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  • 0.9.6-alt0.M80P.1
Группа :: Система/Настройка/Прочее
Исходный пакет: alterator-dhcp

2014-12-09 Михаил Ефремов 0.9.5-alt1

    - Only show IP version selector if more then one is available.

2014-08-11 Михаил Ефремов 0.9.4-alt1

    - Don't show IPv6 in the list if IPv6 is disabled.

2013-03-27 Михаил Ефремов 0.9.3-alt1

    - Use alterator-service-functions.

2012-12-20 Михаил Ефремов 0.9.2-alt1

    - ipv6: Don't enable dhcpd6 is radvd is not installed.
    - ipv6: Show error if radvd is not installed.
    - ipv6: Start/stop radvd simultaneously with dhcpd6.
    - alterator-dhcp-reset: Generate radvd.conf in case of IPv6

2012-12-19 Михаил Ефремов 0.9.1-alt1

    - ipv6: Use hostname as host identifier in the dhcpd6.conf.
    - ipv6: Fix 'static' page.
    - Fix get_static_conf().

2012-12-19 Михаил Ефремов 0.9-alt1

    - Initial DHCPv6 support.

2011-03-28 Антон Бояршинов 0.8-alt2.1

    - lost changes from previous release

2011-03-28 Антон Бояршинов 0.8-alt2

    - don't use ddns if SERVER_ROLE not master

2010-04-20 Антон Бояршинов 0.8-alt1

    - make it usable without ddns

2009-09-04 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt3

    - improve address range check (use modern functions from alterator-net-functions)
    - add postinstall hook
    - backend: use run_localized() to write local date

2009-08-18 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt2

    - update dhcp config before server start (closes: #21095)

2009-07-30 Stanislav Ievlev 0.7-alt1

    - ui: use workflow 'none'
    - dhcp backend:
      * update daemon status only in 'general' section.
      * don't allow rename if ip address is empty

2009-04-28 Stanislav Ievlev 0.6-alt4

    - improve static binding (add cleanup of dhcp leases)

2009-04-22 Stanislav Ievlev 0.6-alt3

    - introduce `altlinux' option space (sbolshakov@)
    - call kdc hook if exists during per-host dhcp option create (sbolshakov@)

2009-04-17 Stanislav Ievlev 0.6-alt2

    - start daemon after config update

2009-04-14 Stanislav Ievlev 0.6-alt1

    - move type definition to more convenient place

2009-03-27 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt4

    - start/stop service directly in module interface
    - improve external interface (alterator-dhcp-functions)

2009-03-18 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt3

    - more integration with ddns

2009-03-12 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt2

    - add checking for reserved names

2009-03-10 Stanislav Ievlev 0.5-alt1

    - add support for ddns

2009-03-05 Stanislav Ievlev 0.4-alt2

    - add support for pxe

2009-01-30 Stanislav Ievlev 0.4-alt1

    - add support for "ntp-servers"

2009-01-27 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.3-alt6

    - move help and translations to alterator-l10n

2008-12-09 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.3-alt5

    - rebuild with new l10n (fixed help)

2008-12-05 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.3-alt4

    - rebuild with new l10n

2008-11-17 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.3-alt3

    - remove old css include
    - show warning if no statically configured interfaces found

2008-10-23 Stanislav Ievlev 0.3-alt2

    - join to common translation database

2008-10-23 Stanislav Ievlev 0.3-alt1

    - redesign backend and ui

2008-08-22 Stanislav Ievlev 0.2-alt1

    - remove template-*
    - move design to standard place
    - use module.mak

2008-06-17 Григорий Баталов 0.1-alt9

    - Require alterator-services instead of alterator-chkconfig.

2008-06-06 Григорий Баталов 0.1-alt8

    - Replace label tag with a translation on the help page.

2008-05-28 Григорий Баталов 0.1-alt6.M41.1

    - Service restart link update.
    - Hide service restart link on subnet configuration page.
    - Russian translation update.

2008-05-28 Григорий Баталов 0.1-alt5.M41.1

    - Change help paths to the new style (slazav@).
    - Backport to branch 4.1.

2008-05-15 Григорий Баталов 0.1-alt4.M40.1

    - Backport to branch 4.0.

2008-02-15 Григорий Баталов 0.1-alt4

    - Set more restrictions on subnet parameters.

2007-12-13 Григорий Баталов 0.1-alt3

    - Use dash in "DHCP server", "IP address" and "MAC address" translation.
    - Russian help page.
    - Add missing "ddns-update-style" to the config.
    - Fix empty subnet deletion.

2007-07-09 Григорий Баталов 0.1-alt2

    - Switch to new menu system.

2007-06-07 Григорий Баталов 0.1-alt1

    - Specfile cleanup.
    - Backend rewritten in Awk.

2007-04-01 Bogomolov Alex 0.0-alt0

    - Initial release
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