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    Исходный пакет: platon
    Версия: 20240513-alt1
    Собран:  21 мая 2024 г. 12:58
    Категория: Науки/Химия
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    Домашняя страница: http://www.platonsoft.nl/platon/

    Лицензия: ALT-Proprietary-PLATON
    О пакете: PLATON is a versatile SHELX compatible multipurpose crystallographic tool
    PLATON is a versatile SHELX compatible multipurpose
    crystallographic tool.
    Most PLATON features complement those available in the excellent
    and widely distributed SHELX package for crystal structure
    determination and refinement.
    Historically (1980) PLATON started out as a program for the
    automated calculation of derived geometrical data (i.e. bond
    distances, bond angles and torsion angles, including su's
    (esd's)) for structures refined with SHELX76.  Since then,
    that basic function evolved into an automatic function to
    calculate everything of possible interest (both intra- and
    intermolecular)for a given structural parameter set
    (Instruction: CALC).
    Over time, various other tools were introduced (Molecular
    Graphics i.e. PLUTON & ORTEP, Absorption correction, Data
    Validation etc.), some of which requiring a reflection datafile
    as well.
    Several functions in PLATON (e.g. SPGR and EXOR) are there to
    implement calculations needed for datareduction, structure
    determination and refinement with a program system called
    PLATON is free of charge for Academics.
    Please note that commecrial users should apply for a license:
    See also /usr/share/doc/platon-common-20240513/PERMISSION.txt

    Список rpm-пакетов, предоставляемых данным srpm-пакетом:
    platon (loongarch64)
    platon-bin (loongarch64)
    platon-bin-debuginfo (loongarch64)
    platon-common (noarch)
    platon-doc (noarch)

    Сопровождающий: Denis G. Samsonenko

      1. libX11-devel
      2. gcc-fortran

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