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Исходный пакет: freedup

2011-07-31 Ильдар Мулюков 1.6-alt1

    - initial build for ALT Linux Sisyphus

2011-02-04 devel (AN)

    - Bugfixes in version 1.6-2
      + replaced softlink to symharden.c

2011-01-11 devel (AN)

    - Changes to version 1.6-1
      + signal handler catches CTRL-C to free duplicates discovered so far
      + added if-defines to avoid double parsing of *.h files
      + removed inline directive [due to compile errors by request of Andres Meyer]
    - Enhancement in version 1.6-1
      + added listener interface
      + added new platform makefile for Apple Mac Version 10.6.0 i386 [tested]
      + catch filesystem errors (e.g. /sys) and print warnings instead of assertions
      + added (sp)lint rule for linux
      + added symharden tool to convert softlinks into hardlinks whereever possible
    - Bugfixes in version 1.6-1
      + added missing #ifdef HASHSUM statements [notified by Linc Davis]
      + using include of <sys/stat.h> instead of <linux/stat.h> [by Linc Davis]
      + added fclose() to mp4.c and checking all fclose()/fseek() result codes
      + linted mp3.c, mp4.c mpc.c, auto.c, ogg.c, jpg.c and my.c
      + partially linted freedup.c (e.g. splint does not fail anymore)
      + moved filesize variables in "extra" functions from size_t=int to ulong
      + incorporated patch to avoid segfaults [by Charles Duppy]
    - Known Bug in 1.6-1
      + Apple Mac version does not link different ownerships (yet reason unclear)

2008-03-06 devel (AN)

    - Changes to unpublished version 1.5-4
      + Corrected Copyright statements to comply with OSF (GPL) requirements
    - Enhancement in unpublished version 1.5-4
      + minor corrections to man page

2008-03-06 devel (AN)

    - Changes to version 1.5-3
      + the features provided with option -W are for testing purpose only
      + basic web interface offered (reply not accepted yet)
      + changed invisible default option for sorting criteria to '.'
    - Enhancement in version 1.5-3
      + automated installation routine for xinetd and inetd
      + deinstall script for xinetd only
      + added html pages to rpm package as well
    - Bugfixes in version 1.5-3
      + removed a leftover debug command

2008-03-06 devel (AN)

    - Changes to version 1.5-3
      + gui defaults to off, activate and deactivate using "make webon/weboff/state"

2008-03-02 devel (AN)

    - Enhancement in version 1.5-2
      + enable freedup to restore directory time stamp after linking (option -T)
      + added usage help, man page and syntax web page for option -T
      + extended test3 in Makefile.tests to check new option -T
      + streamlined Makefile.tests using for-loops and 'test -ef'(25% reduced size)
      + Makefile.tests now needs gnu 'test' facility '[' to work correctly
    - Bugfixes in version 1.5-2
      + corrected date in copyright notice for -V
      + added '+' and '-' to -k option in online syntax help

2008-02-02 devel (AN)

    - Enhancement in version 1.5-1
      + file trees are now scanned by an internal routine, find is called on demand
      + output during tree scanning changes every 1000 files (i.e. find activity)
      + updated man page to show how to use find instead of the internal routine
      + testing did not proof performance gain when using internal routine
    - Changes in version 1.5-1
      + first helper routines for web-based GUI
      + corrected and completed copyright information
    - Bugfixes in version 1.5-1
      + minor corrections to freedup man page

2007-12-31 devel (AN)

    - Enhancement in version 1.4-4
      + report deleted files and the space saved (avail in interactive mode only)
      + link directions '+'/'-' allow to select source by size (extra style only)
    - Bugfixes in version 1.4-4
      + Makefile copies so that rpm cygwin executable is executable under cygwin
      + initialize all *source variables in dupinfo_entry() to avoid segfaults
      + do not offer linking when files already linked in interactive mode (w/o -H)
      + report linked files and bytes in interactive mode for extra styles

2007-12-28 devel (AN)

    - Enhancement in version 1.4-3
      + one common routine to open config file (simplifies later extensions)
      + added routine to print existing environments in help (for a test period)
    - Bugfixes in version 1.4-3
      + use character instead of ascii code for '-k' in config file
      + finally fixed missing initialisation to avoid failing (n+m) assertion
      + if mp4 module is applied on mp3 files no more infinite loops should occur

2007-12-24 devel (AN)

    - Enhancement in version 1.4-2
      + there are no more restrictions on the number of identical files
      + added '-H' for the same use as in fdupes: show hardlinked files too
      + added man page description for '-k' and '-H'
    - Bugfixes in version 1.4-2
      + improved test routine for MP3 and JPG Mix
      + added new line before printing statistics
      + stop printing interactive selection list, when there are no more letters

2007-12-21 devel (AN)

