subdirs

2008-03-13 Sergey Ivanov 1.0.13-alt1

    - Release v1.0.13, see Changelog

2008-03-13 Sergey Ivanov 1.0.10-alt2

    - fix #14287: use cert-sh-functions instead of custom mkcert.sh

2007-12-29 Sergey Ivanov 1.0.10-alt1

    - Released v1.0.10, see Changelog

2007-12-28 Sergey Ivanov 1.0.9.hg20071228-alt1

    - applied patch http://hg.dovecot.org/dovecot-1.0/rev/0a4f86976f50 to fix
      mailbox problem of v. 1.0.9 (got too little data).

2007-12-27 Sergey Ivanov 1.0.9.hg20071225-alt3

    - added symlink for better backward compatibility,
      see http://lists.altlinux.org/pipermail/sisyphus/2007-December/210648.html

2007-12-26 Sergey Ivanov 1.0.9.hg20071225-alt2

    - fix bugs #13807 #12532

2007-12-25 Sergey Ivanov 1.0.9.hg20071225-alt1

    - 1.0.9 with many changes, see Changelog

2007-10-31 Sergey Ivanov 1.0.6.hg20071030-alt1

    - 1.0.6 with many changes, among them compressed with zlib mailboxes support,
      see Changelog

2007-08-01 Sergey Ivanov 1.0.3.hg20070801-alt1

    - updated to 1.0.3, with security fix: If user was given i (insert) right
      for a mailbox, but not all s/t/w (seen, deleted, other flags) rights,
      COPY and APPEND commands weren't supposed to allow saving those flags.
      This is technically a security fix, but it's unlikely this caused problems
      for anyone.

2007-07-17 Sergey Ivanov 1.0.2.hg20070717-alt1

    - updated to 1.0.2, with better sieve handling errors (bounce
      only if message couldn't be saved anywhere); fixes for UILDLIST plugins handling
      and others, see ChangeLog

2007-07-05 Sergey Ivanov

    - new upstream changes, including:
        crashfix if PAM returns a reply but the process doesn't die,
        Update tmp/ directory's atime+mtime with utime(NULL) so it works
        even if we're not the directory owner.

2007-07-02 Sergey Ivanov

    - recent upstream fixes:
      2007-07-02  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* src/auth/passdb-ldap.c, src/auth/userdb-ldap.c:
    	Memory leak fix
      2007-06-28  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* dovecot-example.conf:
    	Mention that flock doesn't work with NFS.
      2007-06-27  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* src/auth/passdb-pam.c:
    	FIXME comment update
    	* src/lib/lib-signals.c:
    	Allow registering signal handlers even before lib_signals_init() is
    	called. The signals won't be effective until then though, unless
    	they're ignored.
    	* src/lib/ioloop-notify-inotify.c:
    	If inotify_init() fails with EMFILE, give an understandable error
    	* src/imap/client.c, src/imap/client.h, src/imap/cmd-idle.c:
    	Changes sent by IDLE shouldn't affect the client's inactivity
    	timeout checking.
      2007-06-26  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* src/imap/cmd-append.c:
    	APPEND {0+} didn't eat the finishing CRLF.
      2007-06-25  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* src/imap/cmd-list.c:
    	LIST "" % with INBOX. namespace returned INBOX with \HasNoChildren.

2007-06-20 Sergey Ivanov

    - two more 1.0.1+ fixes:
      2007-06-20  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* src/lib-index/mail-transaction-log-view.c:
    	Map the log files only after they've all been found. Otherwise we
    	could have skipped some transactions from the end of non-head logs.
    	* src/lib-index/mail-transaction-log.c:
    	mmap_disable=yes: Fixed invalid "hdr.size too large" transaction log
    	corruption errors.

2007-06-19 Sergey Ivanov

    - two more 1.0.1+ fixes:
     2007-06-19  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
            * src/plugins/quota/quota-maildir.c:
            If maildirsize file is being rewritten while we're trying to do
            that, recalculate it later instead of failing with "Unknown quota
            * src/plugins/quota/quota.c:
            Changed "Unknown error" to "Unknown quota error".

