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  • 2004g-alt3.1.qa1
  • 2004g-alt3.1.qa1
  • 2004g-alt3.1.qa1
  • 2004g-alt3.1.qa1
  • 2004g-alt3.1.qa1
  • 2004g-alt3.1
  • 2004g-alt3.1
  • 2004g-alt3.1
Группа :: Система/Серверы
Исходный пакет: uw-imap

2018-09-04 Антон Фарыгин 2004g-alt4

    - fixed build with openssl-1.1 with path from debian
    - cleanup specfile from old and unused patches

2013-04-17 Дмитрий Левин 2004g-alt3.1.qa1

    - NMU: rebuilt for debuginfo.

2010-10-28 Денис Смирнов 2004g-alt3.1

    - rebuild (with the help of girar-nmu utility)

2009-11-24 Денис Смирнов 2004g-alt3

    - cleanup spec
    - fix build

2008-12-11 Денис Смирнов 2004g-alt2

    - add conflicts to courier-imap and cyrus-imapd
    - cleanup spec

2006-09-10 Денис Смирнов 2004g-alt1

    - update from 2001a to 2004g version
    - update must patches

2006-07-02 Денис Смирнов 2001a-alt10

    - fix building

2004-05-10 ALT QA Team Robot 2001a-alt9.1.1

    - Rebuilt with openssl-0.9.7d.

2003-02-07 Иван Захарящев 2001a-alt9.1

    - built once more -- the previous release seems to have been lost :-(,
      no changes

2003-02-06 Иван Захарящев 2001a-alt9

    - deps:
      + provide abstract IMAPD & POP3D service (as virtual pkgs) and describe
        the relations with other such pkgs (fixes No. 0002154 at bugs.altlinux.ru);
      + uw-imap-devel doesn't depend on uw-imap anymore; other deps improvements
        (No. 0001557).

2002-10-18 Иван Захарящев 2001a-alt8

    - follow the SSLDIR relocation:
      (Make sure you moved your certs to the new location before you upgrade!)
      + set %_ssldir according openssl-config output (/var/lib/ssl now)
      + fix docs
    - use /var/mail/ as the mailbox directory (instead of /var/spool/mail/)
      as FHS requires

2002-10-17 Иван Захарящев 2001a-alt7

    - Fixed:
      + locking on reiserfs (#0001400 at bugs.altlinux.ru): make the locking
        routine work on all kinds of FS through fcntl(2), and make it not silently
        be a no-op (always issue a warning if locking is disabled)
      + client address logging in server_init() (thanks to Andrey Khavryuchenko
        <akhavr at kds.com.ua> and RH: #60290 at bugzilla.redhat.com)
      + libc-client's support for a certain IMAP extension
        (not supported by UW imapd yet; more info inside patch16)
    - post: clean up the certificate creation script a bit
    - spec-file (no impact on the binaries):
      + pass SSLCERTS directory in %build
      + -DIGNORE_LOCK_EACCESS_ERRORS is not valid anymore, removed (boguswarning
        patch substitutes this setting)
      + pass EXTRADRIVERS (with mbox turned off) in %build, not as a patch
        (was a part of uw-imap-2001a-ALT-custom.patch)
      + remove EXTRACFLAGS=-DDISABLE_POP_PROXY=1 from %build (done by a patch)

2002-05-15 Дмитрий Левин 2001a-alt6

    - Replaced "xinetd reload" with "xinetd condreload" (#0000924).
    - PreReq: xinetd >= 2.3.4-alt3 (for correct reload).

2002-05-14 Иван Захарящев 2001a-alt5

    - apply the fix for an overflow for IMAP4 reported in Bugtraq (anyway, IMAP4
      support is not compiled in, so this could be only important for people
      who build the server themselves);
    - spec-file:
        + change the %With* macros a bit;
        + enable defining %release in command line;

2002-05-07 Иван Захарящев 2001a-alt4

    - now, when the locking scheme has been cleaned, we drop the "bogus"
      warning about locking;

2002-05-07 Иван Захарящев 2001a-alt3

    - code fixes:
      + use flock simulation via fcntl to be consistent with the other part
        of ALT Linux system, fcntl's error processing changed (patch4: flocksim);
      + two potential SegFaults (in message parsing -- patch13;
        and working with a specific blackbox config -- patch11);
    - more ALT Linux (and RedHat- and Debian-like, FHS complaint) system specific
      customization (several patches merged):
      + change paths to the server binaries in configuration and docs;
      + add /usr/sbin/rimapd (symlink);

2001-12-18 Иван Захарящев 2001a-alt2

    - xinetd config files changed:
      + renamed (added uw- prefix);
      + uw-{imaps,pop3s} reflect the fact that the servers now support SSL internally, no stunnel is required;
      + uw-{simap,pop3} use the conventional stunnel scheme;
    - install time scripts:
      + SSL certificates for the servers are generated at install time (the scripts based on RedHat's);
      + xinetd configuration reloaded;
    - files:
      + inernal.txt moved to -devel subpkg;
      + other minor fixes in paths.

