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Группа :: Система/Настройка/Прочее
Исходный пакет: alterator-squid

2013-06-28 Павел Волнейкин 1.4.5-alt1

    - Check both the 'enabled' and the 'active' status values of the
    - Simplify the start-stop proc.

2013-05-23 Павел Волнейкин 1.4.4-alt1

    - Restart Squid if proxy mode was changed.
    - Make Squid reload on every configuration update (closes: 28017).

2013-05-17 Павел Волнейкин 1.4.3-alt1

    - Fix the regress: don't output the individual policies if no auth is

2013-05-16 Павел Волнейкин 1.4.2-alt1

    - Add -r option for Kerberos helper to strip out the domain suffixes
      from user names (closes: 28971).
    - Fix the LDAP-group helper options.
    - Fix/improve the group access generator (closes: 28970).
    - Improve the config parser a little more.

2013-05-13 Павел Волнейкин 1.4.1-alt2

    - Use .documented config by default.
    - Improve a little of config parser: do not duplicate the file if
      the header isn't found.

2013-04-24 Антон Бояршинов 1.4.1-alt1

    - fixed configuration for squid 3.2
    - migration script added
    - this is the LAST metalterator-based version

2013-03-25 Павел Волнейкин 1.4-alt1

    - Require alterator-service-functions >= 2.0.0-alt1.
    - Cleanup the spec.
    - Update for the new version of alterator-service-functions.

2012-11-06 Павел Волнейкин 1.3-alt1

    - Backup the squid.conf before making any changes.
    - Remove the configuration migration script.
    - Do not redirect the 21st (FTP) port in transparent mode.
    - Parse the Squid configuration on the fly.

2012-07-06 Служба сборки 1.2-alt17

    - repocop cronbuild 20120706. At your service.

2012-04-23 Служба сборки 1.2-alt16

    - repocop cronbuild 20120423. At your service.

2011-10-18 Служба сборки 1.2-alt15

    - repocop cronbuild 20111018. At your service.

2011-09-15 Павел Волнейкин 1.2-alt14

    - Do not output empty ACLs (closes: 26281).

2011-09-07 Служба сборки 1.2-alt13

    - repocop cronbuild 20110907. At your service.

2011-07-29 Служба сборки 1.2-alt12

    - repocop cronbuild 20110729. At your service.

2011-04-11 Служба сборки 1.2-alt11

    - repocop cronbuild 20110411. At your service.

2011-03-09 Павел Волнейкин 1.2-alt9

    - Fix the Cronbuild rooter script access mode.

2011-03-09 Служба сборки 1.2-alt10

    - repocop cronbuild 20110309. At your service.

2011-03-08 Павел Волнейкин 1.2-alt8

    - Add a Cronbuild rooter script.

2011-02-17 Павел Волнейкин 1.2-alt7

    - Install squid-server package and use provided default configuration
      for cronbuild update.

2011-02-15 Павел Волнейкин 1.2-alt6

    - Specify rpm-build pre-requisites (rpm-macros-alterator) to use
      macros properly.

2011-02-08 Павел Волнейкин 1.2-alt5

    - Do not deny access to the listed SSL ports (if any).

2011-01-31 Павел Волнейкин 1.2-alt2

    - Remove duplicate ports from the default safe port list.

2011-01-12 Служба сборки 1.2-alt4

    - repocop cronbuild 20110112. At your service.

2011-01-12 Служба сборки 1.2-alt3

    - repocop cronbuild 20110112. At your service.

2010-11-23 Павел Волнейкин 1.2-alt1

    - Define deny policies first.
    - Check for an allow policy for all and authenticated users.

2009-12-17 Павел Волнейкин 1.1-alt8

    - Fix missing read of the auth-mode value (closes: 22548).

2009-12-14 Павел Волнейкин 1.1-alt7

    - Ignore ldap-groups backend errors with empty list.
    - Fix authenticated users access configuration with empty domain list.

2009-12-03 Павел Волнейкин 1.1-alt6

    - Do not reload data on "mode" change.
    - New procedure to write parameters on "Apply" click (closes: 22411)

2009-11-01 Павел Волнейкин 1.1-alt5

    - Fix procedure name in action binding (closes: 22411).

2009-10-20 Павел Волнейкин 1.1-alt4

    - Do not use "form" workflow.
    - Remove unused Groups page.

2009-10-20 Павел Волнейкин 1.1-alt3

    - Restart the service if authentication mode was modified (closes: 21921).

2009-10-20 Павел Волнейкин 1.1-alt2

    - Transparent redirection port option (closes: 20985).
    - Set transparent redirection by default for conventional protocols.

2009-10-19 Павел Волнейкин 1.1-alt1

    - Access rules revisited (closes: 20396).
    - New main page layout (closes: 21283).
    - Remove domain entity.
    - Add suffix property to the group entity.

2009-10-12 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt21

    - Reload the service if it is already running (closes: 21921).
    - Widen the network input field to 19 symbols (closes: 21918).

2009-10-09 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt20

    - Manage port redirection rules async of iptables.

2009-10-08 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt19

    - Fix domain acl usage condition (closes: 21675).

