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Исходный пакет: mkimage-profiles
Версия: 1.5.10-alt1
Собран:  10 сентября 2023 г. 16:49
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Домашняя страница: http://altlinux.org/m-p

Лицензия: GPLv2+
О пакете: ALT based distribution metaprofile
mkimage-profiles is a collection of bits and pieces useful for
distributions construction: it contains package lists, features,
and whole subprofiles (like "rescue" building block) for you
to choose from, and some ready-made image recipes as well.

Make no mistake: constructing distributions isn't just fun, it takes
a lot of passion and knowledge to produce a non-trivial one.  So m-p
(the short alias for mkimage-profiles) is complex too.  If you need
-- or want -- to make a few tweaks to an existing recipe, it might
be easier to comprehend the generated profile (aka builddir) which
contains only the needed subprofiles, script hooks and package lists
and is way more compact.

The main deliverable form for x86 is a (hybrid) ISO; virtual environment
template caches (OpenVZ/LXC) can be made either as well as VM disk images.

In short, setup hasher (http://en.altlinux.org/hasher) and here we go:
  cd /usr/share/mkimage-profiles
  head README
  make syslinux.iso

But if you're into regular distro hacking and are not afraid of make
and modest metaprogramming (some code generation and introspection),
welcome to the metaprofile itself; read the docs and get the git:
http://altlinux.org/m-p (NB: these are mostly in Russian with translation on demand).

Список rpm-пакетов, предоставляемых данным srpm-пакетом:
mkimage-profiles (noarch)
mkimage-profiles-doc (noarch)

Сопровождающий: Anton Midyukov

Список участников:
Anton Midyukov
Michael Shigorin

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    2. asciidoc-a2x
    3. fonts-ttf-dejavu
    4. fop
    5. java
    6. rsync

Последнее изменение

7 сентября 2023 г. Anton Midyukov 1.5.10-alt1
- alternatives: add x-terminal-emulator
- regular.mk, regular-vm.mk: set KFLAVOUR=un-def for BRANCH=p10 on
  x86_64, aarch64
- regular-server: drop php8.0 group
- e2k fixes from mike@
- alt-server: latest commits from jqt4@
- kworkstation: latest commits from zerg@
21 августа 2023 г. Anton Midyukov 1.5.9-alt1
- install2: do not remove library without dependencies
- sub.in: run 'dconf update' for rootfs, if available
- hdt: refactoring 10-hdt-img
- stage1: Continue building when BOOTLOADER is not set and
- lib/boot.mk: do not define BOOTLOADER type for e2k
- tar2fs, e2k: replace creating boot.conf from tar2fs to feature e2k
- Drop refind and elilo support everything
- lib/boot.mk: change BOOTLOADER=grubpcboot on i586, x86_64
- vm.mk: use grub for sysvinit targets
- memtest, grub: add EFI support
- efi, grub: use/efi/shell is now compatible with grub and doesn't
  use mki-efiboot
- tar2fs: do not install grub to /EFI/altlinux, install prebuilt grub
  image always
- bootloader: deprecate a lilo
- lists/grub: update architectures supported of grub-efi
- init: replace udev-rule-generator to udevd-final
- regular-vm.mk: remove guest addition for vmware and virtualbox
28 июля 2023 г. Anton Midyukov 1.5.8-alt1
- base+rescue: Add mdmon for IMSM (thanks jqt4)
- initrd-bootchain: update for new make-initrd-bootchain
- initrd-bootchain: save more reproducible command in mkinitrd
- initrd-propagator: save more reproducible command in mkinitrd
- grub: clean 'showopts' from boot args
- remove rescue+backup package list
- remove desktop+lxqt+extra package list
- mixin.mk: clean extra package from cinnamon
- cleanup: fix conditions in 90-cleanup-live-pkgs
- x11: remove lightdm-qt-greeter, lightdm-lxqt-greeter
- x11: add  use/x11/lightdm/autologin (lightdm-autologin-greeter)
- deflogin: set default session for lightdm autologin-session
- tar2fs: install grub-efi to EFI/altlinux also (--no-nvram) (See: 41959)
- tar2fs: install grub-pc for x86_64 with UEFI
- Initial loongarch64 support
- stage2: add kernel/fs/smb path to 50-stage2-net-cifs (Closes: 46980)
- set GLOBAL_HSH_PROC=1 in lib/profile.mk
- phone.mk: many changes