2007-06-18 Sergey Ivanov

    - added last after-1.0.1 fixes:
      2007-06-17  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* src/pop3/client.c:
    	Even if mailbox sync fails, commit the transaction so that cache
    	file gets updated.
    	* src/imap/imap-fetch.c:
    	Always commit FETCH transaction to make sure cached data is
    	* src/imap/imap-fetch.c:
    	We didn't update last_output timestamp with long fetches, causing
    	Dovecot to idle-disconnect the client.
      2007-06-16  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* src/lib-storage/mail-copy.c:
    	Added missing error logging for i_stream_read()

2007-06-15 Sergey Ivanov 1.0.1-alt13

    - directory structure returned to dovecot's original, thangs
      to ldv (http://lists.altlinux.org/pipermail/devel/2007-June/047071.html).
      Dovecot-wikies dropped from this package to be a separate package with own *.src.rpm
      Update to 1.0.1 release, among the changes:
      2007-06-14  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* src/lib-storage/index/index-storage.c:
    	Treat unknown errors as temporary errors.
    	* src/lib-storage/index/maildir/maildir-uidlist.c:
    	When saving a message to maildir without dovecot-uidlist file, give
    	the newly created uidlist file a non-zero uidvalidity.
    	* src/lib-storage/index/mbox/mbox-storage.c:
    	When trying to use mbox file as the root directory, give a nice
      2007-06-13  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* src/deliver/deliver.c:
    	If input mail gets lost somehow, log a real error instead of
    	"Unknown error".
    	* dovecot-example.conf:
    	Updated passwd/shadow comments.
      2007-06-12  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* src/deliver/deliver.c:
    	If save failed, log also the reason for it.
    	* src/deliver/deliver.c:
    	Added -e parameter to write rejection error to stderr and exit with
    	EX_NOPERM instead of sending the rejection by executing sendmail.
    	* src/master/mail-process.c:
    	nfs check: If namespaces are defined, use the first one's location
    	instead of mail_location.
    	* src/lib-storage/index/index-storage.c, src/lib-storage/index/index-
    	storage.h, src/lib-storage/index/maildir/maildir-sync.c:
    	If new/ directory is lost when syncing, assume the mailbox was
    	deleted and make the mailbox inconsistent (which disconnects the

2007-06-12 Sergey Ivanov 1.0.1-alt12.hg20070612

    - releasing 1.0.1rc3

2007-05-27 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt12.hg20070527

    - fixes from hg http://hg.dovecot.org/dovecot_1_0
      2007-05-24  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* src/lib-mail/istream-header-filter.c:
    	If there's no message body, the final read() should return -1, not
      2007-05-23  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* src/master/master-settings.c:
    	If Dovecot is already running, complain about it instead of wiping
    	out login_dir and causing the already running Dovecot to break.
      2007-05-22  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* src/lib-index/mail-cache-compress.c:
    	Cache compression actually lost the cache with non-x86 CPU and 64bit
    	file offsets.
    	* src/master/main.c:
    	If startup fails because of configuration problems, print "Invalid
    	configuration in <path>"
    	* src/master/master-settings.c:
    	Complain about missing pop3_uidl_format if pop3 is enabled.
    	* src/pop3/main.c:
    	Changed pop3_uidl_format error message once again.
    	* src/lib/ioloop.c:
    	Added wiki link to "time moved backwards" error.
      2007-05-19  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	We no longer need .cvsignore files
    	Mercurify the repository
      2007-05-16  Timo Sirainen  <tss@iki.fi>
    	* src/lib-storage/index/index-mail-headers.c:
    	Assert-crashfix in some conditions.
    	* src/lib-storage/index/maildir/maildir-uidlist.c:
    	When recreating dovecot-uidlist file based on dovecot.index, we set
    	next_uid value wrong if new messages had been added.