    - Enhancement in version 1.4-1
      + '-k' option changed and recognized key pattern (same key as interactive)
      + '-ni' now reports reliable predictions on linked files and bytes
      + '-n' is reported (and indicated) to report to much for multiple links.
      + options '-qin' (add '-q') now print file clusters like "fdupes -r"
      + erased code that was not active anymore
      + reduction of qsort calls gave more performance which ate up more lstat()s
    - Bugfixes in version 1.4-1
      + '--timediff' is only set to 0 if '--sametime' is disabled
      + fixed algorithm stability problem, i.e. one qsort run is now sufficient.
    - New in version 1.3-2
      + ability set a mask for file permissions if 'same' permission is desired.
      + group commands in interactive mode
       - '@' suggests to link all files to entry with maximum link count
       - '#' suggests to link all files to first entry given on command line
       - '<' suggests to link all files to the oldest identical entry
       - '>' suggests to link all files to the newest identical entry
      + '-k' forces link source by sequence of file naming (compare with '@' above)
    - Enhancement in version 1.3-2
      + changed default to NOT to use hash functions
      + writing also given directories to config file (w/o probing for existance)
      + first preparations for a netbsd translation
    - Bugfixes in version 1.3-2
      + findoptions need not to be defined for reading directories from config file
      + assertion in compare_..._hash moved into parenthesis where it belongs to.

2007-12-15 devel (AN)

    - New in version 1.3-1
      + '-#' now requires an integer option (watch out for difficulties!)
      + advanced hash sum calculation is now usable (nearly no penalty, but gain)
      + freedup.org is the new website (the old address remains valid)
    - Enhancement in version 1.3-1
      + new algorithm calculates internal hash sum during file comparison
      + defaults to new hash algorithm (use --hash 1 to switch to old behaviour)
      + more detailed man page sections on -e, -# and -o.
    - Bugfixes in version 1.3-1
      + hash sum counter counted double for internal hash algorithm

2007-12-10 devel (AN)

    - New in version 1.2-1
      + Easy storeing & loading of options using environments (not: -Vhaq? )
        Options given before are overwritten if present in that environment
      + option -b to set basedir (may be useful with environments)
      + option -D allows to set a maximum time difference
    - Enhancement in version 1.2-1
      + long options are offered
      + help screen adopted
      + added inactive, buggy code for delayed hash calculation ("hi performance")
      + a test for -D was introduced
    - Bugfixes in version 1.2-1
      + ignore failed calls of gethash() (e.g. due to file removal)		  [rare]
      + expect that ferror() may be set in case of feof()	      [not reported yet]
      + qsort() now gets the difference in contents for files of the same size.[nry]

2007-12-06 devel (AN)

    - Enhancement in version 1.1-3
      + extended test6 to check for symlinking of full and partial filename
      + description in spec file renewed
    - Bugfixes in version 1.1-3
      + corrected symlinking files with partial filename to those with full
      + added rules to have html files for rpm with cygwin where they are expected

2007-12-02 devel (AN)

    - Enhancement in version 1.1-2
      + allow one more start token 'moov' for mp4 style (mov-Suffix)
      + added -x and -e switch with explanation to man page
    - Bugfixes in version 1.1-2
      + corrected MANPAGE definition in spec file for rpm with cygwin
      + replaced dependencies in Makefile.tests to ensure correct linking

2007-11-28 devel (AN)

    - New in version 1.1-1
      + header/tail skipping and tag skipping introduced for extra modules
      + extra modules for mp3, mp4, mpc, ogg and jpeg tags (still beta testing)
      + the extra module "auto" selects extra modules by their magic automatically
      + enabled extra modules inhibit external hashing functions
      + test11 was added to check the extra style modules mp3, mp4 and jpg
      + extra modules allow to be compiled as individual testing utilities
    - Enhancement in version 1.1-1
      + print only available hashmodes and extramodules with help
      + now using defines for internal hash method (simplifies replacement)
      + a message is printed if root privileges were missing during tests
      + using a size that may differ from the file size
    - Bugfixes in version 1.1-1
      + test10 now recognizes non-default sort order
      + correction to help/usage message
      + added missing stop conditions to byte-by-byte-comparison

2007-11-10 devel (AN)

    - Enhancement in version 1.0-5
      + now compiles unchanged with Cygwin and Linux
      + Makefiles were modified to simplify testing and compilation
      + removed conversion untility "encap"
      + ignore missing "html2text"
      + generate a readable plain text README from README.html
      + more file groups in the header section of Makefile
      + sha1.c is now taken from and referenced to original source.
      + added COLLATERAL section to man page
      + added verification program to distribution

2007-11-07 devel (AN)

