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Группа :: Система/Серверы
Исходный пакет: exim

2013-03-19 Михаил Шигорин 4.76-alt3

    - NMU:
      + applied CVE-2012-5671.patch
      + dropped mailq symlink duplicating sendmail-common's one (ALT#28006)

2012-09-04 Владимир Леттиев 4.76-alt2

    - rebuilt for perl-5.16

2011-10-16 Алексей Турбин 4.76-alt1.1

    - rebuilt for perl-5.14

2011-05-10 Victor Forsiuk 4.76-alt1

    - 4.76 (fixes CVS-2011-1764).

2011-04-26 Victor Forsiuk 4.75-alt1

    - 4.75

2011-04-26 Виталий Кузнецов 4.72-alt1.2

    - fix build

2010-11-05 Владимир Леттиев 4.72-alt1.1

    - rebuilt with perl 5.12

2010-07-06 Victor Forsiuk 4.72-alt1

    - 4.72

2009-09-24 Дмитрий Левин 4.69-alt1.1.1.1

    - Automated blind dumb rebuild with libldap-devel-2.4.16-alt4.4.

2008-08-09 ALT QA Team Robot 4.69-alt1.1.1

    - Automated rebuild due to libssl.so.6 -> libssl.so.7 soname change.

2008-06-14 ALT QA Team Robot 4.69-alt1.1

    - Automated rebuild with libdb-4.7.so.

2008-03-24 Victor Forsiuk 4.69-alt1

    - 4.69
    - Docs now will be built from separate source rpm.

2007-04-26 Victor Forsiuk 4.67-alt1

    - 4.67.
    - Remove Conflicts with other MTAs.
    - Drop all ancient Obsoletes.
    - Drop FAQ from distribution (it was getting obsolete and author strongly
      suggests to use exim wiki instead).

2007-03-30 ALT QA Team Robot 4.66-alt2.0

    - Rebuilt due to libpq.so.4 -> libpq.so.5 soname change.

2007-03-27 Victor Forsiuk 4.66-alt2

    - Relax build requirements to facilitate rebuild with new postgresql version
      (libpq4-devel --> libpq-devel).

2007-01-18 Victor Forsiuk 4.66-alt1

    - 4.66, with updated docs.

2006-10-19 Victor Forsiuk 4.63-alt1

    - 4.63, with updated docs.

2006-06-20 Victor Forsiuk 4.62-alt1

    - 4.62
    - No need to -HUP daemon when rotating logs.
    - Remove old explicit PreReq'ed deps on external libraries.

2006-06-12 ALT QA Team Robot 4.60-alt1.1

    - Rebuilt with libldap-2.3.so.0.

2005-11-30 Victor Forsiuk 4.60-alt1

    - 4.60
    - Get rid of %_x11bindir.
    - Remove unneeded (and erroneous) explicit Requires in exim-common.

2005-10-10 Victor Forsiuk 4.54-alt1

    - 4.54.
    - Build all flavours with sqlite lookups (yes, even -light).
    - Generate man pages (from pod) for eximstats and exipick.
    - Fix spec bug that caused failed build on non-ix86 arches.

2005-07-12 Victor Forsiuk 4.52-alt1

    - 4.52.
    - Update default config: add commented CSA check, uncomment support of
      "local part suffixes".

2005-05-18 Victor Forsiuk 4.51-alt1

    - 4.51.
    - Exiscan now integrated into main source tree.
    - Build against postgresql8 libs.
    - Add DomainKeys support.

2005-02-10 ALT QA Team Robot 4.44-alt1.1

    - Updated libdb4 build dependencies.
    - Rebuilt with libdb4.3.

2005-01-17 Victor Forsiuk 4.44-alt1

    - 4.44
    - Add SPF and SRS support.
    - Autogeneration of certificates for encrypted connections at install time
      (so, now we need openssl package at install time).

2005-01-04 Victor Forsiuk 4.43-alt1

    - New version.
    - Fix buffer overflows in host_aton() and SPA authentication (patch from RH).
    - Remove whoson support from -light build.

2004-08-31 Victor Forsiuk 4.42-alt1

    - New version.
    - Remove service restarting from exim package (this is just meta-package
      that contains no files).

2004-06-15 Stanislav Ievlev 4.34-alt1.1

    - NMU: /etc/aliases not under alternatives control

2004-05-23 Victor Forsiuk 4.34-alt1

    - Build with system libpcre.
    - exipick now included in exim distribution.
    - Fixed texinfo docs.

2004-03-15 Victor V Ismakaev 4.30-alt3

    - change package naming
    - Updated exiscan to 4.30-16.
    - added some config options to default config

2004-02-19 Victor Forsiuk 4.30-alt2

    - Updated exiscan to 4.30-15.
    - Migrate from %define's to %def_with logic.
    - Migrate to %post_service.
    - Remove zero-sized /var/log/exim/* files from package!
    - Added install-time requirement for update-alternatives.
    - Added exipick utility to -utils package.
    - Added tidying of callout database to cron script and run it daily
      instead of weekly.

2003-12-04 Victor V Ismakaev 4.30-alt1.1

    - fixes in %files and %post sections

2003-12-04 Victor V Ismakaev 4.30-alt1

    - rebuild with new exiscan-acl-4.30-14.patch

2003-12-03 Victor V Ismakaev 4.30-alt0.1

    - new version 4.30
    - added whoson support
    - ldap support moved from exim-base subpackage to exim-ldap subpackage
    - added saslauthd auth

2003-09-05 Victor Forsiuk 4.22-alt0.1

    - New version (FAQ and config samples also updated).
    - Migrate from user `exim' to `mail'.
    - Change ownership of spool and log files to user 'mail' in postinstall
    - Cleaned up weekly cron script.
    - Optimized logrotate script.
    - Fix mistake in upstream cramtest.pl fixing. :)
    - Clean unneeded things from spec (default attrs in filelists, etc).
    - Mark logrotate script as %config file.
    - Add exiqgrep to package.
    - Drop dependancy on MDA (provided by procmail). Exim itself can
      deliver mail to local users.
    - Fix exim-base build (it was by mistake made identical to exim-mysql).
    - Add dependancy on exim-mta to main package.

2003-07-30 Victor V Ismakaev 4.20-alt0.6

    - applied patch exiscan-09

2003-07-01 Victor V Ismakaev 4.20-alt0.5

    - some fix's in exim scripts

2003-06-09 Victor V Ismakaev 4.20-alt0.4

    - rebuild with libdb4.1

2003-06-05 Victor V Ismakaev 4.20-alt0.3

    - fixing file permissions on exim's binary files

2003-06-04 Victor V Ismakaev 4.20-alt0.2

    - rebuild with libdb4.0
    - fixing spec

2003-06-02 Victor V Ismakaev 4.20-alt0.1

    - first release for ALTLinux
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