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  • 4.0.4-alt101.M80P.7.M80C.1
  • 4.0.4-alt101.M80P.1.M80C.2
  • 4.0.4-alt101.M80P.5.6
  • 4.0.4-alt100.77.M70P.7.M70C.2
  • 4.0.4-alt100.77.M70P.7.M70C.1
  • 4.0.4-alt100.76.M70P.1
  • 4.0.4-alt100.77.M70P.5.2
  • 4.0.4-alt100.24.M60P.2.M60C.2
  • 4.0.4-alt100.24.M60P.5
  • 4.0.4-alt100.27.M60T.2
  • 4.0.4-alt99.M51.4
  • 4.0.4-alt99.M51.3
Группа :: Система/Настройка/Пакеты
Исходный пакет: rpm
Текущая версия: 4.0.4-alt100.77.M70P.5.2
Собрано: около 2 лет назад
Размер архива: 697,8 КБ
Отчёт repocop: skip
Gear:   http://git.altlinux.org/gears/r/rpm.git
Архив:   http://ftp.altlinux.org/pub/distributions/archive/t7/index/src/r/rpm
Домашняя страница:   http://www.rpm.org/

Лицензия: GPL
О пакете: Менеджер пакетов RPM

RPM - это мощный неинтерактивный менеджер пакетов, используемый для сборки,
установки, инспекции, проверки, обновления и удаления отдельных программных
пакетов. Каждый такой пакет состоит из набора файлов и информации о пакете,
включающей название, версию, описание пакета, и т.д.

Текущий сопровождающий: Дмитрий Левин

Список участников
(данной и/или предыдущих сборок пакета):
Права: Список rpm-пакетов, предоставляемых данным srpm-пакетом:
  • librpm
  • librpm-debuginfo
  • librpm-devel
  • librpm-devel-static
  • librpmbuild
  • librpmbuild-debuginfo
  • python-module-rpm
  • python-module-rpm-debuginfo
  • rpm
  • rpm-build
  • rpm-build-debuginfo
  • rpm-checkinstall
  • rpm-debuginfo
  • rpm-static
  • rpm-static-debuginfo
Последние изменения (три последних записи журнала изменений):

2019-03-14 Иван Захарящев 4.0.4-alt100.77.M70P.5.2

    Merged 4.0.4-alt101.M80P.7 into p7, t7 (by Vladimir D. Seleznev).
    - Dropped %_allow_deps_with_beginning_dot support
      (introduced in 4.0.4-alt100.76.M70C.3).

2019-03-14 Иван Захарящев 4.0.4-alt100.77.M70P.4.1

    [rpmbuild changes up to 4.0.4-alt128]
    - Dropped $RPM_STRICT_INTERDEPS support
      (introduced in 4.0.4-alt100.76.M70C.2).
    - Changed the generator of package self-provides
      and the generator of strict intersubpackage dependencies
      to use [E:]V-R[:D] format instead of [E:]V-R
      (by Vladimir D. Seleznev and Dmitry V. Levin).
    - For stable branches (like p8, c8), made the generator of package self-provides
      additionally produce [E:]V-R (for compatibility with old rpm and apt).
    - Make "new" packages (with disttags) be treated better
      by the "old" disttag-unaware rpm in some cases; primarily those with
      < and/or > Conflicts on another subpackage. This form of Conflicts
      is used to ensure that no subpackages from different releases/builds
      get installed together. (A better way to express this is to add a
      common subpackage that all other subpackages depend on.) This change
      doesn't affect the way the "new" rpm would treat packages with such
      deps (ALT#35930):
      + rewrite < and > dependencies so that they have almost the same meaning when
        treated by old disttag-unaware tools;
    - build/reqprov.c: made addReqProv() aware of the disttag of the package.

2019-03-14 Иван Захарящев 4.0.4-alt100.77.M70P.3.3

    Merged 4.0.4-alt101.M80P.5.2 into p7, t7:
    - Changes in what is considered "newer" by rpm -U  pertaining to disttag
      comparison. (On the whole, to determine which package is "newer", first,
      the EVRs are compared, then the branch prefixes of the disttags if the
      disttags are present, and then the buildtimes.) The comparison of the disttags:
      + (new!) If a disttag contains no + separator (old format), the branch prefix is
        assumed to be empty (and hence "older" than any other branch prefix).
      + (new!) If the branch prefix of a disttag is equal to %_priority_distbranch
        (and it is not empty), then it is "newer" than any other ones.
      + (as before, since 4.0.4-alt101.M80P.5) The branch prefixes of disttags are
        ordered lexicographically.
    - (disabled in this release; %if_enabled default_priority_distbranch)
      Give a default value to %_priority_distbranch based on the disttag
      when this package is built (the prefix before +).
Проект Geyser основан на коде из проекта Prometheus 2.0, который был доступен по лицензии MIT