2009-10-08 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt18

    - Use port redirection script (closes: 20985).
    - Move helper code to the commit backend.

2009-08-28 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt17

    - Use network address/network bits specification for internal networks (closes: 21218)
    - Navigation simplyfied (closes: 21201).

2009-08-17 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt16

    - Improved error reporting with the use of nameref and catch/message (closes: 21220)

2009-08-17 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt15

    - Fix error on empty list of available groups (closes: 21202).
    - Navigation revisited (closes: 21201).

2009-08-17 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt14

    - Manage authentication mode in accordance with proxying mode.
    - Update IP filter tables via alterator-net-iptables helper (closes: 20985).
    - Disable record controls when there are no records in the list.

2009-08-14 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt13

    - Allow authenticated access when no groups defined.
    - Fix empty item list issues.

2009-08-05 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt12

    - On-demand output of a new template record (closes: 20412).

2009-07-01 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt11

    - Use synchronous access to the configuration via metalterator-cmdline.
    - Use squid_ldap_group helper.
    - Reconfigure Squid service on the fly (reload action).
    - Wait up to 5 s for the service to start/stop/reload.

2009-06-10 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt10

    - Fix pre-start/stop scripts packaging.
    - Fix Caterva invocation argument (-b).
    - Create Alterator configuration subdirectory.
    - Check if Squid default configuration directory exists.

2009-06-01 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt9

    - Using Caterva v2.0.
    - PAM and Kerberos+PAM authentication methods (closes: 20145, 20152).
    - Default Alterator SSL port passthrough (closes: 20153).
    - Depends on Squid package (closes: 20120).

2009-05-07 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt8

    - Closes #19963.

2009-05-04 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt7

    - Use alterator-ldap-groups as user group source.

2009-04-23 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt6

    - Use textual language parameter.
    - Default configuration counters fixed.

2009-04-21 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt5

    - Network interface management left for the iptables_helper.
    - Domain suffix list data type.
    - Domain management page has been moved to the Groups.
    - Default configuration updated in accordance with the Squid package.

2009-04-14 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt4

    - Service control interface added.

2009-04-11 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt3

    - Using woo-case pattern syntax.
    - Domain suffix field data type.
    - Service pre-start and pre-stop scripts generating.

2009-04-09 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt2

    - Using "link" and "read-next" new meta-backend operations.
    - Verborum Caterva configuration generator.

2009-04-08 Павел Волнейкин 1.0-alt1

    - Metalterator-based release.

2009-01-27 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt6

    - move help and translations to alterator-l10n

2008-12-08 Stanislav Ievlev 0.4-alt5

    - resurrect default settings tuning

2008-12-05 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.4-alt4

    - use help from l10n, rebuild

2008-10-13 Stanislav Ievlev 0.4-alt3

    - fix requires

2008-10-10 Stanislav Ievlev 0.4-alt2

    - add unit-tests

2008-09-26 Stanislav Ievlev 0.4-alt1

    - rewrite backend and UI

2008-08-11 Stanislav Ievlev 0.3-alt1

    - update html templates:
       * replace template-* backend with modern schema
       * remove <h1> and <title>
       * move design to /usr/share/alterator/design
    - update build system:
       * use global support for awk based backends
       * use module.awk

2008-06-17 Григорий Баталов 0.2-alt15

    - Require alterator-services instead of alterator-chkconfig.

2008-06-06 Григорий Баталов 0.2-alt14

    - Replace label tag with a translation on the help page.

2008-05-28 Григорий Баталов 0.2-alt12.M41.1

    - Update translations.
    - Update service restart link.
    - Backport to branch 4.1.

2008-03-04 Vladislav Zavjalov 0.2-alt12

    - Change help paths to the new style.

2007-08-15 Григорий Баталов 0.2-alt11

    - Help content updated.

2007-08-06 Григорий Баталов 0.2-alt10

    - Switch to new menu system.

2007-05-22 Григорий Баталов 0.2-alt9

    - Backend rewritten in Awk.
    - Site blacklist added.
    - Cache manager password added.

2007-05-02 Григорий Баталов 0.2-alt8

    - Accept acl our_networks if not yet (fix #11657).

2007-04-28 Григорий Баталов 0.2-alt7

    - Ukrainian localization (tanks to Serhii Hlodin).

2007-04-25 Григорий Баталов 0.2-alt6

    - Add link for service configuration.
    - Update for recent CSS.

2007-04-11 Григорий Баталов 0.2-alt5

    - Constraints on listen host/port.
    - Check if range mask is numerical.

2007-04-11 Григорий Баталов 0.2-alt4

    - Reload service on write command too.
    - Constraint on domain.

2007-04-03 Григорий Баталов 0.2-alt3

    - Reload service after new/delete action.
    - Constraint on network range.
    - Listen and networks table headers were translated.
    - Documentation updated (by kirill@).

2007-03-29 Григорий Баталов 0.2-alt2

    - Documentation included.

2007-03-26 Григорий Баталов 0.2-alt1

    - Russian translation was added.
    - Store allowed networks in separate file.

2007-03-14 Григорий Баталов 0.1-alt1

    - Initial release
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