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Sisyphus: 1.30.0-alt2.S1
p8: 1.30.0-alt2.M80P.1

Групa :: Розробка/Інше
Source RPM: rkt

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Поточна версія: 1.30.0-alt2.S1
Built: 5 місяця назад
FTBFS: 6 weeks on i586, x86_64
Розмір архіва: 2,3 МБ
Repocop status: warn

Домашня сторінка:   https://github.com/coreos/rkt

Ліцензія: ASL 2.0
Про пакет: A pod-native container engine for Linux

A pod-native container engine for Linux. It is composable, secure, & built
on standards. Some of rkt's key features and goals include:

* Pod-native: rkt's basic unit of execution is a pod, linking together
resources and user applications in a self-contained environment.

* Security: rkt is developed with a principle of "secure-by-default", and
includes a number of important security features like support for SELinux, TPM
measurement, and running app containers in hardware-isolated VMs.

* Composability: rkt is designed for first-class integration with init systems
(like systemd, upstart) and cluster orchestration tools (like Kubernetes and
Nomad), and supports swappable execution engines.

* Open standards and compatibility: rkt implements the appc specification,
supports the Container Networking Interface specification, and can run Docker
images and OCI images. Broader native support for OCI images and runtimes is
in development.

Поточний майнтейнер: Alexey Shabalin

List of contributors: ACL: Перелік rpm-пакетів, що надаються цим srpm-пакетом:
  • rkt
Recent changes (last three changelog entries):

2018-06-13 Alexey Shabalin <shaba at altlinux.ru> 1.30.0-alt2.S1

    - rebuild with ubt macros

2018-05-11 Alexey Shabalin <shaba at altlinux.ru> 1.30.0-alt1.git.e04dd99

    - 1.30.0

2018-02-06 Alexey Shabalin <shaba at altlinux.ru> 1.29.0-alt1.git.6de500a

    - Initial package

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