    - Enhancement in version 1.0-4
      + report version and copyright on '-V'
      + included Allan Saddis SHA1 implementation as found in duff
      + added more hash functions to default list
      + use '-t' to select certain hash methods manually
      + internal hash function is default, external ones require options
      + introduced colour into Makefile testing routines
      + Makefile relies on GNU make to auto-include OS specific settings
      + added rules and other parts to generate debian packages
    - Bugfixes in version 1.0-4
      + errors on hash function testing are easier to understand now.
      + errors on hash function selection are reported only with '-v'
      + full special character support if internal hash methods chosen
      + more recent list of files for tarball, clean and distclean

2007-11-03 devel (AN)

    - Enhancement in version 1.0-3
      + Hash Algorithms now are included and work for cygwin as well
      + improved interactive dialogues
      + build symbolic link path in shortest distance to given target path
    - Bugfixes in version 1.0-3
      + Successful testing with AIX 5.3
      + do not stop interactive mode if setting the terminal discipline fails
      + More intense Testing of comparison function (Makefile)
      + More reliable testing of interactive mode and relative Path (Makefile)
      + removed DANGER message due to program improvements
      + special character support if external hash methods are disabled (-#)

2007-10-31 devel (AN)

    - Enhancement in version 1.0-2
      + runtime check for one out of three usable external hash methods (SHA1, MD5, SUM)
    - Bugfixes in version 1.0-2
      + corrected comparison length when comparing by memcmp() / failed with cygwin
      + renamed finfo structure to frdinfo to avoid collisions with AIX
      + added ALLPERMS define for non-Linux systems
      + added Makefile define for FREEDUPEXE, since cygwin fails on ./freedup
      + added Makefile define for echo with backslash translation
      + added Makefile check for valid HASH executables in freedup.h
      + print "ln -f <file1> <file2>" , so you may execute it without changes

2007-10-27 devel (AN)

    - Enhancements in version 1.0
      + new interactive mode with full choice list
      + separated linking task into explicit function
      + option -i asks for manual replacement selections
      + options -in print file clusters like "fdupes -r"
      + partial code clean up
    - Bugfixes
      + avoid name collisions by generating temporary filenames
      + always check files for existance to avoid early termination
      + previously checked that permissions differ (instead of being identical)
      + previously checked that groups differ (instead of being identical)
      + previously checked that users differ (instead of being identical)
      + previously checked that times differ (instead of being identical)

2007-10-09 devel (AN)

    - Enhancements in version 0.9 freedup.c
      + added interactive mode (option -i) [this option is still beta]
      + added delete selections in interactive mode
      + added html documentation to archive
      + added tolerance to unavailable files on fopen() [Rel.2]
    - Enhancements in version 0.9 Makefile
      + added definitions: INSTALLDIR, MANPAGEDIR, etc
      + added targets: tarball, install, clean, distclean
      + version and release are now defined in freedup.spec only
      + added test that tries all numeric options during interaction [Rel.2]
    - Enhancements in version 0.9 freedup.spec
      + use install instead of cp

2007-10-04 devel (AN)

    - Enhancements in version 0.8
      + avoid linking empty files (new option -0)
      + avoid printing any information (new option -q)
      + updated man page to reflect all options
      + added test7 to check for correct handling of empty files
    - Bugfixes
      + use mode instead of size to determine file type
      + starting with release 1 (not with 0)
      + added aditional file to distribution

2007-10-02 devel (AN)

    - Enhancements in version 0.7
      + compiles under cygwin (no hash  support with cygwin)
      + works for NTFS file systems (at least test cases worked)

2007-09-21 devel (AN)

    - Enhancements in version 0.6
      + MD5 hash scanning may be disabled by options now

2007-09-12 devel (AN)

    - Enhancements in version 0.5
      + exclude non-regular files from investigation using lstat
      + error handling for OS functions now with messages instead of asserts
      + corrected and completed some text messages
      + Tested 400000 multimedia files in upto 20 trees

2007-08-29 devel (AN)

    - Enhancements in version 0.4
      + now a single run should be sufficient in most cases
      + added -w to force symlinks instead of hardlinks
      + added -l to allow only hardlinks and no symlinks
      + first test comparing results for different trees
      + more structured web page
    - Bugfixes
      + no more overwriting of previously scanned trees
      + comparision return values are not zero if additional tests fail
      + completed bug fixes from version 0.2

2007-08-24 devel (AN)

    - Enhancements in version 0.3
      + splitted user and group comparison into separate tests
    - Bugfixes
      + argument position is now less important than existing link count
        This was needed to avoid alternating link replacements
      + stop when number of changes gets constant :-(healing symptoms)
      + do not reset file counter when deciding to realloc()

2007-08-21 devel (AN)

    - Enhancements in version 0.2
      + call "find" only once
      + allow input from stdin
      + some code cleaning
      + added man page
      + added more tests
      + improved Makefile
    - Bugfixes
      + added -a to getopt string
      + report correct version
      + corrected basename macro

2007-08-16 devel (AN)

    - Initial Release
Проект Geyser основан на коде из проекта Prometheus 2.0, который был доступен по лицензии MIT