2007-05-15 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt12.cvs20070515

    - fixes from cvs branch_1_0:
      * If Return-Path doesn't contain user and domain, treat it as missing
      * Handle symlinks pointing to nonexisting files better.
      * Log an error if pwrite_full() fails while overwriting index mapping.
      * If ssl-parameters.dat has been updated externally, copy it to our base_dir.
      * When running multiple Dovecot instances, only one of them needs to
        regenerate ssl-parameters.dat.
      * We sent "Hang in there.." too early sometimes and checked it too often.
      * Give a better error message if dotlock is deleted immediately under us (or
        more likely an OS bug).
      * Print also Dovecot version with dovecot -n.
      * Keyword characters weren't sorted in the maildir filename.
      * If we don't have write access to cur/ directory, treat the mailbox as
      * Changed auth_request->created to last_access and update it a bit more often.
        If there are slow authentications this could help avoid removing timeouted
        auth requests too early.
      * %c wasn't exported to auth worker processes. Patch by Andrey Panin
      * Make sure uid_validity and next_uid aren't 0 in the uidlist header.
      * Updated error message.
      * If we synced the mbox while saving the message (happens only with quota
        plugin loaded), we could have used a wrong append offset (calculated before
        sync) which caused "Unexpectedly lost From-line" errors, and depending on
        the sync either extra NUL lines or Content-Length header written over
        existing mails (quite unlikely).
      * If pop3_uidl_format=%m, it wasn't cached correctly when saving new messages
        (eg. with deliver). X-Delivery-ID wasn't used in the MD5 sum, causing
        duplicates when POP3 recalculated the MD5 sum later.
      And others.

2007-04-16 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt12

    - clean-up (mostly rm .cvsignore files); update wikies.

2007-04-14 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt11

    - fix errors in -alt10 release of dovecot: by my mistake there were not applied recent patches.

2007-04-13 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt10

    - release 1.0.rc32 renamed to be 1.0; updated wiki to current state

2007-04-12 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt9.rc32

    - updated to rc32

2007-04-08 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt9.rc31

    - updated to rc31

2007-04-06 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt9.rc30

    - updated to rc30

2007-03-30 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt9.rc29

    - added doc/wiki/*txt files to dovecot-doc.rpm

2007-03-30 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc29

    - rc29: security fix: If zlib plugin was loaded, it was possible to open
      gzipped mbox files outside the user's mail directory.
      Other fixes and cleanups.

2007-03-29 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc28.cvs20070329

    - fix Bug #11255: generate certificates if needed at start, not at install;
      strip unneeded details in output;
      patches from cvs up to 2007-03-29.

2007-03-25 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc28.cvs20070325

    - upstream --enable-header-install obsoletes half hacks for dovecot-devel;
      patches from cvs up to 2007-03-25.

2007-03-24 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc28.cvs20070324

    - update to rc28 + patches from cvs up to 2007-03-24.

2007-03-21 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc27.cvs20070321

    - update to rc27 + patches from cvs up to 2007-03-21.

2007-03-02 Stanislav Ievlev 1.0-alt8.rc24.1

    - uncomment socket section in default config
    - add dovecot-auth control

2007-02-22 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc24

    - upgrade to rc24

2007-02-21 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc23

    - upgrade to rc23

2007-02-06 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc22

    - upgrade to rc22

2007-02-03 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc21

    - upgrade to rc21

2007-01-23 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc19

    - upgrade to rc19: ACL plugin wasn't working in rc18

2007-01-22 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc18

    - upgrade to rc18.

2007-01-07 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc17

    - upgrade to rc17: fixed MySQL authentication broken in rc16.

2007-01-06 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc16

    - upgrade to rc16; fixed section Files which was broken in alt8.rc15

2006-11-18 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc15

    - upgrade to rc15

2006-11-13 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt8.rc14

    - Split to dovecot, dovecot-devel, dovecot-sieve removed to a separate
      package. Refix #9634 (previous fix was lost during upgrades).

