Пакет wpa_supplicant

Исходный пакет: wpa_supplicant
Версия: 2.9-alt4
Собран:  3 сентября 2021 г. 15:34
Категория: Security/Networking
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Домашняя страница: http://hostap.epitest.fi/
Лицензия:  BSD
О пакете:  wpa_supplicant is an implementation of the WPA Supplicant component
wpa_supplicant is an implementation of the WPA Supplicant component,
i.e., the part that runs in the client stations. It implements WPA key
negotiation with a WPA Authenticator and EAP authentication with
Authentication Server. In addition, it controls the roaming and IEEE
802.11 authentication/association of the wlan driver.

wpa_supplicant is designed to be a "daemon" program that runs in the
background and acts as the backend component controlling the wireless
connection. wpa_supplicant supports separate frontend programs and an
example text-based frontend, wpa_cli, is included with wpa_supplicant.
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Последние изменения:
1 марта 2021 г. Sergey Bolshakov 2.9-alt4
- P2P: Fix a corner case in peer addition based on PD Request
  (Fixes: CVE-2021-27803)
23 октября 2020 г. Sergey Bolshakov 2.9-alt3
- AP: Silently ignore management frame from unexpected source address
  (Fixes: CVE-2019-16275) (Closes: 39132)
4 декабря 2019 г. Sergey Bolshakov 2.9-alt2
- added prebuilt icon set and drop inkscape BR