Пакет djvu

Исходный пакет: djvu
Версия: 3.5.28-alt2
Собран:  4 мая 2022 г. 14:31
Категория: Издательство
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Домашняя страница: http://djvu.sourceforge.net/
Лицензия:  GPLv2+
О пакете:  DjVu viewers, encoders and utilities
DjVu is a web-centric format and software platform for distributing documents
and images. DjVu can advantageously replace PDF, PS, TIFF, JPEG, and GIF for
distributing scanned documents, digital documents, or high-resolution pictures.
DjVu content downloads faster, displays and renders faster, looks nicer on a
screen, and consume less client resources than competing formats. DjVu images
display instantly and can be smoothly zoomed and panned with no lengthy

DjVuLibre is a free (GPL'ed) implementation of DjVu, including decoders,
simple encoders, and utilities.  The viewer and browser plugin are in
their own separate packages.
Список rpm-пакетов, предоставляемых данным srpm-пакетом: 
djvu-common (noarch)
djvu-doc (noarch)
djvu-utils (mipsel)
djvu-utils-debuginfo (mipsel)
djvu-xmltools (mipsel)
djvu-xmltools-debuginfo (mipsel)
libdjvu (mipsel)
libdjvu-debuginfo (mipsel)
libdjvu-devel (mipsel)
    1. libjpeg-devel
    2. xdg-utils
    3. libtiff-devel
    4. gcc-c++
Последние изменения:
1 апреля 2022 г. Konstantin Lepikhov 3.5.28-alt2
- any2djvu: fix exit code (ALT#16141).
- apply fixes from git:
  + Reviewed Fedora patches and adopted some of them.
  + DjVuToPS fix for images without foreground.
  + fix for incorrect resolution in tiff tags.
  + fix for upstream bug #302.
  + Improved merge_and_split_ccs does not join large cc pieces.
30 марта 2022 г. Konstantin Lepikhov 3.5.28-alt1
- Updated to 3.5.28.
3 июня 2020 г. Konstantin Lepikhov 3.5.27-alt1
- Updated to 3.5.27.
- Remove deprecated desktop files install.
- Added scalable icons.