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    Исходный пакет: fonts-ttf-paratype-pt-mono
    Версия: 20141121-alt2_5
    Собран:  17 декабря 2022 г. 13:19
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    Домашняя страница: http://www.paratype.com/public/

    Лицензия: OFL
    О пакете: A pan-Cyrillic monospace typeface
    Font PT Monoa.. is the last addition to the pan-Cyrillic font superfamily
    including PT Sans and PT Serif developed for the project a.'Public Types
    of Russian Federationa.'.
    PT Mono was developed for the special needs a.. for use in forms, tables,
    work sheets etc. Equal widths of characters are very helpful in setting
    complex documents, with such font you may easily calculate size of entry
    fields, column widths in tables and so on. One of the most important area
    of use is Web sites of a.'electronic governmentsa.' where visitors have to fill
    different request forms. PT Mono consists of Regular and Bold styles.
    PT Mono was designed by Alexandra Korolkova with participation of
    Isabella Chaeva and with financial support of Google.
    This package consists of Regular and Bold styles.

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    fonts-ttf-paratype-pt-mono (noarch)

    Сопровождающий: Igor Vlasenko

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    Igor Vlasenko

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    23 октября 2017 г. Igor Vlasenko 20141121-alt2_5
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