2001-12-03 Иван Захарящев 2001a-alt1

    - new mainstream version (2001a);
    - changed name: imap -> uw-imap;
    - SSL/TLS are not just plain words any longer: it really works;
    - for packagers:
      + synced with Pine patches; still need the openssl-paths patch for Makefile;
      + "flock" patches not applied;
      + "vfs" patch thrown away;
      + "boguswarning" patch replaced by setting Make-variables
         in the commandline in %build;
      + "security" patch merged mainstream;
      + "glibc-time" patch adds \#include <utime.h>;
      + SSL devel locations specified in %build;
      + "setcred" pacth for PAM not needed any more;
      + custom %optflags_warnings -- otherwise really important warnings
        are hard too find.

2001-06-14 Дмитрий Левин 2000c-ipl3mdk

    - Security fixes (mdk).

2001-03-02 Иван Захарящев 2000c-ipl2mdk

    - the devel subpackage renamed back to imap-devel (was libimap-devel
      for a short while, but that name was misleading since there was no libimap pkg)
    - fix build on glibc 2.2.2

2001-02-02 Иван Захарящев 2000c-ipl1mdk

    - new source, patches redone:
        + flock
        + ssl -> openssl
        + setcred (pam related) not needed any more
        + sparc thrown away (already applied in the source)
        + version thrown away: now there is a more flexible substitution
          performed by perl in the prep-section

2001-01-19 Дмитрий Левин 2000-ipl2mdk

    - RE adaptions.
    - Split subpackages.

2001-01-11 David BAUDENS 2000-2mdk

    - Don't apply sparc patch on non sparc archs (so, fix PPC build)
    - %config(noreplace)
    - Macros

2000-11-10 Vincent Danen 2000-1mdk

    - 2000
    - change -devel description
    - include SSL support
    - fixed xinetd support for ipop2 (was using ipop3 for ipop2 incorrectly)

2000-09-26 Chmouel Boudjnah 4.7c2-4mdk

    - Pamstackizification.

2000-09-23 Chmouel Boudjnah 4.7c2-3mdk

    - Correct xinetd scripts.
    - Add xinetd support for imap.

2000-09-17 Chmouel Boudjnah 4.7c2-2mdk

    - Fix bad link.

2000-07-18 Chmouel Boudjnah 4.7c2-1mdk

    - BM.
    - xinetd support.
    - Merge rh patches.
    - 4.7c2.
    - Clean up sepcs.

2000-04-02 Jean-Michel Dault 4.7b_virtual-2mdk

    - fixed group

2000-03-02 Jean-Michel Dault 4.7b_virtual-1mdk

    - updated to 4.7b

2000-02-29 Jean-Michel Dault 4.7a_virtual-3mdk

    - A fix for crashes caused by certain unusual tokens in message headers.
    - updated patch

2000-02-28 Jean-Michel Dault 4.7a_virtual-2mdk

    - moved docs in main package instead of devel

2000-02-28 Jean-Michel Dault 4.7a_virtual-1mdk

    - upgraded to 4.7a
    - added phall virtual patch for Linuxconf

2000-01-03 Jean-Michel Dault

    - final cleanup for Mandrake 7

1999-12-31 Jean-Michel Dault

    - rebuild for Mandrake 7

1999-12-12 Jean-Michel Dault

    - Took mandrake adaptations (except SMP build) from 4.5-6mdk and updated to
      4.7. Now we have imap-devel
    - Merged and re-made patch files

1999-05-20 Henri Gomez

    - added devel package and libimap support

1999-05-20 Brian Bruns

    - Built on RH 5.2

1999-05-14 Brian Bruns

    - Update to IMAP 4.6 beta

1999-04-09 Cristian Gafton

    - ipop3d service name was changed to "pop" now. Clearly somebody that hasn't
      got a clue about PAM stuff is messing around with the source.

1999-03-21 Cristian Gafton

    - auto rebuild in the new build environment (release 2)

1999-03-13 Cristian Gafton

    - verson 4.5
    - loose the noflock patch

1998-12-17 Cristian Gafton

    - added a -vfs patch because sys/statvfs on glibc 2.1 is different from what
      is available on the sun...
    - build against glibc 2.1

1998-09-11 Jeff Johnson

    - use only fcntl locking.

1998-09-10 Jeff Johnson

    - update to 4.4.
    - removed g+s bit to imapd.

1998-07-22 Jeff Johnson

    - updated to 4.2.
    - added g+s bit to imapd so that lock files can be created.

1998-05-07 Prospector System

    - translations modified for de, fr, tr

1998-04-08 Cristian Gafton

    - Updated to the latest imap as of today...

1997-12-10 Cristian Gafton

    - Updated to the latest imap as of today...
    - Updated the pam patch to reflect the new directory organization

1997-10-23 Michael K. Johnson

    - Fix patch for new PAM spec compliance.

1997-10-02 Michael K. Johnson

    - Comply with change in PAM spec.
    - Use a buildroot.

1997-03-03 Michael K. Johnson

    - Moved from pam.conf to pam.d

1997-03-03 Erik Troan

    - Fixed buffer overrun in server_login().
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