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Sisyphus: 0.18.1-alt1
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Sisyphus: 0.18.0-alt1

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Source RPM: cve-manager

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Поточна версія: 0.18.0-alt1
Built: близько 1 місяця назад
Розмір архіва: 73,8 кБ
Repocop status: skip

Домашня сторінка:   https://www.altlinux.org/CVE-Manager

Ліцензія: GPLv3
Про пакет: CVE-management toolkit

cve-manager is a command line utilities toolkit
used to import various CVE lists (in CSV or XML formats)
into MySQL DB, getting access to and analyse formed CVE DB.

Поточний майнтейнер: Alexey Appolonov

List of contributors: ACL: Перелік rpm-пакетів, що надаються цим srpm-пакетом:
  • cpe-map
  • cve-backup
  • cve-download
  • cve-fixes
  • cve-import
  • cve-issues
  • cve-manager
  • cve-manager-common
  • cve-monitor
Recent changes (last three changelog entries):

2018-10-15 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at altlinux.org> 0.18.0-alt1

    - Names of avalible branches are section names of the conf;
    - Each branch now have a set of params;
    - Renaming 'paths' section of the conf to 'common';
    - Skipping repetition of branch sections in conf;
    - There is no cve-import's "--space" param anymore;
    - Russian manual.

2018-09-30 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at altlinux.org> 0.17.1-alt1

    - Running downloader without 'noreplace' flag in auto mode;
    - Fix of the 'cve-monitor --map' command;
    - Printing with TPrinter of the libcontrol++.

2018-09-10 Alexey Appolonov <alexey at altlinux.org> 0.17.0-alt1

    - Prescribed mapping;
    - Detecting 'relative' packages at the import stage
    and using information about them as mapping attribute;
    - Handling FSTEC vulnerabilities within current cve-issues concept;
    - cve-monitor is working OK within current cve-issues concept;
    - Revised comparison of versions that happens at the issues-detection stage;
    - Revised packages-filtering function;
    - Removing duplicates of src packages names at import stage
    and corresponding bin-packages names, not vice versa;
    - Not importing CPEs of 'hardware' part;
    - Not importing Mitre list by default;
    - Common bin package for conf file & common py module;
    - Own config file for cve-monitor.

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