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Исходный пакет: fvwm

2012-09-27 Дмитрий Левин 2.6.5-alt3

    - Rebuilt with libpng15.

2012-07-24 Дмитрий Левин 2.6.5-alt2

    - Fixed build with new ld.

2012-05-10 Sergey Vlasov 2.6.5-alt1

    - Updated to 2.6.5.
    - Changed XFT fonts in the default config to generic "serif".
    - Updated BuildRequires.

2010-09-17 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.31-alt1

    - Updated to 2.5.31.
    - Note: Significant changes in Perl API were made in version 2.5.28:
      new naming convention was introduced (userDataDir -> user_data_dir).
      There is some AUTOLOAD magic for compatibility with old names, but
      it might be incomplete.
    - Added patches from upstream CVS:
       + fix FvwmTaskBar width
       + add support for Move arguments like 'Move w+-5p w+-2p' (such
         commands are generated by FvwmProxy when ProxyMove is enabled)
       + update documentation
    - Fixed Echo command breakage introduced with format warnings fix.

2009-06-25 Дмитрий Левин 2.5.27-alt1

    - Updated to 2.5.27.

2009-02-21 Дмитрий Левин 2.5.26-alt1

    - Updated to 2.5.26.
    - Moved documentation to fvwm-doc subpackage.
    - Packaged fvwm-doc, fvwm-full, fvwm-icons and fvwm-perl subpackages as noarch.

2007-09-25 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.23-alt1

    - 2.5.23.
    - Removed cvs-CVE-2006-5969 patch (obsolete).
    - Enabled HTML documentation build (new in 2.5.22); added HTML docs to the
      fvwm-base package.
    - Added alt-configure-datarootdir patch: fake datarootdir for autoconf-2.59
      (temporary build fix while autoconf >= 2.60 is not available).
    - Added alt-htmldoc patch: fix HTML documentation build and installation.
    - Updated BuildRequires.

2006-11-25 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.18-alt2

    - Fixed CRLF injection vulnerability in the fvwm-menu-directory script
      (CVE-2006-5969); patch from upstream CVS repository.

2006-09-18 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.18-alt1

    - 2.5.18.
    - Updated alt-config, alt-fvwmbug-tmp patches.
    - Removed obsolete cvs-* patches.
    - Added alt-perl-nonascii patch: replace non-ASCII character in the FvwmTabs
      perl script by the corresponding Unicode escape (assuming that the author was
      using ISO8859-1); fixes build failure on perl checks.
    - Updated BuildRequires.
    - Added -fno-strict-aliasing option to avoid possible miscompilation.
    - Repacked fvwm-compat-icons tarball with proper paths.

2006-08-23 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.16-alt3

    - Fixed menu method to use term() instead of hardcoded (and wrong) path to
      xterm (#9873).

2006-06-01 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.16-alt2

    - Added bugfix patches from CVS:
      + cvs-non-icccm2-wm-detect: fix for Fvwm not detecting non ICCCM2 wm (Fvwm
        bug 3151)
      + cvs-four-part-versions: fix configure to cope with 4 digit version numbers
      + cvs-WarpToWindow-update-pos: make WarpToWindow update pointer position
        correctly in case it is followed by Move
      + cvs-TitleWarp: make TitleWarp menu style not warp the pointer for root
        menus (as it is documented)
      + cvs-conditions: fix Iconifiable, Fixed, FixedSize, Maximizable and Closable
        conditions (they were checked only for the first window in the list)
      + cvs-invalid-free: fix Fvwm bug 1557/3950 (possible invalid free of a string
        constant or already used name)
    - Added alt-configure-gdk_imlib patch: fix configure failure to find gdk_imlib
      (now ld does not see g_strdup() from glib with only -lgdk_imlib).
    - Removed all %__* macro abuse from spec.
    - Fixed icons installation for new %_miconsdir location.
    - Updated BuildRequires.

2006-01-28 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.16-alt1

    - 2.5.16.
    - Added alt-perl-requires patch: workaround for FVWM::Module::Toolkit magic
      which breaks automatic dependency generation for Perl scripts, causing
      incomplete dependencies.
    - Placed FvwmTabs module (new in 2.5.15) in the fvwm-perl subpackage.

2006-01-08 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.14-alt2

    - Fixed typo in startfvwm script (xsetroot call was broken).

2005-12-30 ALT QA Team Robot 2.5.14-alt1.1

    - Rebuilt with libreadline.so.5.

2005-12-16 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.14-alt1

    - 2.5.14.
    - Moved all files from /usr/X11R6 to /usr (/usr/X11R6 is going away).
    - Added Conflicts: fvwm-themes <= 0.7.0-alt1 because of directory changes.
    - Made fribidi and libstroke support optional.
    - Added alt-fonts patch to fix font problems in default configuration when
      using an UTF-8 locale (non-XLFD font names result in unusable fonts).

2005-07-18 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.13-alt1

    - 2.5.13.
    - Updated BuildRequires.

2004-12-02 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.12-alt1

    - 2.5.12.

2004-04-30 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.10-alt3

    - Fixed font specification in default config (#2633).
    - Reenabled bidirectional text support.
    - Updated BuildRequires.

2004-04-23 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.10-alt2

    - Fixed missing menu entry for fvwm in Session/Windowmanagers.
    - Fixed missing icons in menu (added more icon directories to the menu method).

