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Sisyphus: 4.4.1-alt1.1
p8: 4.0.1-alt2
p7: 3.6.4-alt1
t7: 3.6.4-alt1
Platform6: 3.6.3-alt0.M60P.2
t6: 3.6.3-alt0.M60T.2
Platform5: 3.2.3-alt1.M50P.1
5.1: 3.0.5-alt1

Групa :: Науки/Математика
Source RPM: octave

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Поточна версія: 4.4.1-alt1.1
Built: близько 1 місяця назад
Розмір архіва: 19,9 МБ
Repocop status: info

Домашня сторінка:   http://www.octave.org/

Ліцензія: GPLv3
Про пакет: GNU Octave -- a high-level language for numerical computations

GNU Octave is a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical
computations. It provides a convenient command line interface for
solving linear and nonlinear problems numerically, and for performing
other numerical experiments using a language that is mostly compatible
with Matlab. It may also be used as a batch-oriented language.

Octave has extensive tools for solving common numerical linear algebra
problems, finding the roots of nonlinear equations, integrating
ordinary functions, manipulating polynomials, and integrating ordinary
differential and differential-algebraic equations. It is easily
extensible and customizable via user-defined functions written in
Octave's own language, or using dynamically loaded modules written in
C++, C, Fortran, or other languages.

Поточний майнтейнер: Andrey Cherepanov

List of contributors: ACL: Перелік rpm-пакетів, що надаються цим srpm-пакетом:
  • octave
  • octave-debuginfo
  • octave-devel
  • octave-devel-debuginfo
  • octave-doc
Recent changes (last three changelog entries):

2018-09-18 Andrey Cherepanov <cas at altlinux.org> 4.4.1-alt1.1

    - Rebuild with libarpack-ng 3.6.3.

2018-08-13 Cronbuild Service <cronbuild at altlinux.org> 4.4.1-alt1

    - repocop cronbuild 20180813. At your service.

2018-05-03 Andrey Cherepanov <cas at altlinux.org> 4.4.0-alt1

    - New version.
    - Build with Qt5.
    - Obsoletes qtoctave.

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