2006-11-12 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt7.rc14

    - upgrade to rc14

2006-11-10 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt7.rc13

    - sieve plugin update to 1.0

2006-11-08 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt6.rc13

    - update to rc13

2006-11-05 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt6.rc12

    - update to rc12

2006-11-04 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt6.rc11

    - update to rc11

2006-10-16 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt6.cvs20061016

    - Update to recent dovecot rc10 and dovecot-sieve;
      now dovecot.index.cache files have the same format for 32- and 64-bit machines.

2006-10-13 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt6.cvs20060926

    - Restore dovecot's deliver agent building

2006-09-28 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt5.cvs20060926

    - Fix #10045 & update to cvs20060926 (rc7+)

2006-09-17 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt5.cvs20060812

    - Fix #9915

2006-09-15 ALT QA Team Robot 1.0-alt4.cvs20060812.1

    - Rebuilt with MySQL-5.0.24-alt2.

2006-08-16 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt4.cvs20060812

    - fix bug #9836; update to cvs version of Aug/16/2006 (rc6+)

2006-07-05 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt3.rc2

    - updated to rc2

2006-07-03 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt3.rc1

    - fix #9634 by defaulting pop3_uidl_format = %08Xu%08Xv

2006-06-28 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt2.rc1

    - updated to rc1.

2006-06-26 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt2.cvs20060626

    - Bug 9719 fixed in upstream, dovecot updated to CVS snapshot

2006-06-23 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt2.cvs20060619

    - Reverted to CVS version of 2006.06.19: recent changes with strict UID policy
      don't work on my mailboxes.

2006-06-22 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt1.cvs20060622

    - updated to beta9, see Changelog. Sieve delivery agent now renamed to sievec.
      Also closes bug #9634.

2006-04-12 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt1.cvs20060412

    - updated to beta7, see Changelog; now with working sieve-like delivery

2006-03-03 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt1.cvs20060303

    - s//usr/libexec\/dovecot//usr/lib64\/dovecot/ in %files section

2006-02-27 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt0.cvs20060227

    - updated to beta3 from cvs, with memory leak and other fixes;
      disabled sieve-like local delivery agent for now.

2006-02-15 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt0.cvs20060215

    - updated to beta3 from cvs, with security fixes

2006-01-30 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt0.cvs20060130

    - built from dovecot cvs 2006-01-30 and with sieve local delivery agent

2005-12-04 Sergey Ivanov 1.0-alt0.cvs20051204

    - 1.0-alpha4 of nightly cvs builds at 12/04/2005

2005-11-21 Sergey Ivanov 0.99.14-alt5

    - Fix postgresql-devel dependency, removed version number binding;
      fix /usr/libexec - /usr/lib64 confusion;
      fix documentation installation.

2005-10-11 Sergey Ivanov 0.99.14-alt4

    - removed undefined macro from commented-out text;
      removed conflicting relation to other POP3/IMAP servers

2005-08-05 Sergey Ivanov 0.99.14-alt3

    - Fix #7479

2005-05-22 Sergey Ivanov 0.99.14-alt2

    - Buildreq fix: removed version binding for libpq-devel

2005-02-18 Sergey Ivanov 0.99.14-alt1

    -  Message address fields are now parsed differently, fixing some
      issues with spaces. Affects only clients which use FETCH ENVELOPE
    - Message MIME parser was somewhat broken with missing MIME boundaries
    - mbox: Don't allow X-UID headers in mails to override the UIDs we
      would otherwise set. Too large values can break some clients and
      cause other trouble.
    - passwd-file userdb wasn't working
    - PAM crashed with 64bit systems
    - non-SSL inetd startup wasn't working
    - If UID FETCH notices and skips an expunged message, don't return
      a NO reply. It's not needed and only makes clients give error

2005-01-06 Sergey Ivanov 0.99.13-alt1

    - Update to new version. From it's changelog:
      * GNUTLS support hasn't been working for a while, so it's not even
        tried to be used anymore unless explicitly wanted.
      + Added CRAM-MD5 authentication mechanism. Patch by Joshua Goodall
      + Added SMD5 and LDAP-MD5 password schemes and changed MD5 scheme to
        use LDAP-MD5 if the password isn't in MD5crypt format. Patch by
        Joshua Goodall
      + Workaround for some POP3 client bugs: if message doesn't contain the
        "end of headers" empty line, add it automatically.
      + vpopmail supports now all password schemes, most importantly
        MD5crypt works now without support from libc's crypt()
      - SQL and LDAP authentication was broken
      - SEARCH UNKEYWORD wasn't working

