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Исходный пакет: spt3

2009-05-23 Mikhail Yakshin 0.5-alt2

    - Added some sanity checks

2008-07-01 Mikhail Yakshin 0.5-alt1

    - Added spt-copy-files-* tasks
    - spt-pack-iso: added sort option
    - Synchronized tasks with modern Sisyphus / branch 4.0

2007-04-04 Mikhail Yakshin 0.4-alt1

    - Added spt-pack-cpio (thanks to stanv@)
    - Added --debug|-d option
    - Minor fixes

2007-03-18 Георгий Курячий 0.3-alt1.01

    - Some usability hacks

2007-02-02 Mikhail Yakshin 0.3-alt1

    - Separated spt3 into 3 packages (proposed by mithraen@)
    - Added new gfxboot code by zerg@

2007-01-29 Mikhail Yakshin 0.2-alt1

    - Updated to work with modern Sisyphus packages
    - Fixed numerous issues
    - Added sample profile with "manual installer livecd"
    - Updated documentation

2007-01-19 Denis Pynkin 0.1-alt7.1

    - fixed bug 10687
    - removed obsoleted option "--save-fakeroot" for hsh-install
    - in 'spt-make-chroot' script added ability to use a list of
      files in $profile/ directory. The packages list in a single
      $profile file is also supported.

2007-01-18 Mikhail Yakshin 0.1-alt7

    - Fixed conflict with "spt" package, renamed main binary to "spt3"
    - spt_dir environment variable can be used to redefine location of
    - All scripts use heavier error checking and unified chroot exec
      function (fixes #10313)
    - Runner script "spt3" now reports line numbers, not step numbers
    - Mandatory creation of /dev/console while doing chroot init
    - Fixed propagator booting to current one
    - Fixed isolinux config generation to create default kernel symlinks

2006-11-08 Mikhail Yakshin 0.1-alt6

    - Added lilo deployment
    - Added tarball packing

2006-11-03 Denis Pynkin 0.1-alt5

    - Fixed bugs: 10193,10194,10195
    - Added multikernel booting
    - Kernel entries in isolinux.cfg are created dynamically
    - added copy of menu.c32 into live-cd

2006-10-19 Mikhail Yakshin 0.1-alt4

    - Added installer repositories creation
    - Added "spt" tool to run recipe

2006-10-18 Mikhail Yakshin 0.1-alt3

    - More installer profile fixes
    - Added preliminary spt-create-repo

2006-10-16 Mikhail Yakshin 0.1-alt2

    - Installer profile fixes

2006-10-10 Mikhail Yakshin 0.1-alt1

    - Initial build
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