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Sisyphus: 0.03-alt1
p8: 0.03-alt1
p7: 0.03-alt1
t7: 0.03-alt1
Platform6: 0.03-alt1
t6: 0.03-alt1

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CPAN: 0.03

Групa :: Розробка/Perl
Source RPM: perl-Amazon-SimpleDB

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Поточна версія: 0.03-alt1
Built: близько 8 року назад
Розмір архіва: 12,2 кБ
Repocop status: skip

Домашня сторінка:   http://www.cpan.org

Ліцензія: Artistic
Про пакет: a low-level perlish interface for

This is code is in the early stages of development. Do not
consider it stable. Feedback and patches welcome.

Amazon::SimpleDB provides a "low-level" perlish interface for
working with Amazon's SimpleDB (SMB) service.

"Amazon SimpleDB is a web service for running queries on
structured data in real time. This service works in close
conjunction with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), collectively
providing the ability to store, process and query data sets
in the cloud. These services are designed to make web-scale
computing easier and more cost-effective for developers."

To sign up for an Amazon Web Services account, required to
use this library and the SimpleDB service, please visit the
Amazon Web Services web site at http://www.amazonaws.com/.

You will be billed accordingly by Amazon when you use this
module and must be responsible for these costs.

To learn more about Amazon's SimpleDB service, please visit:

List of contributors:

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  • perl-Amazon-SimpleDB
Recent changes (last three changelog entries):

2010-09-04 Denis Smirnov <mithraen at altlinux.ru> 0.03-alt1

    - initial build for ALT Linux Sisyphus

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