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Исходный пакет: perl-Mojolicious
Версия: 9.27-alt1
Собран:  13 сентября 2022 г. 22:27
 в задании #306736
Категория: Разработка/Perl
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Лицензия: Perl 
О пакете:  Real-time web framework
Mojolicious is a next generation web framework for the Perl programming
* An amazing MVC web framework supporting a simplified single file mode
  through Mojolicious::Lite.
  Powerful out of the box with RESTful routes, plugins, Perl-ish
  templates, session management, signed cookies, testing framework,
  static file server, I18N, first class unicode support and much more
  for you to discover.
* Very clean, portable and Object Oriented pure Perl API without any
  hidden magic and no requirements besides Perl 5.8.7.
* Full stack HTTP 1.1 and WebSocket client/server implementation with
  TLS, Bonjour, IDNA, Comet (long polling), chunking and multipart
* Builtin async IO web server supporting epoll, kqueue, UNIX domain
  sockets and hot deployment, perfect for embedding.
* Automatic CGI, FastCGI and PSGI detection.
* JSON and XML/HTML5 parser with CSS3 selector support.
* Fresh code based upon years of experience developing Catalyst.
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perl-Mojolicious (noarch)
Сопровождающий: Igor Vlasenko
Список участников: 
Igor Vlasenko
Vladimir Lettiev
Eugene Prokopiev

Права: Vladimir Lettiev,  @everybody
Последние изменения:
13 сентября 2022 г. Igor Vlasenko 1:9.27-alt1
- new version
24 мая 2022 г. Igor Vlasenko 1:9.26-alt1
- new version
1 мая 2022 г. Igor Vlasenko 1:9.25-alt1
- new version