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Исходный пакет: spt

2009-03-22 Михаил Шигорин 0.6.0-alt12

    - applied spec patch by Yury Yurevich <the.pythy@gmail.com>
      for better package description (#18851)
    - added an Url:
    - well, *minor* spec cleanup

2008-04-09 Михаил Шигорин 0.6.0-alt11

    - pulled one-line fix from sbolshakov@

2008-03-12 Михаил Шигорин 0.6.0-alt10.3.1

    - rebuild

2008-03-07 Сергей Большаков 0.6.0-alt10.3

    - adapted for both mkmodpack and mkmar

2008-01-29 Михаил Шигорин 0.6.0-alt10.2.1

    - make tgz compression level adjustable (#14235)
    - minor spec cleanup (see alt-packaging)

2007-10-24 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt10.2

    - add missing requires due disabled findreq.

2007-10-23 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt10.1

    - add kludge for buggy findreq (fix #12928).

2007-09-26 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt10

    - scripts/spt: add .tar image support (patch by inger@).

2007-09-16 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt9

    - merge inger@ changes:
      + spt/scripts/spt: move "FILES" to chroot/.in (not to outdir)

2007-08-20 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt8

    - merge inger:
      + spt/scripts/spt-sh-functions: fix spt work with cdrom: method (fix #11739).

2007-07-20 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt7

    - merge boyarsh@ changes:
      + spt/scripts/spt: added xargs into install.

2007-07-04 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt6

    - merge lost legion@ changes:
      + spt/scripts/spt: Add optional files in isoimage.

2007-06-21 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt5.1

    - spt: add packages.$CDFILENAME support (by boyarsh@).

2007-05-23 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt5

    - fix root rw remount (ALT #11867).

2007-05-21 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt4

    - remove bootsplash fifo from /dev (alt workaround exists).
    - remove /dev/fb0 (again).

2007-05-18 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt3

    - add new features:
      + no-compress switch: prevent squashfs image compression
      + create bootsplash initrd for stage1 (and add nobootsplash switch)

2007-04-23 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt2

    - more correct fix for #11266 (tnx to ldv@).

2007-04-15 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt1.1

    - fix chroot_mkdev (#11266).

2007-03-14 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt1

    - fixes:
      + remove unused /dev/fb0
      + remove ahci.ko from modules (pci id overlap) (TODO for propagator)
      + spt.spec: Bump hasher version requirement to ensure working hsh-fakedev(1)
      + spt/scripts/spt, spt/scripts/spt-sh-functions: Remove deprecated --save-fakeroot usage
      + spt/scripts/spt-sh-functions (chroot_mkdev): Fix hsh-fakedev invocation

2007-02-27 Константин Лепихов 0.6.0-alt0.1

    - new release:
      + remove /dev/pts,/proc addiction and ugly triggers
      + remove internal hasher hacks like makedev_console=1
      + remove obsoleted profile-ovz (moved to separate package)
      + strict hasher requires (due hsh-fakedev).

2007-02-16 Константин Лепихов 0.5.3-alt1

    - 0.5.3 release:
      + remove unused mkiso option
      legion changes:
      + Add missing variable THEME in hooks
      + Code cleanup
      + Remove COMPONENTS_ID variable
      + Add support of remote repositories
      + Remove obsolete gfxboot/memtest code
      + Add new hooks to make gfx bootlogo and memtest

2007-02-06 Константин Лепихов 0.5.2-alt1

    - merge with legion:
      + Add new options to able redefine $tmpdir and $outdir
      + remove deprecated REPO
      + remove unused directories

2007-01-31 Константин Лепихов 0.5.1-alt1

    - add forcedeth.ko to stage1 modules
    - unset mkboot when mkiso=
    - cleanup ovz profile
    - update profiles (add symlinks to common hooks)
    - update rescue profile (add mdadm to packages)
    - hotfixes:
      + fix ovz profiles creation
      + add ata_piix.ko to modules
    - update copyrights (add legion@)
    - bump version in sh-functions