2004-12-05 Sergey Ivanov 0.99.12-alt1

    - Updated to new version. From changelog of 0.99.12:
        - Fix memory leaks in LDAP, MySQL and PGSQL userdb/passdb
        - Fix hanging when parsing mails that have over 4096 bytes in one
          line (SMTP servers normally don't allow over 1000 bytes so it
          shouldn't be much of a problem)
        - FETCH BODYSTRUCTURE sometimes gave a wrong reply
          (eg. with FETCH (BODYSTRUCTURE RFC822.SIZE) if it wasn't cached)
        - Never return more than one INBOX in LIST even if there are such
          files. They don't work anyway and it just confuses clients.
        - mbox: Don't allow creating INBOX directory by creating/renaming
          mailboxes under it. They just wouldn't work.
        - POP3: Don't return PLAIN in SASL list. We don't support initial SASL
          responses, so it only breaks with most clients that try to use it.
        - IMAP and POP3 login processes may have sent each line in two IP
          packets, one with the data and another with CR+LF. Some clients
          didn't work because of this.

2004-09-23 Sergey Ivanov 0.99.11-alt1

    - Updated to 0.99.11

2004-08-02 Sergey Ivanov

    - Update to

2004-07-30 Sergey Ivanov

    - Updated to

2004-01-10 Anton V. Denisov

    - Explicitly use automake-1.4 for build and run %__automake before
      %configure (hope this fix build with new autotools and GCC).

2003-12-15 Anton V. Denisov

    - Updated to (bugfix release).

2003-12-09 Anton V. Denisov

    - Initial release for ALT Linux Sisyphus.

2003-12-08 Anton V. Denisov

    - Built with pop3 daemon and enable it in config.
    - Add into %summary and %descrition info about POP3 protocol.
    - Minor improvements in %files section.
    - PreReq tuned.

2003-11-11 Anton V. Denisov

    - Updated to (bugfix release).
    - Removed auth-no-homedir.patch (no longer need).
    - Updated our patches for new version.
    - Add Packager tag.
    - added %postun for user removal and commented it out.
    - TODO is still todo.

2003-11-10 Anton V. Denisov 0.99.10-alt0.1

    - New version 0.99.10.
    - Applied upstream bugfix patch.
    - Added alt-conf-paths.patch
    - Updated alt-mkcert.patch
    - Updated %description.
    - Updated buildrequires.
    - PAM config renamed: imap->dovecot
    - SSL/TLS certs renamed.
    - Additional flags for %configure.
    - Temporary build with --without-pop3d (should we?)
    - Use default config instead of our.
    - Mark /etc/rc.d/init.d/dovecot as %config(noreplace) (should we?).
    - Init script updated.
    - Corrected permissions for /var/run/dovecot and /var/run/dovecot/login.
    - Other minor updates in spec file.
    - TODO:
      + build and split modules (like postfix2 package).
      + other.

2003-11-09 Anton V. Denisov 0.99.4-alt0.2

    - Initial build for ALT Linux.
    - Spec file cleaned up and improved (courier-imap.spec as example).
    - Automatically added BuildRequires.
    - %confugure with additional keys.
    - PAM configs added.
    - Create user for imap-login process.
    - added sample default config
    - SSL/TLS certs generation during package install (need more working)
    - TODO:
      + check FHS and ALT policy compliance
      + with/without logic of build (do we need shadow-auth support?)

2002-12-01 Seth Vidal

    - 0.99.4 and fix startup so it starts imap-master not vsftpd :)

2002-11-26 Seth Vidal

    - first build
Проект Geyser основан на коде из проекта Prometheus 2.0, который был доступен по лицензии MIT