2004-04-20 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.10-alt1

    - 2.5.10.
    - Renamed package to fvwm.
    - Split package to several parts:
      - fvwm-base (core and modules with no special dependencies)
      - fvwm-perl (Perl parts)
      - fvwm-gtk  (FvwmGtk module)
      - fvwm-full (virtual package to get everything; replaces old fvwm2)
    - Updated the menu method to use the builtin gettext support ($[gt.foo])
      instead of translation at menu generation time (no more problems with
      multiuser setups with different languages and encodings).
    - Build without bidirectional text support (the required fribidi library is no
      longer in Sisyphus).
    - Updated alt-fvwmbug-tmp patch.
    - Updated alt-config patch (fixed bug with root cursor setting).
    - Patch1 (alt-obsolete-modules): remove FvwmCascade and FvwmTile (replacement
      for rh-modules patch which modified Makefile.in)
    - Updated BuildRequires.

2003-10-19 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.8-alt0.20031019

    - 20031019 CVS snapshot (fixes many bugs, including build problems with new
    - Updated BuildRequires.
    - Removed cvs-FvwmIdent_draw patch (already included).

2003-06-20 Sergey Vlasov 2.5.7-alt1

    - 2.5.7.
    - Updated patches: alt-config, alt-xft-config, alt-fvwmbug-tmp.
    - Set %_perl_lib_path to fix perl dependencies.
    - Added localization files.
    - Added Patch5: fvwm-2.5.7-cvs-FvwmIdent_draw.patch - fixed FvwmIdent drawing.
    - Added Patch6: fvwm-2.5.7-alt-greyed_menu_back.patch - fixed drawing greyed
      menu item background when the item is selected and HilightBack is used in the
      MenuStyle (Foreground color was used for the background in this case).
    - Updated BuildRequires.

2002-10-15 Дмитрий Левин 2.5.3-alt3

    - Fixed fvwm-bug script.

2002-10-15 Алексей Новодворский 2.5.3-alt2

    - Added xft fonts to default config.

2002-10-15 Алексей Новодворский 2.5.3-alt1

    - 2.5.3: new development version with xft2 support.

2002-03-12 Дмитрий Левин 2.4.6-alt1

    - 2.4.6.

2002-03-06 Дмитрий Левин 2.4.5-alt2

    - Added --enable-multibyte.

2002-02-04 Дмитрий Левин 2.4.5-alt1

    - 2.4.5.

2002-01-10 Дмитрий Левин 2.4.3-alt2

    - Fixed default fonts.

2002-01-07 Дмитрий Левин 2.4.3-alt1

    - Updated wmsession.d and startup scripts.
    - Updated configuration.

2001-11-07 Дмитрий Левин 2.4.3-alt0.1

    - Merged rh (2.4.3-2) and mdk (2.2.4-14mdk) packages.

2001-11-05 Than Ngo 2.4.3-2

    - disable package subdir (bug #54589)
    - add some missing FvwmForm-*, FvwmScript-* ...
    - build with libstroke

2001-09-20 Than Ngo 2.4.3-1

    - update to 2.4.3

2001-09-20 Than Ngo 2.4.2-1

    - update to 2.4.2 (bug #53030)

2001-08-07 Than Ngo

    - add patch from greg@lugs.org.sg (bug #51104)

2001-06-22 Preston Brown

    - don't own /usr/share/icons dir

2001-05-25 Helge Deller

    - Application icons don't show up unless configured
      with --with-iconpath=/usr/share... (Bug #42230)

2001-05-21 SATO Satoru

    - new upstream (2.2.5)
    - apply I18N patch
    - add Japanese rc file (system.fvwm2rc.ja)

2000-08-22 Than Ngo

    - fix system.fvwm2rc (Bug #16707)
    - disable debug

2000-08-04 Than Ngo

    - fixed bugs in FvwmTaskBar (Bug #11066) (thanks to jtl@cs.man.ac.uk)

2000-07-12 Prospector

    - automatic rebuild

2000-07-04 Jakub Jelinek

    - Rebuild with new C++

2000-06-01 Than Ngo

    - rebuild for 7.0

2000-02-04 Matt Wilson

    - removed '-s' flag to the install program - broken on sparc

2000-02-03 Preston Brown

    - rebuild to gzip man pages

2000-01-13 Preston Brown

    - 2.2.4

1999-09-23 Preston Brown

    - added ability to read wmconfig generated menu (# 2665)

1999-09-09 Preston Brown

    - removed compatibility icon pak.

1999-08-27 Preston Brown

    - 2.2.2 bugfix release

1999-04-09 Preston Brown

    - added some icons from kdebase back to this package for upgrade
    - compatibility.

1999-03-24 Bill Nottingham

    - don't require xterm-color

1999-03-22 Preston Brown

    - better default system.fvwm2rc

1999-03-21 Cristian Gafton

    - auto rebuild in the new build environment (release 2)

1999-02-26 Cristian Gafton

    - package is still not finished yet
    - upgraded to 2.2, got rid of all the cruft in the spec file

1998-09-24 Cristian Gafton

    - updated to 2.0.47
    - mark config files as %config files

1998-06-29 Michael Maher

    - removed duplicate files found in the package Another level.
    - fixes bug: 651

1998-05-07 Prospector System

    - translations modified for de, fr, tr

1998-05-01 Cristian Gafton

    - long time no new version released :-(. -> misc patch
    - major spec file cleanups

1997-11-03 Cristian Gafton

    - Fixed more bugs (bugs patch)

1997-10-24 Cristian Gafton

    - fixed Alpha build

1997-10-16 Cristian Gafton

    - fixed FvwmTaskBar severe bug (taskbar patch)
    - misc fixes

1997-10-13 Cristian Gafton

    - built against glibc; added -rh and -fixes patches
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