2007-01-20 Константин Лепихов 0.5.0-alt1

    - Major update.
      + remove deprecated CLASS
      + add new rescue profile
      + update docs for LiveCD creation
      + allow symlinks in hooks
      + update profiles to new scheme (see spt.txt for details)
      + rewrite setup.d/postinstall to hooks.d
      + move common hooks.d to hooks-common (mostly it root useradd and resolv modification)
      + update modules list for live (add ahci/jmicron and pata_marvell)
      + remove gfxboot from syslinux/isolinux.cfg in livecd (it's for installer)
      + add more advanced hooks for livecd (locale/console config)
      + update packages for livecd
      + replace KERNEL var to KERNEL_ADD (for adding modules and kernel to initrd)
      + remove skip-root switch (don't work due mktemp use).
    - sync changes from legion:
      + Move code for bootlogo in standalone function.
      + COPYONLY image may have empty 'packages' file.
      + Make imgdir and isodir for COPYONLY images:
        + isodir used for final iso-image generation.
        + imgdir used for per-stage image generation.
      + Add IMGDIR and ISODIR to hooks environment. Hooks in
        COPYONLY image should move needful data from IMGDIR to
      + Update installer profile.
      + spt-sh-functions: Fix print_uris for new scheme.
      + spt:
           - Move workdir/{out,tmp} into temprary directory.
           - Add new option --no-cleanup to not remove temprary directory.
           - Fix bug in packages installation in make_image(). Packages
             from $IDENT/packages could not be installed at all.
           - Code cleanup.
      + Large achitecture modifications.
           - Split main loop in to several functions.
           - Split image creation loop and copyonly loop.
           - postinstall: Add IMGDIR variable.
           - postinstall: Fix hooks loop.
      + Move configs for images in subdirs and update installer profile
      + Fix hooks and add new option
      + spt, spt-sh-functions:
           - Add new option --number=NUM.
           - Rewrite hooks.
           - Hooks moved to PROFILE_DIR/IDENT/hooks.d directory.
           - Remove obsolete variable.
           - Remove DIRS config variable. Packages list defined by PROFILE_DIR/IDENT/packages file.
           - Remove gen_repo. Use hooks for it.

2006-12-10 Константин Лепихов 0.4.0-alt3

    - Apply fixes from legion:
      + move iso creation to chroot;
      + code cleanup;
      + speedup build.

2006-12-06 Константин Лепихов 0.4.0-alt2.1

    - maintenance release w/ fixes from legion@:
      + spt-sh-functions: Fix to make in chroot /dev/{ptmx,tty,console}. WARNING!
        Now you need special hasher setup for spt! You must set allow_ttydev=YES
        parameter in hasher-priv.conf. See hasher-priv.conf(5) for details.

2006-12-03 Константин Лепихов 0.4.0-alt2

    - move all boot actions to chroot (making it more independed from host arch).
    - remove requires to hasher-priv and syslinux.
    - update initfs for new propagator.
    - cleanup mkmar invocation.
    - move syslinux in chroot (legion).
    - code cleanup (legion).
    - Use getconf to define LIB and LIBDIR (legion).

2006-11-28 Константин Лепихов 0.4.0-alt1.3

    - Small fixes:
      + fix typo in print_uris;

2006-11-08 Константин Лепихов 0.4.0-alt1.2

    - Small fixes & cleanups:
      + rework isolinux actions.

2006-10-31 Константин Лепихов 0.4.0-alt1.1

    - Small fixes & cleanups:
      + fix tgz typos;
      + fix isolinux dir;
      + cleanup code in mkfs.

2006-10-30 Константин Лепихов 0.4.0-alt1

    - New version:
      + fixes for installer build (update profile, rework INSTALL2HASH);
      + remove unwanted code (like kernel version autoguessing);
      + rework image creation process, now it's fully separate from build
        host (fix for #10069);
      + new switch --no-boot (skip boot procedures);
      + always do --noiso for --no-boot;
      + remove deps on hasher internals (like chrootuid1).
      Fixes from Alexey Gladkov (legion@altlinux):
      + totally remove deps on hasher internals (now we require only hsh* utils);
      + fix bashizm in spt script;
      + code cleanup;
      + always do ptmx entries in /dev (remove --maketty switch and makedev hacks);
      + fix spt-install (remove deps on hasher internals).

2006-10-04 Константин Лепихов 0.3.1-alt5

    - always do --noiso for tgz2/tgz images;
    - remove cpio image (it really useless) and comment out untested
      (like ext2/cramfs/cloop);
    - sync changes from rider@ git repository;
    - fix #10016 (tnx to raorn@);
    - fix #10069 (a bit hacky - just add squashfsprogs to packages list);
    - fix #9954 (remove man from packages list for ovz);
    - remove squashfsprogs from Requires (due #10069);
    - fix rights for /;
    - fix resolv.conf and hosts generation (don't use host version).

2006-08-17 Константин Лепихов 0.3.1-alt4.1

    - fix --excludedocs switch.

2006-08-10 Константин Лепихов 0.3.1-alt4

    - improve ovz class:
      + replace mtab by /proc/mounts symlink;
      + replace /dev/tty12 by /var/log/syslog/console.

2006-08-06 Константин Лепихов 0.3.1-alt3

    - fix typo in tbz2;
    - fix ovz profile (add missing modules file);
    - fix package list for ovz profile (add iptables as needed by kernel).

2006-07-14 Константин Лепихов 0.3.1-alt2

    - Fixed tgz/tbz2 image creation.

2006-07-09 Константин Лепихов 0.3.1-alt1.1

    - update profiles and post scripts for install.
    - prepare for git.

2006-07-06 Константин Лепихов 0.3.1-alt1

    - update for cross builds (--arch parameter).
    - add in-chroot operation support (this helps cleanup buildrequires).

2006-07-02 Константин Лепихов 0.3-alt1

    - update, added some useful abilities:
      + OpenVZ support (use class ovz)
      + tar + gzip/bzip2 image creation support
      + update module list for live/install

2006-01-27 Kachalov Anton 0.2-alt1

    - update, bugfixes

2005-09-22 Kachalov Anton 0.1-alt1

    - first build
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